As reported in Breitbart, Rep. Jerrold Nadler is forging ahead on impeachment, despite the fact that most Americans oppose it.

Why? Because Nadler is a vindictive, petty little, er, petty man, who opposed Donald Trump’s 1984 proposal to develop 76 acres of a dilapidated and decaying area along the Hudson River on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

And, like a dog with a bone, Nadler can’t let go.

Via NY Post.

….Nearly a quarter-century ago, Nadler screwed New York City out of a precious federal windfall that would have wonderfully transformed the Hudson River waterfront from West 59th to West 72nd Street. He sponsored a 1995 bill that barred use of funds from the 1996 federal budget to pay to demolish and move the elevated West Side Highway, steps that were necessary to create a magnificent new public park.

Nadler’s spiteful stroke killed any hope of replacing the elevated eyesore with a new, grade-level and underground roadway to the east. It ruined dreams of a new, 22-acre public park that would have been created between Trump’s buildings and the river and left the unsightly trestle to stand possibly forever.

The plan was endorsed by many prominent civic groups and community members. But Nadler was motivated by a single emotion: hatred of Donald Trump….

What made his revenge all the more inexplicable was that it wouldn’t really hurt Trump — he just didn’t like the idea that the project would include a pretty new park even though Trump would have paid for it.

Moving the highway wasn’t even Trump’s idea. As Richard A. Kahan, head of the public Riverside South Planning Corporation, told The New York Times in 1995, it was civic groups that wanted better public access to the waterfront.

“Donald Trump could care less whether the highway is moved,” Kahan told the Times. “The idea that this is Trump’s highway is the big lie that Jerry Nadler has been selling.”….

To see what could have been, check out the downtown platform of the Fifth Avenue and East 53rd Street subway station.

A poster mounted decades ago by the Municipal Art Society, and still in place, shows how expansive and gracious the park would look if the trestle were demolished — and how shrunken and cut off from the river it would look if it remained.

Thanks to Nadler, the unsightly highway was left to stand on stilts forever — “sacrificing public amenities, sunlight and open space,” the early ’ 90s MAS poster reads….

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  1. MACVEL says:

    WE DO NOT WANT IMPEACHMENT. The Dems want it, anyway,

  2. IndieGal4USA says:

    What a waste of a Congressional seat and taxpayer money! Sad loss for New York City.
    What’s his record of accomplishment for his constituents? Or for this nation?

  3. Dragon Lady says:

    Read “The Art of the Deal”. This whole story is described in that book.

    The DL

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