Yep, Charmin uses paper from a Canadian forest that acts as a critical check on climate change. Or something.

Via CBS.

….More than 150 groups are pushing the maker of Charmin toiler paper and Bounty paper towels to use recycled materials in its products. Currently, neither of those products uses recycled paper, and about one-third of it is sourced from Canada’s boreal forest — a large swath of virgin forest that rings the Arctic Circle and acts as a critical check on climate change.

“It’s just unacceptable that a company like P&G is making toilet paper, a product that is used for seconds and flushed, from virgin pulp,” said Shelley Vinyard, boreal corporate campaign manager for the Natural Resources Defense Council and one of several dozen protesters at P&G’s annual shareholders meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Tuesday….

P&G offers a simple reason for not using recycled wood pulp: It doesn’t make for good toilet paper.

“Have you tried recycled toilet paper yourself?” a P&G spokeswoman asked CBS MoneyWatch who also pointed to Charmin as a superior product….

Instead, P&G promises to source its paper from forests that are well-managed, which in the company’s view is a more responsible course of action than using recycled products. About 40% of its product line today comes from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, a nonprofit conservation group, according to the company and the FSC….

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  1. Kitten says:

    Hahaha! Geesh, can we have nothing pleasant anymore? You’d think with all the butt hurt the liberals will be feeling over the next 5 + years, they’d at least want the softest paper ‘application’ available, but nooooooo.

  2. IndieGal4USA says:

    Well, we can see what’s coming next from the 150 groups–They will insist that we use the paper from old telephone books! Are the yellow pages softer than the white pages? And are they biodegradable?

  3. Shifra says:

    Kitten and IndieGal4USA: LOL!

  4. Alain41 says:

    The Left wants us to be like the homeless in San Francisco.
    No separate men’s & women’s restrooms, and use leaves or scrap paper.

    I like Mr. Whipple and Don’t Squeeze the Charmin better.

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