Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the other occupants of the Dem Clown Car, er, the other 2020 Democrat Candidates, are lying about the so-called “Medicare For All,” which should be named “Health Care For None.” Even when in the hospital, he promoted the scheme.

As a Canadian friend of mine summed up health care in Canada: “It’s really ‘great’…until you need to see a doctor.”

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Within hours of suffering chest pains Tuesday night, Bernie Sanders had stents inserted to relieve the blockage in an artery. He’s lucky. Because if Sanders lived under “Medicare for All,” things likely would not have gone as well.

Sanders, along with every other Democrat pushing “Medicare for All” and its variants, constantly bleat about how the U.S. spends far more on health care but gets worse results than countries such as Canada or the U.K. But the quality measures – infant mortality and longevity – are notoriously unreliable for international comparisons….

What Sanders and company never do is look at how countries handle actual health care delivery. That’s because when you do that, socialized medicine starts to look more like Hell than Nirvana. Canada and the U.K. are plagued with chronic shortages of doctors and nurses, shortages of hospital beds, shortages of the latest diagnostic tools.

The result is treatment delays and outright denials. This grim reality plays out daily in the newspapers of the two countries, stories that Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and other single-payer advocates pretend don’t exist….

A 1995 study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that no patients needing an urgent coronary angiography test – used to reveal artery blockages – received one within 24 hours in Canada or the U.K., whereas 65% did in the U.S. Nearly two-thirds of Canadians and 94% of Brits had to wait more than three days.

The same study found that while 80% of urgent coronary bypass operations occurred within 24 hours in the U.S., only 24% did in Canada and 10% in the U.K….

A dozen cardiac patients died in Quebec in just the first four months of this year while waiting for surgery. Why the delay? According to the head of the province’s cardiac surgeons association, it’s largely because “of a shortage of operating room nurses and perfusionists — the technicians who operate the heart-lung machine during the surgery” as well as a lack of hospital beds….

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  1. Chuck says:

    Bernie looks constipated, just sayin’.

    That picture needs a good old “Caption this” post.

  2. Maynard says:

    I’ll mention what should be obvious: When the Dems held a supermajority, they rammed through Obamacare, the “Affordable Care Act”, promising you could keep your doctor and your insurance, and that costs would be lower. Then the law boosted my annual premiums from $2000 to $10,500 (!) and I was forced to pay it under penalty of law. In the private sector, this would be regarded as fraud and extortion, but it’s somehow okay when the government does it, and the media covered up the crime. In fact, if I talk about this with a random Democrat, they assume I’m either rich or have some sort of “Cadillac plan”; when I tell them neither is true they change the subject. Anyway, the point which should be obvious is that if Obamacare hadn’t been a fraud and a failure, there would be no need to be pushing “Medicare for all”, because our problems would have been addressed instead of being in worse shape than ever. So the same people who screwed us royally now want to double down, as if they hadn’t demonstrated their supreme incompetence and malevolence. Why are they taken seriously when they belong in jail?

    • IndieGal4USA says:

      Maynard, I’ve been told of many premium increases under the ACA, but yours is the worst yet! Horrible and criminal! Most of the doctors I know said that health care, for the percentage of folks who needed it, was workable– without turning the rest of the country upside down. The ACA was a tax plan, not a health plan! And Medicare for All will surely ruin whatever is working for those now on Medicare.

  3. dennisl59 says:

    I have 1st hand experience with getting stents installed. Long story short, March 2018, had chest pain, drove myself to the emergency room(1am Friday morning) was diagnosed with a ‘heart attack’…they found a blocked artery(the widowmaker one…) early the next afternoon(I was stable) the doctor(after signing all the disclaimer forms of course) installed two(back to back)…and was out of the hospital Saturday at 6pm. Walked out to the parking lot and drove myself home. 36 hours. Unreal. Paid the 20% as required by Medicare Part B(I had the cash in emergency funds for things just like this by the way) What a bargain for the state of the art diagnostic hardware, facilities, staff and doctors…

    posted 10/3 1035pm Texas[Save Money for Medical Emergencies]Time

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