As reported in WaPo, Adam Schiff once dreamed of becoming a screenwriter:

When Adam Schiff was a young assistant U.S. attorney living in Los Angeles, he did what everyone does when they move to Hollywood. He wrote a screenplay.

He spent hours at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, reading the scripts for “Silence of the Lambs” and “Witness” in the library. (it was the ’90s). He leaned on his courtroom experience, thinking back on snippets of dialogue during trials as he typed out a crime thriller. The prosecutor was the hero, naturally. He called it “Minotaur,” and, if you ask Schiff, it was pretty good….

But his latest “work,” the Impeachment Show, is fast becoming a dud.

Maybe he could write another screenplay. Suggested title: ‘Yes, We Have A Witness But It’s None of Your Business Who It Is’

Or something…

Via Breitbart.

….According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, 36 percent of independents said they did not watch, read, or hear anything about the hearings.

Of the 64 percent of independents who have paid some attention to the hearings, only 19 percent actually watched them. Seventeen percent said they watched or listened to news summaries, and 30 percent said they read or listened to news summaries.

While the poll shows that most independents are paying attention, it also shows that they are not as engaged as other demographics.

The poll showed that Democrats were the most engaged demographic — with 35 percent watching or listening to the hearing compared to only 26 percent of Republicans.

And more Democrats than Republicans and independents watched, listened to, or read news summaries about the hearings.
That could be bad news for Democrats who are hoping the hearings will sway the American public and persuade Republicans in the Senate to support impeachment….

House Democrat: My Colleagues Are Tired, Bored, and ‘Want to Move On’ from Impeachment

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  1. Cynthia says:

    I’m 51. I couldn’t vote Reagan, but I loved him and he was a hero to me. I watched the Iran-Contra hearings while wearing my Ollie North t-shirt. Watched the Bork and Thomas hearings. Bush 41 flopped. The Clinton’s were ambitious for ambitions sake and dishonorable. Bush 42 went along with the machine, the deep state, the central planners, whatever you want to call it, all while never once fighting back or standing up for Republicans or conservatives. And he got us tangled in a mess in the Middle East with no definition of victory. Lastly, by the grace of God and His mercy, we managed to survive 8 Obama years of the dark night of the soul before the sun came out and Trump took up the challenge. And allllllll of this happened under the umbrella of an increasingly dishonest, un-American, hostile media.
    So no, we’re not watching. Keeping up, but no need for detail because it’s all a pack of lies. The last 30 years of observation is all the proof we need. And I never thought in a million years I would think I could appreciate a president more than Reagan, but it’s happened.
    P.S. Something is really wrong with Schiff. I mean, seriously, it’s clinical. His eyes. And that comedian that does the impression of him on FOX News is hysterical!.

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