Swell idea!

And here’s another one: How about installing a soda dispenser, so that…oh wait, the soda cups would have to be no bigger than 3 oz.

Never mind.

Via BPR.

….His campaign just moved to Times Square, in the old New York Times building, with Bloomberg reworking the blueprints there as well.

The new office will feature an open layout with a desk out in the open for Bloomberg, Politico reported, adding that it’s “a move in keeping with his ethos as a businessman and mayor.”

“In sports, the coach or manager is right there with the players, giving directions, drawing on white boards, huddling during timeouts, motivating and inspiring — and picking someone up when they’ve made a mistake,” Bloomberg wrote in an email to staff. “Managers in every organization should be performing those same roles. Walls just get in the way, by stifling communication and making collaboration more difficult. Some people like to build walls. I like to tear them down.”….

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  1. dennisl59 says:

    He obviously didn’t think this idea through long enough…where are the massage and foosball tables? In the ‘real world’ this would instantly disqualify anyone from being, literally, in the Office of the President of the United States. Rich and Stupid, only in America.

    But here’s my big gripe with this numpty, and those Billionaires just like him: think of all the good his money would do for all the Animal Shelters in America…Every single one of the non profits could rebuild every single building they have now, or build new, and then hire the best of the best veterinarians with full paid staffing too…

    posted 12/31 349pm Texas[Happy New Year~!]Time

  2. idaho_karen says:

    What a jerk! Cheapens the historic White House; obviously there is no sense of history in the man, let alone respect for the Presidential House and room.

  3. Alain41 says:

    Even the comedic TV show, The Office, did not use an open office plan. They Knew that those are soul suckers.

  4. Tim Peck says:

    Scott Adams (Dilbert) had some choice words for Bloomberg today: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ZkKzAbPnDvxv @13:07.

  5. monkeymom says:

    Re: Sodas – the hypocrisy is that Bloomberg provides UNLIMITED SNACKS AND BEVERAGES to his employees. Yes, that includes sodas of all types, not limited to diet varieties. I can testify to this as a former Bloomberg employee (he bought the company I worked for in the DC area.) Healthy snacks? Not so much at our location, some sad-looking fruit and all sorts of crap in a bag, oh, and a cereal bar which switched over to bar snacks like Chex mix around noon. And apparently the New York office provides amazing-looking gourmet food to their employees. After the soda tax decision, I pointed out the disconnect to a lib co-worker, who quickly explained it away in that Bloomberg employees and NY residents are not the same type of people. I guess that meant Bloomberg doesn’t hire stupid, overweight people who can’t be trusted to make their own decisions, but instead, hires intelligent, active people who will make the “right” lifestyle choices. Such elitism …

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