Yes, the Dems really think we are dumb enough to fall for the “black dress code equals somber mood” schtick. But what they don’t understand is that black was indeed very appropriate, but for another reason:

Today is the beginning of the political death throes of a whole bunch of them.

RIP, Democrat Party.

Via PJ Media.

Desperate to give the false impression that impeachment isn’t what Democrats have always wanted since the moment Trump was elected, House Democrats have received strict orders on how to handle themselves as the impeachment vote proceeds. Axios reports that “House Democratic leaders told caucus members not to cheer or applaud when today’s impeachment vote totals are announced.” One Democrat from a Trump district reported they were told, “Don’t cheer, keep it solemn.”….

Democrats want us to believe that the party hasn’t been looking forward to this moment and that they don’t really want to impeach Trump, but feel it was necessary to “protect the Republic” and “the rule of law,” etc., etc., even though we know they don’t really believe it.

Trump approval rating on impeachment day hits highest point since March 2017

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Several Democrats have stated that they can keep impeaching Trump even if he is reelected. That’s not exactly an indication of solemn responsibility.

  2. LittlePatriot says:

    Perhaps they will all be in black in 2020 and Nancy, won’t have to issue an order to not gloat.

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