Could someone please explain why they are called progressives ? Their dangerous ideas are anything but progressive. And this one is really regressive; it would lead us back to the Stone Age. Or worse.

Via American Thinker.

Some progressive ideas sound good and seduce the young and naïve with their idealism….

But some other ideas, currently being taken seriously by American progressive intellectuals are so self-evidently ridiculous that it is hard to believe that anyone could take them seriously. But this, via City Journal, is not a joke:

The latest call to action from some criminal-justice activists: “Abolish the police.” From the streets of Chicago to the city council of Seattle, and in the pages of academic journals ranging from the Cardozo Law Review to the Harvard Law Review and of mainstream publications from the Boston Review to Rolling Stone, advocates and activists are building a case not just to reform policing—viewed as an oppressive, violent, and racist institution—but to do away with it altogether. When I first heard this slogan, I assumed that it was a figure of speech, used to legitimize more expansive criminal-justice reform. But after reading the academic and activist literature, I realized that “abolish the police” is a concrete policy goal. The abolitionists want to dismantle municipal police departments and see “police officers disappearing from the streets.”

One might dismiss such proclamations as part of a fringe movement, but advocates of these radical views are gaining political momentum in numerous cities. In Seattle, socialist city council candidate Shaun Scott, who ran on a “police abolition” platform, came within 1,386 votes of winning elected office. During his campaign, he argued that the city must “[disinvest] from the police state” and “build towards a world where nobody is criminalized for being poor.” At a debate hosted by the Seattle Police Officers Guild, Scott blasted “so-called officers” for their “deep and entrenched institutional ties to racism” that produced an “apparatus of overaggressive and racist policing that has emerged to steer many black and brown bodies back into, in essence, a form of slavery.” Another Seattle police abolitionist, Kirsten Harris-Talley, served briefly in as an appointed city councilwoman. Both Scott and Harris-Talley enjoy broad support from the city’s progressive establishment….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    I would ask 2 questions to proponents of abolishing Police.
    1) Would you also abolish District Attorney’s Office? Because why have one, if no Police.
    2) Why not start with College Campus Police Force? Save students money.

  2. IndieGal4USA says:

    Every responsible American with a brain and a heart knows that police (among our first responders) are an integral part of any community. This rant from the progressive left promotes nothing but political discord, lawlessness and even anarchy. But perhaps that’s their objective!

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