Oh, look: For some reason, Barack Obama felt the need to chime in with this dumb, er, nonsensical, er, “progressive” talking point:

Via WSJ.

….The current round of blazes started late last year. It has charred at least 15 million acres and killed more than two dozen Australians, including brave volunteer firefighters who rush into the inferno to save homes and lives.

The climate-change narrative grossly oversimplifies bush fires, whose causes are as complex as their recurrence is predictable….
Byzantine environmental restrictions prevent landholders from clearing scrub, brush and trees. State governments don’t do their part to reduce the fuel load in parks. Last November a former fire chief in Victoria slammed that state’s “minimalist approach” to hazard-reduction burning in the off-season. That complaint is heard across the country.

As for the proximate cause, anything from a lightning strike to a spark from a power tool to arson can touch off a conflagration. More than 180 people have been arrested for allegedly starting blazes since the start of the current bush-fire season.

Yet the narrative that has been built around the fires and broadcast around the world points the finger only at man-made climate change—and specifically at Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Activists insist that if his government had an effective “climate policy,” it would somehow help snuff out the flames. Never mind that Australia emits only around 1/77th of the world’s man-made carbon dioxide. The country’s complete deindustrialization wouldn’t budge the global thermostat….

The climate blame game is driven in large part by an Australian left still smarting from its election loss last May, when the smart money had it that Mr. Morrison would be shown the door in favor of a progressive government led by the Labor Party.

Like Brexit, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson, Mr. Morrison was not supposed to win according to the chattering classes—the “luvvie left” as they’re known in Australia. A socially conservative churchgoing Christian and father of two who presents as a slightly goofy suburban everyman—a “daggy dad,” as they say—Mr. Morrison won over the country….

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  1. RobW says:

    It is a disturbing trend that too many Republicans and even Conservatives have surrendered to the fraudulent global warming (now “climate change”) narrative. Their cowardice lends legitimacy to world’s greatest fraud. They should read, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.

    Questions to make people think for themselves: If human-caused climate change is real, then why is there such an organized effort to censor and destroy dissenters? Why are legitimate climate scientist who dissent shut out from congressional hearings? If dissenters are wrong, why not openly debate them and discredit their arguments once and for all? Why is so much money being made off the climate-change scare?

    Here are the facts:
    Consensus is NOT science.
    Anecdotal evidence is NOT science.
    Climate has constantly changed since creation, and humans cannot alter it.
    No competent scientist would ever say, “The science is settled”.
    There is no supporting evidence that has survived scrutiny.

  2. Dragon Lady says:

    AND, “climate change” occurs every second-every nanosecond. Look out your windows…

    Heck, they even blame us for Mars warming up. (I still say that;s from the “semis” going up and down the canals, delivering goods to the Martians.) Just sayin’


  3. Alain41 says:

    A Left talking point on this is; Only 2 dozen were charged with arson. Assuming correct, that would be because Justice sys. didn’t want to have to prove fire was intentionally set when penalties for unintentionally starting a large fire are severe enough. So the 200 charged number is correct.

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