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  1. Los2000 says:

    I live in the most remotest part of Arizona. My live has not changed very much since this national emergency started. If the national emergency goes on for another 2 years, my life won’t change in the least.

    Yet, I’m watching what’s happening in the country, and I’m concerned…I’ve very concerned.

    …I need more bullets…but I can’t get any.

    As Fuzzy Lumpkins said… “Get Offi’n My Property”

  2. Los2000 says:

    For the record…

    I just put up two more motion detecting cameras.

  3. Los2000 says:

    A hound dog…

    Best motion detection sensor…

    …Just sayin’

  4. TigerAim says:

    Thanks TAM Maureen, and thanks Tammy for sharing the uplifting piece about little Vadie Sides who was lost in the woods for 2 days and found safe on Friday afternoon. I was thinking about that incident, too, because the other part of the story is this was a much-needed happy ending for the people of Lee County, Alabama. When the little girl went missing, I think everyone felt their hearts sink. Of course, the whole country is in a rough place right now, but Lee County has been through a lot over the past year/year and a half. 19-year old Aniah Blanchard was abducted from Auburn last fall, missing for about a month, then found dead (murdered by a guy already accused of attempted murder who’d been let out of a Montgomery jail on bond – outrageous!). A year ago March 3rd was the devastating EF4 tornado that killed 23 residents of the Beauregard community. Also, in spring 2019, an Auburn policeman (William Buechner)was killed in the line of duty (the first officer death in decades), and two of his fellow officers were injured at the same time. In a separate incident about 3 months earlier, an Auburn officer was badly injured when shot while on duty. Also, just depressing, was when the long-time Auburn University sports announcer Rob Bramblett & his wife were killed last May in an auto accident in Auburn, leaving their two kids orphans. So much sadness that many people probably assumed this would be a bad ending, too. Very thankful it turned out much differently!

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