Why would a news outlet publish inaccurate comments made by President Trump? — asked no one, ever.

Via American Thinker.

C-SPAN is publishing inaccurate transcripts of President Donald Trump’s remarks during the vitally important national coronavirus task force daily briefings.

Yes, really.

So Trump is being falsely attacked for what Trump never said (again). The worst of it, lately, is Trump asking questions to scientists. Those questions have been transformed into statements that Trump never made. But as I endeavored to clear up the fog, I was shocked to discover that C-SPAN’s textual transcripts are the source of the confusion. The quotes that Trump-haters are throwing around happen to be accurate reports of the inaccurate C-SPAN transcript….

On April 23, 2020, after Homeland Security’s chief scientist, William Bryan, gave a presentation, Trump asked for clarification of the continuing future research that would be on-going. See time segments 26:25–35:00 and 31:09–31:18 measured from the full video.

The actual transcript from the relevant segment (clip) on April 23, 2020 makes clear that (1) Trump never made any statements about anything, but merely asked the scientists to clarify (for the reporters’ benefit) what further research the scientists would be working on in the future; (2) Trump was clearly discussing conversations with the scientists held before the briefing; (3) the discussion was about isopropyl alcohol, not bleach; (4) Trump repeatedly emphasized that all of this would require further research and testing; and (5) Trump said at the time, “Maybe it works. Maybe it doesn’t work.” Yet he is being attacked as claiming that he was instructing people to take specific treatments….

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  1. Alain41 says:

    C-Span is jealous of The Daily Beast? So, it too publishes shoddy info. that others can then refer to. It’s like Crossfire-Span has a Steal Dossier. (Sorry. Not sorry.) \

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