Nancy Pelosi has held public office since 1987. And what will she be remembered for? Getting her hair done without a mask, violating state restrictions, and then throwing the salon ‘under the bus.’

Oh yeah, and the designer ice cream in her $24,000 refrigerator.

As Tammy notes in her latest Washington Times column: Nancy Pelosi flouts the rules in San Francisco hair salon Speaker’s adventure mirrors behavior of other Democrats who believe lockdown rules don’t apply to them

The Nancy Pelosi salon scandal has been, appropriately, receiving a lot of attention. On its face it is insulting, an abuse of power, and a punch in the nose of all Americans who have obeyed COVID-19 lockdown restrictions at the expense of their quality of life, and in so many instances, their life’s work…..

While this episode, in and of itself, is worthy of outrage, it is just one more illustration of how the ruling class believes that they are above the law. It’s not just insulting, it is dangerous. It shows that politicians feel more than comfortable issuing draconian, grotesque and dangerous laws — viewing American citizens as collateral damage in their fun little game and obsessive drive for power….

Via Washington Examiner.

Demonstrators in San Francisco formed a hand-holding circle outside the residence of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to protest her recent visit to one of the city’s salons.

The protest, which took place on Thursday, was not composed of any salon owners, according to San Francisco Chronicle reporter Jessica Christian.

“They’ve all described themselves ‘angry salon customers’ who want to get their hair and nails done,” she wrote on Twitter….

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  1. Dr. H says:

    Place your bets! Will Nancy or the mayor bring up lynching?

  2. Alain41 says:

    This is so much like the elites taking private jets and yachts to 2-week UN Climate Change conferences (paid for by us), to discuss how they can get the masses to take public transportation and pay more for energy. We should be thankful that they care about us to make their sacrifice. Gee, thanks.

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