If you are a current subscriber, this is especially important for you, but it’s for everyone who visits here because of the tremendous possibilities for our community.

To start, here’s my “Welcome Video” over at LOCALS to give you some background.

The time finally arrived, after 11 years on the TAM System, our podcast distribution of Tammy Radio plus our Special Report podcasts, will now be available exclusively at LOCALS, which is a new social media platform. I chose LOCALS because of the potential of so much more interaction, media content and community.

IMPORTANT: This does not affect the Tammy Blog! It will undergo a new design, but the NewsWire and our postings here will continue!

I have been so thrilled with how strong my subscriber community has been since we started in 2009. I can’t believe it’s been 11 years! I was the first nationally syndicated radio host to move exclusively to subscriber supported live streaming and the on-demand podcast has been an amazing success. That is due to all of you and I can’t thank you enough.

I’ve been wanting to expand understanding the Left’s obsession with destroying our freedom and our way of life was not going to stop. I warned about this in my first book in 2001, The New Thought Police, and again in my 2nd book in 2004, The Death of Right and Wrong. My media career has also been based in using what I learned while on the left the warn about their agenda, and to help defeat it.

Moving the podcasts and making LOCALS my social media hub makes so much more possible with videos, and supporters involvement.


If you are a current supporter, your subscription has been moved to tammybruce.locals.com, and we are adding extra subscription time to thank you for your support. ALl of my podcasts and videos will now be released exclusively on that platform. You have received emails with details on how to register at LOCALS to seamlessly start using that platform. Look for our emails or feel free to email Gina at tamservice – @ – tammybruce.com. You can also reach Lori, the manager of the transition, at localstransition – @ – tammybruce.com. (Remove the spaces to use the email, that’s so bot won’t come in and scoop them up).

If you are on Twitter I’m likely following you as a Tammy Army Member. This means you can also Direct Message me there with any questions or for help. Click here for my Twitter page and you can DM me from there.

So there you have: Your subscription has been transferring to Locals and all you need to do is go there and register. 2) Reach out to Gina, Lori, or myself for any help or questions, we are here for you!

This is a big step for me, and I hope you will stay with me. We have a lot of work to do, and I’m committed to making sure we succeed. Part of that is making sure we have a strong community. See you at LOCALS!

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