20.8M pain pills to WV town w/2,900 people

And there were no Red Flags at either company? Criminal negligence? Maybe.

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  1. dennisl59 says:

    The headline ‘drug firms’? I suppose that’s what could fit on the page but it was the Distributors. And here they are:

    http://www.miamiluken.com/ and http://www.hdsmith.com/

    So let’s say your a distributor(of anything but for our example, Car Parts) and as one, you need Account/Sales Reps to resell your warehouse inventory.

    Sometimes the customers your Reps are assigned to are by geographical area, or overall sales(say Top 10). In either case, there is one person the retailer interfaces with for supplies. If you(the sales rep) wins that business, your ‘badge/employee’ number is assigned to the account number of the customer, With me so far? Good.

    So once that relationship is ‘paired’ in the order entry system, the rep gets their commission every time an online order is placed. And their commission account gets credit. They don’t care what’s ordered only that something was ordered. And all they have to do(to satisfy their v.p. of sales) is call their customer, say every quarter and ask ‘Hey what’s happening? Anything I can do for you?’ Log the call into their ‘sales’ system so the notes are date/time stamped that they made the call…This is all a well oiled system.

    But here is where it gets ‘sticky’. Someone has to audit the sales system, someone has to notice that there have sales of 3,000 right front Camry fenders to one retailer. Someone has to know that these parts don’t have serial numbers and are known to be valuable black market parts….

    Someone in both of the distribution companies KNEW there was a criminal enterprise behind the sales of these pills. But they made money, turned a blind eye and simply didn’t care.
    Getting indictments and then proving this in a court of law? I predict everyone taking the 5th…

    posted 2/2 948am Texas[Take Two Aspirins]Time

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