• 14 year old builds fusion reactor at home

    Feb 20, 2019 @ 11:54 pm - monkeymom

    This is why America is great!

  • Astrophysicist Barbie Launches~!

    Feb 18, 2019 @ 9:28 pm - dennisl

    Here you go…

  • Panera Bread closes last pay-what-you-can restaurant

    Feb 8, 2019 @ 6:22 am - Maynard

    Pay-what-you-can is an interesting concept, and I'm seriously interested when someone uses their own money to try to make it work and show us the way. Seriously, wouldn't it be great if it worked? And maybe it could, under certain limited circumstances. But in this case, they tried and gave up.

    Opening paragraph:

    Panera Bread Co.’s pay-what-you-can concept, Panera Cares, will close its last location next week, as the company said the non-profit experiment is “no longer viable.”

    Hmmm, that “no longer” phrase would seem to imply that it was once viable.

  • To fight misogyny, Harvard shuts down its sororities

    Jan 11, 2019 @ 2:16 am - Maynard

    The law of unintended consequences. Harvard wanted to eliminate gender bias. Since they couldn't control the outside world, they did the next best thing: Anyone who is a member of a non-gender-free organization can't hold a position or get a scholarship. That'll put an end to the old boys' network! Alas, no more sororities! The organizations that once gave women a safe space get destroyed by the rules designed to protect them! This would be hilarious if it weren't so insane and tragic.

  • A Requiem for California

    Jan 2, 2019 @ 12:18 am - dennisl

    As written by Victor Davis Hanson…

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