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  • Robots Used To Foil Homeless People

    by Pat_S on December 12, 2017

    With people increasingly losing their jobs to robots, you could say this is adding insult to injury. The little crime-fighters scoot around sidewalks using lasers and sensors looking for criminal activity. The effect is to deter homeless people from camping along sidewalks. These robots have not been deployed by police however. They have been put to work by the San...

  • ‘Breaking’ CNN Report: Obama Had Three of The Most Retweeted Tweets of 2017!

    by Shifra on December 12, 2017

    This is an actual tweet… from the “Children’s” News Network. HT Twitchy. Barack Obama had three of the most retweeted tweets of 2017. Donald Trump didn't make the top 10 — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) December 10, 2017 And conservative Tweeps were quick to respond: Most of those rt's were probable conservatives pointing out the idiocy of Obama's tweet....

  • Sociology Professor Bashes Beef Because… Patriarchy

    by Shifra on December 12, 2017

    Here is an excerpt from the abstract of the sociology professor’s paper, published in Journal of Feminist Geography. And 1000 TAM points to anyone who can actually explain what any of this gobbledegook means: Analyzing 23 interviews in La Plata, Argentina, I find that the narratives of conversion and social pushback reported by women and men expose gender enactment and...

  • As NYC Bombing Story Unfolds, CNN Reveals: Trump Drinks Diet Coke!

    by Shifra on December 11, 2017

    Wow, POTUS really does live rent-free in these peoples’ heads. Oh wait, President Trump lives in the White House 🙂 Via NewsBusters. An unfolding terrorist attack in New York City wasn’t enough to derail CNN’s obsession with Donald Trump. Forty minutes after attempted-suicide bomber Akayed Ullah attempted on Monday to murder people with a bomb, New Day journalists lost interest....

  • Flashback: Hillary Promises to Be Advocate For Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem, ‘Eternal Capital of Israel’

    by Shifra on December 11, 2017

    Back in 1999, when Hillary ran for the NY Senate seat, she pandered to every group she met, from pretending to be a “life-long Yankees fan,” to promising to do everything she could to make the US embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem a reality. And of course, crickets from the MSM. Via CNN. First lady Hillary Rodham Clinton...

  • Pelosi: California Republicans Who Voted For Tax Reform Bill ‘Don’t Belong Here’

    by Shifra on December 11, 2017

    In 2014, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated that conservatives who oppose abortion and support gun rights have no place in NY State. And now Pelosi chimes in with a similar idiocy. Welcome to the Democrat Wannabe-Fascist Party. Via Daily Caller. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi suggested in a Tuesday tweet that California Republicans who supported the recently passed GOP tax...

  • NYC ‘ISIS-Inspired’ Bombing Suspect ID’d: Akayed Ullah

    by Shifra on December 11, 2017

    The only one seriously injured was the attempted suicide bomber, pictured above. The 5-inch metal pipe bomb strapped to his body exploded prematurely. This could have been a major catastrophe. Via Fox News. A Bangladeshi man reportedly inspired by ISIS set off a pipe bomb inside New York’s Port Authority bus terminal during rush hour Monday morning, sowing mass chaos...

  • Pentagon To Be Audited For The First Time Ever

    by Pat_S on December 10, 2017

    After forever and trillions of dollars unaccounted for, the Pentagon will finally be audited. On December 7 Defense Department Comptroller David Norquist announced he received notification from the DoD Inspector General that an audit involving 2,400 auditors will begin this month. Pentagon To Undergo First Ever Audit After Decades Of Sloppy Accounting And Missing Trillions The Pentagon is no stranger...

  • MSNBC Accidentally Shows Rioting Arabs As Panel Blames President Trump For ‘Ruining’ Peace Process

    by Shifra on December 7, 2017

    Oops. But you just know if Obama had decided to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, he would be hailed by the MSM as deserving of a second Nobel Peace Prize. Via Daily Caller. An MSNBC panel about Jerusalem got super awkward when the producers accidentally rolled footage of Palestinian riots. Each person on the panel seemed to be against...

  • Not Kidding: The Hillary Tree Topper Is Now on Sale!

    by Shifra on December 7, 2017

    Because nothing quite says “Christmas” like an ornament of a failed presidential candidate who blames everyone but herself and can’t stop whining about losing. Via American Mirror. Nothing says “Merry Resistmas” like topping a Christmas tree with the holy Hillary Clinton, clad in her “iconic power suit with angelic wings.” For a mere $107, the nonprofit Women To Look Up...

  • “Freedom Is What You Do With What’s Been Done to You”

    by Shifra on December 6, 2017

    Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you. ~Jean-Paul Sartre#Israel — Zvi Lando (@zlando) November 20, 2016

  • Chris Matthews Ties ‘Crazy’ Evangelicals’ ‘Ideas’ About Israel to Trump’s Decision on Jerusalem

    by Shifra on December 6, 2017

    Matthews went on Morning Schmoe, er, Joe, to run his mouth about Jerusalem. Somehow, we are to believe that Christians, who cite the Bible in favor of Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, “don’t know what they are talking about.” But Matthews spinning his wheels and saying lots of words with little meaning is somehow the expert here? Got...

  • Obama Congratulates Himself on Trump Economic Growth

    by Shifra on December 6, 2017

    Obama gave himself a nice pat on the back for the booming *Trump* economy. And the dummies, er, Dems in the audience clapped when he claimed his policies are now somehow causing unemployment to drop, three consecutive quarters of 3% GDP growth and the soaring Dow. This is to be filed under Obama’s Greatest Whoppers, right under “If you like...

  • France Outraged As Berlin ‘Martyrs’ Installation Includes Bataclan Killer

    by Shifra on December 5, 2017

    ‘Perfect” for Tammy’s sequel to ‘The Death of Right and Wrong’ Via Guardian. A Berlin art installation dedicated to “martyrs” has prompted outrage by including one of the Paris jihadist attackers alongside the likes of Martin Luther King and Socrates, with the French embassy calling the display “deeply shocking”. The so-called Martyr Museum by a Danish art collective shows the...

  • Politico: Chelsea Clinton Should Run for Arkansas Senate Seat

    by Shifra on December 5, 2017

    Chelsea should run for the Senate because she has the “Clinton name recognition without any baggage” ? She also has no charisma, no ideas, and no experience. Go for it, Chelsea! Via Free Beacon. ….Bill Scher, a contributing editor to Politico Magazine and co-host of the show “The DMZ,” argues that “Clinton Should Run for Cotton’s Senate Seat,” remaining...

  • Rainbow in Taiwan Lasts Nine Hours, Breaks World Record

    by Shifra on December 5, 2017

    Neat! Via CBS News. Somewhere over the rainbow, a new world record was in the making last week. Students in Taiwan anxiously watched their clocks and kept their eyes on the skies as they documented the longest-lasting rainbow known to mankind. The rainbow arched over northern Taiwan for nearly nine hours — eight hours and 58 minutes, to be exact...

  • Libs: GOP Tax Bill Signals the ‘Death of America’… or Something

    by Shifra on December 4, 2017

    No, the tax reform bill passed by the Senate did not signal the “death of America” as we know it. Dollar jumps on US tax-cut passage An open letter to Congress signed by 137 economists supporting GOP tax reform bill Senate GOP’s tax reform bill just paved the way for Obamacare repeal with this major achievement It was the vile...

  • Squirrel Responsible For Damaging Christmas Lights In New Jersey Town

    by Tammy on December 3, 2017

    Finally some law and order. Vandal found, arrested, released on bail. Not sure if he’ll return to court or what his address is, but he’s probably too scared to do it again. Probably. Via Fox News. A New Jersey town’s search for the vandal who damaged a popular Christmas lights display came to an end Saturday when officials discovered the...

  • Video) Prof. Dershowitz: Flynn’s Plea Is ‘Show of Weakness’ For Mueller

    by Shifra on December 3, 2017

    Poor Joy Behar will not be happy, after exploding in ecstasy over news of the Flynn guilty plea. Ditto for Maxine Waters. Via Breitbart. On Saturday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz argued that former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s guilty plea is a “show of weakness” for Special Counsel Robert...

  • Video: Elephant Salutes Men Who Saved Her Baby Trapped in Ditch

    by Shifra on December 3, 2017

    We hope President Trump will reinstate the elephant trophy ban… forever. Via Mashable. Determined rescuers successfully saved a baby elephant from an abandoned well in India recently, and its family couldn’t be more thankful…. An excavator was used to dig out the well and created a pathway so the elephant can finally break free while its herd stood aside patiently...

  • DOJ Weighs Federal Charges in Kate Steinle Murder Case, After ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict

    by Shifra on December 1, 2017

    The ‘not guilty’ verdict is a stunning miscarriage of justice. Kate Steinle’s murder was an “accident” ? The jury apparently has more compassion for an illegal alien felon than for an innocent U.S. citizen. Shameful. “Build the Wall!” Via Fox News. The Justice Department is considering bringing federal charges against Jose Ines Garcia Zarate after his not guilty verdict in...

  • NYT Celebrates Antifa ‘Fashion’ in Style Section: ‘What to Wear to Smash the State’

    by Shifra on December 1, 2017

    Last week, the New York Times published a sympathetic profile of a Nazi, and Tammy’s Washington Times column provided a spot-on analysis of their true agenda: The New York Times’ Nazi story goes off the rails And yesterday, the Style Section of the “paper of record” profiled the fashionistas of Antifa. Really, you just can’t make this stuff up. Via...

  • L.A. Artist Sabo Slams Al Franken With ‘Greatest Groper’ Billboard

    by Shifra on November 30, 2017

    Gotta love Sabo! Via Washington Times. Conservative street artist Sabo altered an ad for the upcoming film starring Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman. A giant image of Sen. Al Franken grabbing at a half-naked woman greeted rush-hour commuters on a packed Los Angeles freeway early Thursday. The billboard came courtesy of Sabo, a conservative street artist known for skewering Hollywood...

  • CNN Crybabies, er, Reporters, Will Boycott WH Christmas Party

    by Shifra on November 29, 2017

    This is very mature behavior… if you are five years old. And, Sarah Sanders’ tweet is absolutely *perfect* 🙂 Via Breitbart. CNN will boycott this year’s White House media Christmas Party because of President Donald Trump’s repeated criticism of the network, a spokesperson confirmed Tuesday. The event, which is scheduled for Friday at 2:00 p.m. EST, is typically a chance...


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