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  • obama and personal chef

    Caption This! POTUS Forgets to Wear His Big Boy Pants. Or Something

    by Shifra on August 31, 2014

    Man on right: Sam Kass, WH chef. This weekend, got married to Alex Wagner of MSNBC. (So we can be sure of unbiased, even-handed political commentary from her. Not) Jerk on left: Preezy of the Steezy, aka Leader of the Free World. God help us all.

  • Tammy and Turtle1

    Vote for your favorite Tammy “selfie” from Hawaii

    by Patricia on August 29, 2014

    Rick (naga5), Ashley, Shifra and I thought this “selfie” Tammy picture contest would be a good break for the TAMily and a fun surprise for Tammy. Vote and comment on your favorite – the Turtle Selfie or the Eel Selfie.

  • obama-cell-phone-shrug-ap1

    Obama Told the Truth – No Strategy also no intelligence or protection for Americans

    by Patricia on August 29, 2014

    For once Obama told the truth – there is no strategy also no intelligence or protection for Americans. British Prime Minister Cameron gets it – can he please call Obama on his cell phone because we know O’s at a fund raiser, on the golf course or some other personal event. Is anyone in the Obama administration paying attention or...

  • school lunch-1

    Feds: Unpopular School Lunches Turn Kids Into Civic-Minded Adults

    by Shifra on August 28, 2014

    Well, well…Looks like the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture is dropping their claim that the Federal school lunch program is a smashing success. Yes, thanks to Mooch’s “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010,” over one million children have stopped eating school lunches. (Daily Caller — Kentucky students to first lady Michelle Obama: Your food ‘tastes like vomit’) So, here’s the new...

  • Ukraine-Russia-conflict--8-28-2014-jpg

    Russian Troops “On Vacation” In Ukraine

    by Pat_S on August 28, 2014

    A few days ago ten Russian paratroopers were said to have accidentally crossed the Ukraine border. Now a few thousand Russian troops are supposedly spending their vacations there. But those tanks aren’t loaded with coolers and beach chairs. Serving Russian soldiers on leave fighting Ukrainian troops alongside rebels, pro-Russian separatist leader says East Ukrainian pro-Russian separatist leader Alexander Zakharchenko said...

  • scaredman

    Scared “Climate Change” Scientists – Hilarious Photo Series

    by mdannyg on August 27, 2014

    **Bumped up from TAM Wire. Posted by mdannyg** This HuffPo story, and the self-indulgent photography, is one of the most unintentionally hilarious things I’ve seen. Via Huffington Post: Photographer Captures Scientists’ Frightened Responses To Climate Change Discussions We’ve read the daunting headlines. We’ve seen the bleak predictions. We know in our minds that climate change is putting our Earth’s future...

  • Lies

    Dutch Official: ISIS “A Zionist Plot”

    by RedeemtheTime on August 25, 2014

    **Bumped up from TAM Wire. Posted by RedeemtheTime** Last week, Yasmina Haifi, an official at the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism in the Netherlands, stated that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, and that it is a Zionist plan to make Islam look bad. This is so incredibly appalling; I am at a total loss for words. Via...

  • foley

    This Week’s Column==> The Trouble With Treating The Foley Murder As A Mere Crime

    by Tammy on August 25, 2014

    My Washington Times column for this week has posted. I hope you like it. Please Tweet, Facebook, Blog and spread the word! Thanks! Washington Times: The problem with treating the Foley murder as a mere crime; Obama won’t admit it’s America under attack. Politico reported, “[T]he attorney general was asked about Foley. ‘The Justice Department is actively pursuing justice in...

  • restraining order

    Obama Lifts Ban On Libyans Attending U.S. Flight Schools, Nuclear Studies

    by Shifra on August 25, 2014

    pic h/t: It looks like this story, besides a few news outlets, seems to have flown under the radar. (pun not intended) Via Investor’s Business Daily: 8/15/14 – Andrew Malcolm — Obama lifts ban on Libyans attending flight school, studying nuclear science here Remember the aftermath of 9/11 when investigators made the chilling discovery that American flight instructors had...

  • TrueLies2

    Time Magazine Accuses IDF of Stealing Palestinian Organs, Retracts Story

    by robscaffe on August 25, 2014

    **Bumped up from TAM Wire. Posted by robscaffe** More unbiased news from the Left: Via Honest Reporting: Time Magazine Accuses IDF of Stealing Palestinian Organs UPDATE: Within hours of our publication of this article, Time Magazine removed the allegation that Israeli soldiers had stolen Palestinian organs from their video. Further coverage at Times of Israel. Time Magazine should be ashamed...

  • pink-cookies

    More School Cafeteria Mayhem: FLOTUS Kills The Pink Cookie

    by Shifra on August 25, 2014

    I’ve never been to Elyria, Ohio. And I’ve never tasted their famous pink cookies. But, on behalf of cookie aficionados everywhere, I say to the residents of Elyria: We feel your pain. Via Daily Caller: Now Michelle Obama Has Caused America’s ‘Best Cafeteria Cookie’ To Be Outlawed An eruption of aggravation about what American schoolchildren can no longer eat in...

  • boom

    Video: Hamas Funeral Attendee Forgets To Remove Suicide Belt, Goes Boom!

    by Shifra on August 24, 2014

    Don’t they teach anything at Hamas Suicide Training School? You’re supposed to take off your suicide belt when you go to a funeral. Capiche?

  • ISIS golf club

    How ISIS Can Get Obama’s Full Attention

    by Pat_S on August 23, 2014

    h/t The Cagle Post This quote from an Irish essayist may give some insight into Obama’s penchant for golfing. It is almost impossible to remember how tragic a place this world is when one is playing golf. ~Robert Lynd Unfortunately everyone else has to live in it.

  • obamalincoln

    Lib Journalist Compares Obama’s Amnesty to Lincoln’s Emancipation

    by Shifra on August 21, 2014

    After Obama’s election, Liberals began falling all over themselves, comparing him to Abraham Lincoln. For example, here’s the plagiarist historian Doris Kearns Goodwin gushing after Obama’s ’08 Inauguration: And this, from CBS: The Obama-Lincoln Parallel: A Closer Look But now, with much of the world in chaos (great job, POTUS!), it seemed we would be done with these absurd comparisons....

  • right and wrong checkbox on a blackboard

    Student Kicked Out Of Class For Saying “Bless You” To Sneezing Classmate

    by Shifra on August 21, 2014

    And no, this is not from The Onion: Via UPI: Tennessee student kicked out of class for saying ‘bless you’ A Tennessee teenager is claiming religious persecution after allegedly being removed from class for saying “bless you” when another student sneezed…. Here is the girl’s Facebook account of the event: Via MyFox Memphis: No Talking In class? A girl sitting...

  • index

    Happy Birthday Tammy!

    by Patricia on August 18, 2014

    *A post from the TAM Team* Happy Birthday Tammy! On this birthday week we wish you the very best, all the joy, happiness, and blessings you can ever have today, tomorrow and always. TAMs please post and send your wishes and comments for Tammy’s birthday week. Maybe there is a special remembrance you would like to share of Tammy’s show...

  • IS-preaching-van

    IS Recruiter: “We Are Living In A Joy That I Can’t Describe”

    by Pat_S on August 17, 2014

    This is a 40 minute video report by a VICE News reporter embedded with the Islamic State for three weeks. Be aware there are a few (and brief) graphic images–headless corpses (6:27 to 6:39), a crucified man (27:52 – 28:06). Even more chilling is the footage showing the recruitment and indoctrination of children. We are living in a joy that...

  • No-Weapons-Allowed

    LA Annual ‘Gun Melt’ Event Destroys 5000 Firearms

    by Isaac T on August 15, 2014

    **Bumped up from TAM Wire. Posted by Isaac T** My immediate reaction was to compare the melting down of 5000 firearms to a book burning, but that’s not quite accurate. This is a Burnt Offering to the liberal gods. Via Dan Zimmerman: — LA Melts Down 5000 Firarms to Build Roads The next time you’re stuck in traffic on...

  • squeegee-man

    Notes From New York City: The Return Of The Squeegee Men

    by Shifra on August 14, 2014

    OK, I admit it: The return of the NYC squeegee men does not exactly rank up there with all the important (and horrific) events of the past few weeks. But for those of us who suffered through the disastrous years of Democrat Mayor David Dinkins – (Did I mention that he’s a Democrat?), the return of this very annoying and...

  • John-kerry clueless

    Is Something Seriously Wrong With John Kerry?

    by Shifra on August 13, 2014

    I report. You decide: Max Steinberg, from Los Angeles, visited Israel, several years ago. He soon returned, joined the IDF, and became a sharpshooter in the elite Golani Brigade. Max was one of the first casualties of the Israel-Hamas conflict. It was unclear whether his parents and two siblings would be able to catch a flight for his funeral, and...

  • haley barbout and castro

    Report From Mississippi: Haley Barbour Meets With Julian Castro On Amnesty

    by dachiemama on August 13, 2014

    **Bumped up from TAM Wire. Posted by dachiemama** Former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, who, with his son, Henry, was behind all of the racist attacks on state Senator Chris McDaniel, is now collaborating with Julian Castro. A popular, two-term governor, Barbour provided leadership to the state after Hurricane Katrina, but at the end of his second term, he left many...

  • foxclip

    Video: Tammy & Judith Miller Discussing White House Response To Crisis In Iraq

    by Gina on August 11, 2014

    This is the video from their regular Friday appearance. Great comments from Tammy about the Obama White House’s moral relativism contributing to the condition of the world, and Judith Miller’s always smart take on the current situation. Watch the latest video at

  • obamarice

    Caption This! Susan Rice Explaining *Something* To Obama

    by Tammy on August 11, 2014

    Now what could be going on here? I have a feeling some of you might know...

  • TN

    Reflections on the Carr vs. Alexander Tennessee Race

    by Rob_W on August 11, 2014

    **Bumped Up From TAM Wire. Posted By Rob_W** While the election results were heartbreaking, there is much to be encouraged, and yes, even energized about. We did not win, but we are winning. Senator Lamar Alexander did not run away with this election, as most predicted he would. He was forced to buy the election, spending $7 million. He resorted...


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