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  • death of klinghoffer

    On The Opera “Death of Klinghoffer” and “The Death of Right and Wrong”

    by Shifra on October 20, 2014

      In 2003, Tammy wrote “The Death of Right and Wrong,” in which she exposed the American Left for its moral relativism and attempts to create a moral vacuum in which there is no “right” or “wrong.” And today, “The Death of Klinghoffer” is set to debut at the NY Metropolitan Opera. To recap: In 1985, 69-year-old Leon Klinghoffer, a...

  • nurseswapo

    Nurses Union: White House and CDC Have “Ignored” and “Lied” To Us

    by Tammy on October 16, 2014

    Nurses and members of the National Nurses Organizing Committee perform a “die in” on Wednesday to protest the lack of preparation of medical personnel to deal with Ebola outbreaks outside the L’Unione Italiana Italian Club building on in Tampa’s Ybor City. (Sam Owens/Tampa Bay Times via AP) Amazing comments from RoseAnn DeMoro, the head of National Nurses United. It’s become...

  • moochlunch

    Ebola, ISIS… In the Meantime, Michelle Obama Continues to Starve School Kids

    by Tammy on October 16, 2014

    A federally-approved lunch courtesy of Michelle Obama that wouldn’t even be enough for my dog. Kudos to the kid who took a picture of this school “Munchable,” igniting a firestorm of outrage by parents. Michelle Obama has gotten away with starving your kids for years. It’s an effort that has nothing to do with nutrition and everything to do with...

  • ebola

    Newest Ebola Patient Flew Frontier Airlines Day Before Diagnosis

    by Tammy on October 15, 2014

    And the clusterfark continues. This second confirmed infection is a person from the team that treated Duncan in Texas. She flew from Cleveland to Dallas the day before presenting at the hospital with a fever. Ebola has been confirmed. The CDC is now scrambling to reach the 132 other people on the flight. Instapundit has a resonable suggestion about this...

  • Michelle Obama And Star Athletes Visit Washington DC Elementary School

    FLOTUS Launches “Let’s Move” Campaign, Childhood Obesity Rate *Increases*

    by Shifra on October 15, 2014

    Yet another #EpicFail from the Obama Regime: In 2010, Michelle Obama began her “Let’s Move” childhood anti-obesity campaign. And, according to the CDC, the childhood obesity rate actually increased in the first two years. Great job, Mooch! Via CNS: Teenage Obesity Increased During First Two Years of First Lady’s ‘Let’s Move’ Program In the first two years since First Lady...

  • nihclaim

    Stuart Varney Destroys NIH Claim That Budget Cuts Killed Ebola Vaccine

    by Tammy on October 14, 2014

    Filling in for Cavuto, Varney does a great job highlighting the gobsmacking hypocrisy of the NIH director who blames supposed budget cuts for lack of an Ebola vaccine. Watch as Varney details the ridiculous “studies” on which they’ve been recklessly spending our tax dollars. All these federal bureaucrats should be thrown out on the ears. Watch the latest video at...

  • Men Waiting Outside Al Capone Soup Kitchen

    Campus Food Pantries Feed Hungry Students: Welcome to Obama’s America!

    by Shifra on October 14, 2014

    Well, thank goodness the country is now better off than ever before. And how do I know this? Because POTUS said so. I mean, he wouldn’t lie, or anything, would he? POTUS did admit, though, that people are “not feeling it.” So I guess the students who rely on food pantries for basic needs have not gotten the “we are...

  • dr. obama-1

    ‘Dr.’ Obama Contradicts CDC: “You Can’t Get Ebola By Sitting On A Bus”

    by Shifra on October 12, 2014

    To paraphrase Obama’s now-infamous comment: The Obama Administration is really looking like one pathetic “Junior Varsity” team. Can’t they coordinate their talking points, so they don’t look like totally incompetent idiots? Last week, ‘Dr.’ Obama sent this message to W. Africans: Via CNS News: Obama: You Can’t Get Ebola ‘Sitting Next to Someone on a Bus;’ CDC: ‘Avoid Public Transportation’...

  • Screenshottammyfox1010

    Video: Tammy’s Friday Fox News Segment

    by Gina on October 10, 2014

    Just in case you missed it, here’s Tammy’s Friday segment on Happening Now, with Judith Miller and Eric Shawn hosting. They discussed why ObamaCare disappeared from news coverage after the initial horrible launch. Tammy got in some good zingers, and I always learn something during these Friday segments. Enjoy! Watch the latest video at

  • texaspreshosp

    Dallas Ebola Patient Dies, Hospital Confirms

    by Tammy on October 8, 2014

    The first Ebola death on our soil. Not a surprise. Our missionary workers survived likely due to the special Zmapp serum, which is now all gone. This is a virus which has an 80% mortality rate. Those who survive naturally are lucky. More of the Zmapp drug will not be available until next year. In the meantime, Obama has announced...

  • Joe and Nancy

    Maynard’s Funny Story of the Day

    by Maynard on October 7, 2014

    Last July, some pundit put it this way: "The only way Putin is in any danger from Obama, is if Putin is blocking the door to a fundraiser Obama’s late to get to." With the nation and the world melting down, it does seem that fundraising has edged out golf as Washington's top priority.

  • 5222013lerner-blog480

    Video: Lois Lerner Tries To Barge Into Neighbor’s Home to Dodge Journalist

    by Patricia on October 7, 2014

    This will teach her – or maybe not. Via Freebeacon Breitbart IRS official Lois Lerner was so desperate to avoid questioning from journalist Jason Mattera that she tried to force herself into her neighbor’s home. When Mattera pursued Lerner in her Bethesda, Md., neighborhood to ask about the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups, Lerner made a beeline for her neighbor’s...

  • obama-netanyahu meeting

    Bibi and Barack’s Not-So-Excellent WH Meeting

    by Shifra on October 6, 2014

    Last week, Israeli PM Benjamin (“Bibi”) Netanyahu met with President Barack (“The Jerk”) Obama. This time, there were no hostile acts against Netanyahu. But from reports of the meeting, it sounds as though not much has changed: They really do not like each other very much. Via BattleCreek Enquirer — Dana Milbank: Another awkward Obama-Netanyahu meeting The old frenemies sat...

  • sing road sign

    The ‘Singing’ Road Ahead

    by Pat_S on October 2, 2014

    There’s an ebola epidemic coming our way, an insane terrorist army intent on killing us, an incompetent government that wants to know everything about us but keeps us in the dark about them. Nothing to be happy about. Well, good news, depending on the outcome of an experiment, we may be getting—TA DA—singing roads. That’s a happy thing, yes? Oh...

  • Chicago's O'Hare Airport Hosts Air Industry's World Route Forum

    United Notifying Passengers on Dallas Ebola Patient’s Flights

    by Tammy on October 2, 2014

    It’s about time, and good for them. Seems as though the airline isn’t buying the CDC line that it’s impossible for anyone on those flights to have been exposed/infected. They’ve also released the flight numbers involved in the infected man’s journey to Dallas. Via NBC. United Airlines, which flew Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan on two of the three flights...

  • obamanero

    Secret Service/ Ebola/ ISIS Catastrophe Palooza Open Thread

    by Tammy on October 1, 2014

    Here’s the latest on all the crap from today, courtesy of a collapsing, disgustingly bloated federal government headed by clueless, moronic bureaucrats, many of whom would rather be golfing. Secret Service director resigns after security failures Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned Wednesday, after a security breach at the White House and other high-profile incidents raised widespread concerns about the...

  • ezekiel column

    This Week’s Column: If The Government Is Paying The Bill, It’s Best To Die Young

    by Tammy on September 30, 2014

    Illustration on government healthcare encouraging death after 75 by Alexander Hunter/The Washington Times My Washington Times column for this week has posted. I hope you like it. Please Tweet, Facebook, Blog and spread the word! Thanks! Washington Times: If the government is paying the bill, it’s best to die young: Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel suggests life is not worth living after...

  • colin kahl

    Biden’s New National Security Adviser Removed “Jerusalem” From DNC Platform

    by Shifra on September 29, 2014

    Ah, who could forget the “heartwarming” moment at the 2012 Democrat National Convention, when God and Jerusalem were booed? Well, the person responsible for the removal of “Jerusalem” from the DNC platform has just been named Biden’s new national security adviser. Not. Kidding… Via Free Beacon: Alana Goodman — Aide Who Removed ‘Jerusalem’ From DNC Platform to Advise Biden on...

  • janet leigh-3

    New “Global Warming” Panic: Oceans To Shut Down In 20 Years!

    by Shifra on September 29, 2014

    Remember Chicken Little, who ran around screaming that the sky was falling after an acorn fell on her head? Well, it looks like the Global Warming, er, Climate Change, er, Climate Calamity people are trying to channel ol’ Chicken Little: John Kerry says the threat from Climate Change is just like ISIS! NYC Mayor de Blasio, addressing the U.N., warns...

  • tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Or Fumbleweed?—Bringing Exotic Fungi To America

    by Pat_S on September 25, 2014

    The U.S. Agricultural Research Service is awaiting permission to release two foreign fungi to kill off tumbleweed. Tumbleweed is iconically associated with the American West, but it is more accurately called Russian thistle. It was brought to America in the 1870’s by Russian immigrants as a contaminant in flaxseed. It has since spread over 100 million acres causing trouble wherever...

  • samira

    Iraqi Woman Human Rights Lawyer Murdered by ISIS

    by Tammy on September 25, 2014

    Horrible. We know they’re savages, let’s just hope our military can make sure our Golfer-in-Chief remains serious about wiping out these freaks. “Containing” this scum is unacceptable. May God rest her soul. AP via Fox News. Militants with the Islamic State group tortured and then publicly killed a human rights lawyer in the Iraqi city of Mosul after their self-proclaimed...

  • nysubway

    Iraq Says Islamic State Planning Subway Attacks in U.S. and Paris

    by Tammy on September 25, 2014

    Not a surprise, and good we know, obviously, but the fact that Iraq got this information before our intel sources did is an(other) embarassment. At the same time, both France and the Obama regime are saying they have no evidence that either is happening. Considering the past behavior of these savages, it should be considered a given that subway systems,...

  • United States Attorney General Holder holds a news conference announcing updates on investigation of Brown shooting in Ferguson Missouri, in Washington

    Obama’s Wingman Eric Holder Stepping Down

    by Tammy on September 25, 2014

    A man who has made a mockery of the importance of the Department of Justice being non-political, is finally getting out. He’s done so much damage in so little time, I would prefer for Holder to be finding out that orange is the new black, and perhaps some day he will, but for now Obama’s most voceiferous enforcers is leaving....

  • hayes

    Fox News Contributor Stephen Hayes On Terrorist Watch List

    by Tammy on September 23, 2014

    Weekly Standard writer and Fox News Contributor Stephen Hayes has tweeted that he’s now on the Terrorist Watch List. So a well-know writer and commentator is on the list but our southern border is wide open and ISIS terrorists from Syria are returning to the US proving the mindlessness of our “national security” infrastructure. You can follow Stephen on Twitter...


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