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  • Trendy UK Cafes Are Banning Avocados Because… ‘Climate Change’

    by Shifra on December 9, 2018

    Great news, Libs: Now you can ‘virtue-signal’ just by eating a piece of toast without avocado, to show everyone how much you care about saving the planet…or something. Via Independent. The avocado has become a staple ingredient on the plates of brunch aficionados galore, with photos of the superfood permeating Instagram on a daily basis. ‘ While many may not...

  • Christopher Columbus–1, NYC Monuments Commission-0

    by Shifra on December 9, 2018

    Bravo to NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo for putting a stop to the absurd attempts by activists to remove the iconic Christopher Columbus statue at Manhattan’s Columbus Circle. Via NY Post. The monument honoring Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle — which survived an attempt to have it removed — will now be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The...

  • ‘Clueless’ Kamala Harris Has Habit of ‘Know-Nothing’ Defense

    by Shifra on December 9, 2018

    If Harris is telling the truth about “not knowing,” this bodes very poorly for someone who wants to be POTUS. Via Washington Examiner. When news broke that the California Department of Justice settled a $400,000 sexual harassment settlement involving one of her longtime staffers, Larry Wallace, Harris was supposedly stunned. The senator didn’t know that Wallace preyed on a female...

  • Bill & Hillary Clinton Selling Half-Price Groupon Tickets For Failed Speaking Tour

    by Tammy on December 8, 2018

    Have liberals had enough with being lied to? Via Daily Mail. Bill and Hillary Clinton have been forced to resort to selling half price tickets for their 13-city tour on Groupon in a desperate bid to put bums on seats. The former president and first lady launched their tour in a Canadian hockey arena last Tuesday to an underwhelming crowd...

  • NH ‘Human Rights Commission’ Calls For End To Annual Christmas Tradition

    by Shifra on December 6, 2018

    Tree in Durham’s Memorial Park No decorating a Christmas tree or placing a Chanukah menorah on public land. But a “winter carnival,” and changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day are no problem? Ok, got it. Via Western Journal. The Durham, New Hampshire, Human Rights Commission has recommended that the town cease its annual Christmas tree lighting tradition on public...

  • Comic Kicked Off Columbia U. Stage After Students Felt Their ‘Safe Space’ Was ‘Violated’

    by Shifra on December 6, 2018

    We are raising a generation of miserable, humorless toddlers. Next year, maybe for entertainment at their event, they could have Barney & Friends perform. Via Daily Caller. Former Saturday Night Live writer Nimesh Patel was booted from a Columbia University stage on Friday night after attendees were offended by some of the jokes in his set. Patel, a former Emmy-nominated...

  • CA College Forum Calls Christian Cartoon ‘Racist’ Over ‘Vegetables of Color’

    by Shifra on December 4, 2018

    Cal State San Marcos tuition and fees for out-of-state undergrads were $19,533 for the 2017 – 2018 school year. Money well spent…if you’re majoring in Vegetable Victimology. Via Daily Wire. According to The College Fix, Cal State San Marcos held a so-called “Whiteness Forum” last Thursday where a variety of topics pertaining to America’s systemic racism was discussed. The two-hour...

  • CNN Ratings Tank Again, ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ Falls To 23rd Place

    by Shifra on December 4, 2018

    SAD! 🙂 Via Breitbart. Far-left CNN once again failed to place even one show in the top 20 throughout the month. With only two other cable news outlets for competition, Chris Cuomo’s primetime hour ranked the highest in November, coming in at a humiliating 23rd place with a measly average of just 1.2 million total viewers. Fox News was so...

  • Leftist Mag Attacks George HW Bush’s Service Dog, Twitter ‘Bites’ Back

    by Shifra on December 4, 2018

    The writer thought Sully was getting too much attention. She was promptly slammed on Twitter for this piece of garbage, er, journalistic masterpiece, so she was able to garner some attention for herself. Childish, much? Via Fox News. A bizarre article published on the left-leaning news site Slate got destroyed for going after the service dog who accompanied former President...

  • Oops: Ocasio-Cortez Argues for Medicare-For-All, Gets ‘F’ in Math

    by Shifra on December 3, 2018

    Looks like Democrat Socialist “Star” Ocasio-Cortez ‘Don’t Know Much About History,’ or how government works…or math, or… But apparently, you don’t need to understand any math when you can sit on the House Finance Committee. Via Twitchy. Celebrity Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blatantly misrepresented this Nation article on Pentagon waste in an effort to make her Medicare-for-all affordable seem affordable:...

  • ICYMI: ‘Women’ Is Now Spelled… ‘Womxn’

    by Shifra on December 3, 2018

    I think it’s pronounced woh-mixen. Or something. Via Daily Mail. University students are refusing to use the words ‘woman’ and ‘women’ because they have been deemed ‘offensive’ and include the word ‘man’. Instead, members of the female sex are being referred to as ‘womxn’ by students at both Goldsmiths, University of London and Kings College London. At Goldsmiths, the Students...

  • ISIS Leader, Who Beheaded US Aid Worker in 2013, Killed In Drone Strike

    by Shifra on December 2, 2018

    Peter Kassig Let’s hope Abu al Umarayn enjoys his 72…raisins. 🙂 Via Fox News. Abu al Umarayn, a senior ISIS leader who was involved in the brutal murder of former U.S. Army Ranger Peter Kassig, was killed in a drone strike in Syria on Sunday, the U.S.-led coalition said. The leader, along with “several other ISIS members,” were killed in...

  • Ocasio-Cortez Compares Her Election To Passing Civil Rights And… Moon Landing

    by Shifra on November 30, 2018

    Reality check for Alexandria: Most voters stayed home on Election Day, when only 13% of registered Democrats turned out to vote in her district. There are 214,750 active registered Democratic voters in the district. Only 27,744 voted, and she won by more than 4,000 votes. Yes, a Great Moment in History: Just like the passing of the Civil Rights Act....

  • Hillary: America Should Be More Like Canada

    by Shifra on November 30, 2018

    We love Canada. But…is this really a winning message for someone who still dreams of being the President of the United States? Maybe Hillary needs to become more of a, yes, nationalist. Meanwhile, the Hill and Bill Canadian Show trudges along, with the first stop, in Toronto, opening with 83% empty seats. Between bashing President Trump, Bill’s babbling and Hillary’s...

  • Hawaii Man Sues After Suffering Heart Attack During False Missile Alert

    by Shifra on November 29, 2018

    The worker who issued the false warning “got confused” and thought it was the real thing. He has since been fired. But what about “higher-ups” who were negligent in this major snafu? But, as reported by NBC News, the suit names the state of Hawaii, Vern T. Miyagi, the former administrator of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, 10 unnamed employees...

  • CNN Commentator Uses Anti-Israel Slogan Calling For Elimination Of Jewish State UPDATE: CNN Drops Hill

    by Shifra on November 29, 2018

    For the past one and half years, ever since President Trump took office, we have been assaulted with accusations of “racist dog-whistles.” Almost every utterance from the President, from the GOP, from Trump voters, has been twisted by the Left into charges of “racism.” Now we have a hateful message from a CNN commentator, Marc Lamont Hill, who basically just...

  • School Apologizes After Pledge of Allegiance Recited… In Spanish

    by Shifra on November 28, 2018

    Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish…and German? From the Dept. of What were they thinking? Via Washington Times. Administrators at a Virginia high school have apologized for a plan to have the Pledge of Allegiance said in different languages by students. Westfield High School in Fairfax came under fire before Thanksgiving by upset parents when they found out that...

  • Sad Story: Obama Lied… ‘Chevy Volt’ Died

    by Shifra on November 28, 2018

    Remember Obama bragging how he “saved” General Motors? And how he promised he would buy a Chevy Volt when he left office, because “I liked sitting in it. It was nice. I’ll bet it drives real good.” (Wow, the greatest orator of the century is truly a wordsmith!) But as Liz Peek noted in the Fiscal Times, Obama’s auto bailout...

  • Flashback: ‘Morning Joe’ Mocks President Trump’s Caravan ‘Non-Story’

    by Shifra on November 27, 2018

    Mika and Schmoe, er, Joe, “titans of journalism.” Yeah, no. Via CNS. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski were quick to mock President Trump and Fox News after the midterms about the migrant caravan swarming to the U.S.-Mexico border, sarcastically remarking on Morning Joe that the story was overblown, had no legs, and was essentially an election stunt. However, there...

  • Incoming FL Gov DeSantis Promises Action Against AirBnB’s Boycott of Israel

    by Shifra on November 27, 2018

    Bravo to Governor-Elect Ron DeSantis for his steadfast support of Israel. The Dem who lost the election, Andrew Gillum, aligns himself with “progressive” groups that support the anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement. Yes, “elections have consequences” Via Daily Wire. On Monday, incoming governor Ron DeSantis of Florida stated bluntly that if Airbnb does not rescind its recently-instituted policy of...

  • CA Fire Leaves Thousands Homeless. Alyssa Milano Raises Funds For Caravan

    by Shifra on November 26, 2018

    Aftermath of N. California fire This is what Libs do best: “Virtue-signaling” and misreading normal Americans. Via BizPac Review. Only weeks after thousands of Americans teamed up to try and help actress Alyssa Milano find shelter for her horses as the wildfires in California threatened her home, she chose to show her gratitude by asking the American people to donate...

  • Scientists Suggest Dimming The Sun… To Fight ‘Global Warming’

    by Shifra on November 26, 2018

    From the Dept. of “What could possibly go wrong?” Via CNN. Scientists are proposing an ingenious but as-yet-unproven way to tackle climate change: spraying sun-dimming chemicals into the Earth’s atmosphere. The research by scientists at Harvard and Yale universities, published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, proposes using a technique known as stratospheric aerosol injection, which they say could cut...

  • Politically Correct Weatherman Uses Term “Snowperson,” Hilarity Ensues

    by Shifra on November 25, 2018

    Snowperson? What if the snowman self-identifies as a snow woman? Via Western Journal. The icy grip of political correctness was met with waves of mockery on social media this week as a Weather Channel personality used the term “snowperson” to describe a New Hampshire snowman. On Tuesday, Mike Seidel posted a tweet summing up the winter-like weather pummeling the Northeast....

  • Study: Hillary’s 2016 Defeat Worsening Mental Health Problems In College Students

    by Shifra on November 23, 2018

    In normal development, children do not usually have difficulty “losing” by the age of ten. Some of the responses of these Hillary-voting college students suggest that they have the emotional maturity of Kindergartners. Via PJ Media. A new academic study strongly suggests that Hillary Clinton’s defeat during the 2016 election is exacerbating the mental health crisis among college students. Led...


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