Tammy Blog/Radio Frequently Asked Questions

First, a disclosure about Amazon: “TammyBruce.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.”

And now, a couple hints about logging in:

1) Do not copy and paste your log-in details, the systems will not understand that. Please enter them manually for the first time, then your browser or master pass word system can ‘remember’ them for you.

2) If you have had trouble logging in, before trying my instructions below, clear your browser’s cache and history so it doesn’t try to show you a page from the past when you hit a wall.

3) To avoid the multiple log ins around the net, you might want to consider using a pass word manager like Last Pass. It’s free and will collect in a secure environment all your web pass words and such. You enter one master pass word in Last Pass and it fills in your data automatically on the various sites you visit. Visit their site for details.

Q: I’m a TAM. How do I log in?
A: Just enter your email and pass word in the sign in boxes in the right hand column here at the blog. Also, see this post from me about the log in process==> Gina’s Simple Sign-In Instructions for TAMs

Q: Hey, I’m signed into TAM, but it won’t let me comment on the blog posts or see TAM Chat during show hours. What’s the deal with that?
A: You need to be signed into WordPress to comment on posts and participate in TAM Chat. You can create a free WordPress profile here, and if you already have set one up for Tammy Blog, you can sign in here.

Q: Help! It says I’m logged in but I can’t access the podcasts!
A: There are a couple reasons why this could happen. First, let’s make sure you’re logged in properly. Please read the post from me linked above for a log-in refresher.

This is what you want to see indicating you are signed in to both TAM and WordPress the right hand column log in area will look like this. Notice it has my WP alias “Gina,” a “Log Out” box and the “Edit Your Profile” hyperlink where you can access your iTunes custom URL:

Here’s how it looks if you are logged in only to TAM. Notice how there is no “alias” there and it still says “sign in.” No alias and no hyperlink indicates you are not signed into WordPress. Solution: Log into WordPress:

Here’s how it looks when you’re logged in only at WordPress and not TAM (this is what it will look like for all blog visitors who are registered just to comment, but are not subscribers). Notice you do see your WordPress alias, but the log in boxes are still there. If you are a TAM Solution: Log into TAM using those boxes:

Q: Hey, I’m logged in but I get this padlock thing on the podcast pages. What’s going on?
A: That indicates you’re not signed into TAM. If you are signed into TAM (see above instructions) and still see the padlock that means your membership possibly expired.

Q: Why did my membership expire? It auto-renews!
A: If you’re not auto-renewed, it means Paypal couldn’t charge your form of payment. That happens usually because there’s been a change on the card like expiration date, number or address. If you suspect that happened, email me at tamservice –at– tammybruce.com (please adjust this email to the regular style when you mail me. We do this to keep bots from picking up the address). We’ll get you up and running again in no time 🙂

Q: I want to get the podcasts on iTunes. How do I do that?
A: When you are signed in completely, notice that “Edit Your Profile” hyperlink (see first pic above). Click on that and in there is your custom iTunes subscription URL. Also, click here for the TAM page with step-by-step instructions to get the podcasts through iTunes.

Q: President Obama, what’s wrong with you?
A: … Uh … …

Q: How do I access the podcasts? I also want the archive. Where is all of that?
A: You can access the podcasts right here on the site, listen directly on its page or download it to your computer or device for listening later. Or, as described above, you can get iTunes to grab them for you. To access all the shows go to the “Members” option just below the banner, hover over it with your mouse and a list will unfold with Welcome Letter, TAM Podcasts, and your TAM Exclusives. Here’s a pic of that banner section:

Here is the direct link to the podcast archive: https://tammybruce.com/category/tampodcasts. You will need to be signed in, of course, to have access to the podcast posts through that link.

Q: I love Tammy soooo much I want to upgrade my membership! How do I do that?
A: Thanks! We’re working on making that possible with a click from you, but in the meantime please email me at tamservice –at– tammybruce.com and I’ll help you with that.