WATCH Tammy’s appearances on C-Span and Book TV.

Book TV’s In Depth: Tammy Bruce
3 hours of Tammy discussing her work, politics and culture.

Tammy speaks to students at her now famous Florida State University speech

Summer reading 2010 with Tammy Bruce

2010 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books – Interview and Call-in with author and talk show host Tammy Bruce

“Deconstructing the Left” seminar held for college students at the Reagan Ranch Center

Book Parties and Festivals
2006 LA Times Festival of Books: Tammy Bruce “The New American Revolution”

Additional select television appearances:

Tammy on The O’Reilly Factor on October 18, 2010

Tammy speaks at the El Segundo Tea Party

Tammy speaks at the Oslo Freedom Forum 2009, introducing Kurdish political prisoner Leyla Zana

Tammy Bruce explains, in a few brief words, everything you need to know about economic theory and practice (audio only)

Tammy discusses the dynamics of California politics, in light of the Scott Brown turnaround in Massachusetts

Tammy on O’Reilly, with Juan Williams filling in, discussing the Rush Limbaugh/Rams situation, noting the ad hominem and slanderous nature of the attacks on Rush, and the connections to the White House

Tammy weighs in on the ACORN scandal, discusses its relative importance

Tammy weighs in on the ACORN scandal

Tammy on O’Reilly regarding the heathcare debate

Tammy on O’Reilly, with Laura Ingraham filling in, discussing the grassroots nature of the protests against Obamacare

Tammy on Huckabee’s Hotseat

Tammy discusses the clear but subtle distinction between being exploited versus being a role model

Tammy discusses rapper Eminem’s video about Sarah Palin, and the contrast in the media/cultural/”feminist” reaction to vulgar attacks on “conservatives” versus on “liberals”

Tammy weighs in on the Laura Ingraham/Meghan McCain fight