In Miss Teen USA South Carolina, I think we have either a) the next panelist for The View, or b) an eventual U.S. of America ambassador to the UN, that is if Hillary doesn’t nominate Billy Jeff. (HT to Defamer).

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  1. TBrown says:

    As a U.S.-American, I fully support Miss South Carolina as the next panelist on The View.

  2. dmg333 says:

    Good looks can only get you so far, and apparently she lasted a mere 5 seconds.

  3. brutepcm says:

    She got so rattled that she forgot the answer to every policy question:
    “Impeach Bush!”
    Oh well- at least she believes in whirled peas.

  4. Rod says:

    Another very dumb blond. Who makes all the rest of us hurt! As dumb as she is I need an IQ of 175 just to get the blond population back to the mean!
    At least she’s not from the West!
    Does she back Nifong?

  5. Gaius Livius says:

    That was great – thanks, Tammy, I was laughing from beginning to end, and for a time after that.

    The only thing that surprised me was that I didn’t hear the audience howling with laughter, along with the sound of thumps as people fell out of their seats. Maybe they were just too embarrassed for her?

  6. N_Campbell says:

    Trying to understand what she was saying made my brain hurt. I think I need to check if I have blood coming out my ears yet.

  7. ahwatukeejohn says:

    With looks like that the only language skills she will really need is to say “yes” or “um kay” to the right guys.

  8. Carpediem says:

    This is how Hillary would sound if asked an unscripted question . Teri

  9. RagingBullmoose says:

    I think she answered the question fully, in a round about sort of way: Crappy American public schools that can’t teach geography OR grammar!

  10. Floyd R. Turbo says:

    OMG. The US Education System has officially tanked. If there ever was doubt, she nailed it. Poor girl. Such beauty. Such ignorance. You hurt for her but at the same time you are screaming. Don’t make the little dears learn anything by rote memory. Don’t make them memorize what the states look like on a map or the names of their capitals. It might make them feel bad if they miss a couple. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! It’s over…

  11. jdb says:

    C’mon guys, she’s seventeen. Give her a break. She’s probably scared to death. She’s trying to speak english, she ain’t pregnant and I didn’t see any tatoos. She might only be a baby making machine but I would think, times being what they are, a blonde baby making machine would be accepted with more grace and appreciation than you guys are showing. There is still hope for her because she has many years and many books to go.

  12. bnkpet says:

    I think what we have here is an instance where she may have been somewhat prepared to throw out responses about South Africa or Iraq but not about maps and her segue into those subjects just didn’t cut it. But let’s not stop at The View, she can talk about countries, so I’m thinking Katie Couric’s job.

  13. josai says:

    Hi! My name is Mercedes Prada, and I am fron the Unified Slates of Amarosa! The colors of my thing that I wave are pink, mother of pearl, and periwinkle! I learnded those in fashion school! My dream for all young kids in Amarosa is to go to a GREAT public school like I did!! They teach all kinds of neat stuff like “do you have good self-extreme today?” and “can you say UN?” or howsabout “mulletcorporalism?” what? it’s called multiculturalism! OOOOOOPS! SORRY HEHEHEHEHE!!

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