She apparently “keeps falling down.” You know, like how Nicole kept throwing herself onto his fist. And how she fell down on that knife in 1994 so many damn times.

O.J. Simpson’s Girlfriend Hospitalized With ‘Severe Head Injury’

O.J. Simpson’s girlfriend Christie Prody was hospitalized Tuesday in Miami for what police are calling a “severe head injury,” Entertainment Tonight has reported.

An anonymous caller reported a woman falling and was taken by Fire Rescue to Baptist Hospital of Miami with a severe head injury, according to a police report obtained by the television show.

Prody had been “intoxicated and always falling down” during a trip this month to San Antonio, a witness told police, according to the report. She “went out for breakfast only to be found later that day in the hospital,” a witness told police, according to ET.

Me, too!

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  1. Young American says:

    No sympathy for Ms. Prody here. She chooses to stay with this killer beast by her own free will. The next time she falls down the steps it might just possibly kill her. The look on this monsters face in this photo seems to permeate evil.

  2. ltlme says:

    …and they say that blondes have more fun….

  3. josai says:

    I second that from Young American.

  4. Ken Pellman says:

    To think that women have fought long and hard to have real choices about what they can do with their lives and for the freedom of association. And just like men have done all along, some women use that freedom to do very stupid things. I will do everything I can to raise my daughter to choose wisely.

  5. LtDan says:

    I cannot comprehend how two people go from falling in love, to beating one another like the worst of enemies. Only way I can explain it is by concluding it was not love to begin with. But in every case? Who knows. It’s sad though.

  6. deMontjoie says:

    Very sad, although I too find it kinda hard to work-up much sympathy for Ms. Prody. “Those who cannot rememnber the past…” and all.

    I keep looking at the photo of Tammy’s little friend Snuffy over on the R/H sidebar and cannot but be amazed that Mr. Prody has not apparently taken similar precautions.

    As an old cop friend of mine once said “It doesn’t matter how much bigger than you the other guy is, so long as you always travel with your five (or six) lead friends.”

  7. laughingatpinheads says:

    How could any decent or sane woman be involved with this piece of garbage? Rhetorical question of course. Hard to muster sympathy for Ms. Prody or any other woman who volunteers for such duty.

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