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Another orchestrated news day. This time it was about vitriol and rage directed against Democrats who voted for the health care bill. The media acted as though the barbarians were at the gates although the actual incidents were few, isolated and small.

ABC did its part covering the story but went one step too far and gave the game away. The DNC is raising money from this phony alarm. You can bet it was the DNC feeding these stories to the lapdog media. Is it too low for the Democrats to go to stage some of this? Hah!

The incidents are relatively small and isolated, but they have captured the attention of Congressional leaders and law enforcement. Shattered glass in the offices of Arizona’s Gabriel Giffords, death threats directed at Bart Stupak in the mail and over the phone.

The Democratic National Committee is publicizing the incidents and using them to raise money. This fund-raising pitch from Democratic Chairman Tim Kaine, vowing, we’re ready to do what it takes to defend the heroes who made health reform possible. Just send your checks to the DNC.

The Fox Panel discussion:

There are more chilling implications to the media’s cooperation in fanning hysterical alarms. There is no reason to think isolated or trumped up incidents will not be a pretext for more than fundraising in the future. Not with this crop of Democrats.

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  1. 1elder1 says:

    Louise Slaughter is from Rochester, New York.
    Rochester is one of the few places that Sarah Palin was attacked on her book tour.
    The idiot Socialist type missed seeing Palin herself at the signings but he threw tomatoes at a stacks of books and ruined thousands of dollars of new books.
    He hit one of Sarah’s fans and ruined her overcoat.
    When he was caught by police he was made to pay but set free because the people he hit with tomatoes did not want to come back to Rochester to press charges.
    If it had been me I would have made the police hold him in the town lockup and then held over to be sued in court.
    YOU DID NOT HEAR SARAH tell Bill O’Reilly or MSNBC about the incident.
    Sararh did not cry like stupid Slaughter about the “violence.”
    Slaughter has new commie friends like Van Jones and the Maoist lady what’ s her face. Slaughter had better not invite the commies to a party at her house inher Rochester subburban home. We do not want SLaughter here nor her Bill Ayers type of friends.’DUH –the old hag,

  2. navajosierra says:

    These people – dem congressmen, the media — are acting like this is just some normal, every day piece of legislation, and why are people so upset? Please someone tell them that this bully legislation is: a threat to life, a threat to quality of life, a serious limitation of freedom, and a plausible beginning of the end of the greatest country in history! All that just to begin. This bill was born of violence and threatens life. THIS is what the media should be writing about!!! That the bill magnetizes what it projects is maybe not reasonable, but certainly realistic.

  3. Artgal says:

    Yes, I’ve heard all about Gabrielle Giffords’ window allegedly being broken because of her support of Obamacare. Do I believe it? NO!

    I have been to Giffords’ office numerous times in opposition to her support of Obamacare. Every one in her district has known she would support this thing since last May. Literally thousands of us have protested right in front of her office, and there has NEVER been an incident with her staff, her 70 supporters from the local Dumbocrap party, the media, the police or even so much as one item of garbage left after a 4-hour protest. There are security cameras in the area – why don’t they take a look at what happened and then let us know?

    The point is – nothing happened! These people are so hate-filled and desperate, they will indeed go to any length possible to garner public sympathy. In truth, if there’s anyone who has been threatened in this healthcare debate, it’s WE THE PEOPLE!

    Gabrielle Giffords is a liar on Crapitol Hill, in her campaign ads, and to her constituents. Why in the world should we believe her now? Hey, this is the c.., uh,… congressional rep(..) who cancelled all her townhalls last August and didn’t tell the public until August 8 that supposedly on August 1, 2009, while having a townhall in a Sierra Vista store, someone left a gun right there. Again, there are surveillance cameras and cops were there, too. Nothing was ever reported about this incident until she announced it a week later. A local radio guy invited her on his show to discuss it; she declined. She simply made it up as an excuse to ignore us and generate sympathy which she never received thanks to our tea party movement in Tucson keeping the debate on Obamacare, and Jesse Kelly (who is challenging her in November), who kept the heat on by taking over townhalls she was cancelling at the last minute – even challenging her to a public debate for which she never showed up (and a filled auditorium was able to witness).

    Giffords was also the Pelosi puppet who went on tv in Tucson saying that people were showing up at her Tucson office with swastikas. Here we were on August 21, 2009 in response to that as well as her support on Hellcare : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1pjH5_msR4

    The way to change this is truly at the ballot box. I know there are all these petitions and sites going up asking for money to fire Pelosi or bring lawsuits, but truly, our best weapon is to give that money (while we have it) to conservative grassroots candidates running against lunatics like Giffords, Slaughter (what a fitting name, eh?), Stupid Stupak, Pelosi and a slew of other criminals on the hill.

    For any of the TAMS in the 8th congressional district of AZ, please send money to http://www.votejessekelly.com & volunteer. He is the ONLY candidate who has taken Giffords to task in our district, and the only conservative candidate actually running who can win against her in November.

  4. ladykrystyna says:

    What a bunch of panty-waists! What, now METAPHORS are going to be outlawed. Ooh, can’t use “firing line” or “reload”.

    And Pat, this: “There is no reason to think isolated or trumped up incidents will not be a pretext for more than fundraising in the future. Not with this crop of Democrats.”

    I agree with you. They are looking for an excuse. And if the radicals on our side get out of hand, we could have the ultimate tyranny we all dread – totalitarianism all for the sake of “security”.

    I agree with the last guy on the panel – leaders have condemned, it’s done. Nothing more need to be said. Republicans have been apologists for too long. We need to stand strong.

  5. Maynard says:

    Note how we as a society bend over backwards to avoid offending some groups, while we aggressively offend others. The global media self-censors the “Mohammad Cartoons”; however there’s no problem with “Piss Christ” at the most prestigious museum. Elite universities become bastions of censorship and storm troopers; just ask Ann Coulter or Netanyahu or anyone else who’s been shut down by the mob. In the recent era, the Speaker of the House said her political opponents were carrying swastikas, and the Senate Majority Leader said his opponents were the moral equivalent of slaveholders. Anderson Cooper used his news platform to direct a crude sexual reference against us. What’s the lesson the Left is trying to teach us? They reward barbarism with respect, and civility with a slap in the face. And they call out the riot police if anyone who isn’t one of their own acts anything like they do on a regular basis.

  6. jeaneeinabottle says:

    We need to get smarter, maybe we can cover our mouths with something or wear those chains they just put on us. We are all slaves now aren’t we.

  7. RADAR says:

    So we call our congressmen for months and they ignore us. A few freaks ‘ threaten’ them and they finally go through their backlog of voice and email. CYA on total display. Make yourselves out to be a martyrs for the greater good. We’re not buyin’ it.

  8. eMVeeH says:

    Defacing or destroying property is a crime. The vandals responsible for it will be caught and prosecuted. Inciting violence agaisnt someone is also a crime.

    So, where were these bastards when John Kerry, on the Bill Maher show a few years back, said he could’ve killed President Bush with one stone? John Kerry, a sitting United States Senator!! Ha, ha, ha, what’s wrong with me that was just a joke. What about that film, Death of a President? It showed President Bush being assassinated. Hillary Clinton was the few members of Congress who denounced it. And even then, she said such a movie shouldn’t be made about a sitting president.

    And let’s not forgot those disgusting signs and effigies displayed during all those public protests that took place all over the world during Bush’s presidency. They depicted all sorts of ways to assassinate the President.

    All this means is that being on the Left means never having to say you’re sorry.

  9. ffigtree says:

    The left cashes in on fear mongering.

  10. k.nelson5047 says:

    I just love how the media gets upset when their hero’s are disparaged. I certainly dont approve of this but of course we have little proof, just the word of the dems (like the socialist Obama poster was from conservatives, etc.). We all saw this happen to Bush for 8 years with no media hand wringing (Burning Bush effigy anyone). But those days are all behind us now. The people spoke in Nov 2008 and we should all just get behind the president and congress because they are doing what is best for us whether or not we know it (of course we are too stupid to know that this healthcare bill is great and everything they want to do will make this a better country).

  11. GirlfriendGeek says:

    A must read – “Anatomy of a Racial Smear” http://tinyurl.com/yc2749o

  12. […] As Tammy Bruce pointed out yesterday, the Marxist-democrats are also using this nonsense to gin up donations. Seventy-five percent of the nation is strongly against these people and their plans. They have lost the nation. They have also lost millions of donors and their much needed dollars. This phoney-baloney cooked up controversy is a pathetic attempt at raising funds from the mind-numbed zombies that make up the base of their party. Read more here. […]

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