“The federal government has let us down…it’s killing the economy here…the federal government is about to kill us.” He’s obviously using “federal government” as opposed to “Obama” but we all know what he means. There must be a point where even this guy gets disgusted at the efforts to shield the maniac in White House.

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  1. RuBegonia says:

    For years Carville has been comic relief in the game of mercenary politics. Because Mary Matalin was willing to procreate with him, he always carried one or two free passes in his right pocket. Lately, he has been speaking from the heart – without a script and a bonus check. Now we are privy to some of the pillow-talk that used to be kept under-wraps.

  2. larrygeary says:

    What he is inadvertently testifying to is the fact that Big Government = Incompetent Government. It’s no different with corporations that grow too big – they become increasingly ineffective and unresponsive.

    Carville could strike a powerful blow for good if he would call out Obama by name rather than blaming “the Federal government”.

  3. MaryVal says:

    Carville needs to man up and call out Obama. All these regulatory nightmares could be stopped by Obama with one phone call.

  4. MACVEL says:

    Urkel KNOWS what he is doing. He KNOWS the moratorium will destroy the Gulf. That is what he intends. Carville, if he wants to be serious, must demand Obama’s impeachment, conviction and jailtime.

  5. morecowbell says:

    It looks like Mary Matalin had the same effect on Carville that Maria Shriver had on her husband, I am just not sure why the effect took so long with Carville. Is the Kennedy mojo more potent or does Carville have an immunity to the truth that took a decade to break down?

    I’m just saying, there should be a study.

  6. ffigtree says:

    Whoa! We must be pretty far down the rabbit hole because I find myself agreeing with Carville.

  7. Wizbang says:

    James Carville: “the federal government is about to kill us”…

    He speaks the truth about Obama’s policies… for a change:H/T to Tammy Bruce via InstaPundit…….

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