Politicians should just be happy we use pie in America and not guillotines. Exit question: When are politicians going to be charged with “assault and battery” for what they’ve done to us?

Levin hit in face with pie in Big Rapids

Sen. Carl Levin was hit in the face with a pie this morning at a question-and-answer session on what should’ve been friendly ground in Big Rapids.

The Democrat from Detroit was speaking to members of the Mecosta County Democratic Party when a young man — who described himself as a student — began chastising Levin for his work on the Senate Armed Services Committee, which helps direct military and war policy.

After a few minutes of speaking at Pepper’s Café and Deli, a woman who accompanied the student to the event walked up to Levin and hit him in the face with a pie, a source with Levin’s office confirmed.

Big Rapids Police arrested the woman on assault and battery charges.

The Big Rapids Pioneer newspaper reported the woman’s name as Ahlam Mohsen, a 23-year-old senior at Michigan State University; and her friend who instigated the incident with Levin as Max Kantar, 23. MSU lists Mohsen as a student, but it’s unknown what school Kantar attends.

Levin hasn’t made a public statement on the incident.

I can see November Pie from my house! (HT to Thierry in Comments 😉

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  1. norm1111 says:

    Stupid student pulling a stupid stunt …but since she did it, I can’t say I am sorry it had to be Levin. Of course, how long will it be before the Huffers at the Huffington and the Kooks and the Daily Kook twist this into a right wing conspiracy. Or even better, when the administration and the congressional majority mange to find a way to blame Bush….

    By the way, Tammy…that is a great photo…who is that lady with the pie?

    • thierry says:

      maybe it’s gloria swanson- who started out in mack sennett slapstick films- not sure though. she disowned that part of her career.

      the first pie thrower on film is mabel normand, who was a wild gal.

  2. Tinker says:

    The most important question is … what kind of pie?

  3. jiaconis says:

    Dearest Tammy,

    Thanks for brining back some very fond memoriess, I turn 50 in 2 days. And I can’t forget all the antics of “The Stooges”. They were originally part of a movie experience, back in the early
    40’s 50s. They (The Networks ) made them available to TV broadcasts, being born in 1960, in the age that they were on TV, you just can’t forget those early shows Amos and Andy, Farmers Daughter, PettyCoat Junciton, Honey West and yes even GE College Bowl, which pitted nerd vs nern in intellengence contest. Tammy I almost wish that we could we could somehow get back to the day before all this new digitial media. However, I depende on the net and other social mediasites to keep in touch with like minded indivuals, who, like me want to USA to remain the last best hope for this special planet. You and others bring us what is REALLY going on on this Thrird Stone from the Sun ( Jimi Hendrix )…..I thank you for all you have done and continue to do. I only wish I could do more financially, however I have been out of work for a year. I don’t have a whole-lot-of-Money, howerver I manage to dig up the cost of a Medium Latte to keep me an TAM…. A Day without Tammy, Is like a day without sunshine


    Jeff Iaconis…. (Tammy, now that is Italian and Greek, so we do share some common heritage..)

  4. brandonj says:

    Maybe we should start using guillotines Tammy. I mean since Barry acts like he’s King Barrack and his wife acts like Marie Antoinette. I’m just sayin…

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