It’s more than just saying it, watch this clip and note the confidence and attitude when she says “I believe so” when asked if she can beat Obama in 2012. As I implored the Ordinary Barbarians at the C4P meetup in Chicago–Prepare everyone, prepare! Your other Must Read for the Day? A profile of Palin in the New York Times which is actually somewhat fair. Which of course means you should watch out for Flying Pigs today 😉

Sarah Palin Says She Could Beat Obama
In Interview With Barbara Walters, Palin Says She Is Seriously Considering Entering Race in 2012

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  1. kevin9999 says:

    She has my vote.She is exactly who we need for President.
    I would also like to see Tammy as a member of Madame President’s Cabinet.
    The sound of liberal heads exploding would sound like Chinese New Year.

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  3. Maynard says:

    I love Palin for her positivity, her inclusiveness, her American values. She’s playing a crucial role in bringing true hope to our dysfunctional political system. She may be the one that makes the difference between our survival and our collapse. But even so, her strengths and her position don’t necessarily make her either an electable presidential candidate or qualified to do the job. Thanks to the lapdog media, her negatives remain sky high, and I doubt that’s going to change. And I want to see an element of wonkiness in a presidential candidate that I haven’t found in Palin.

    If it were to come down to Palin against Obama, of course I’d be with Palin a thousand percent. And I’ve got no Republican candidate I like better than Palin. I’m hoping someone else will come on the scene. I’m hoping that Palin will be supporting that person. But I don’t know who that might be.

    I’m curious who prominent tea party members such as Alan West will end up backing.

    Sorry to be the dumbass here. But I think this needs to be said.

    • Kimj7157 says:

      Maynard, what specific qualifications do you think she lacks?

      • Maynard says:

        Kim, unlike Obama, Palin seems to have common sense, so she’ll take us in the right direction. But in her speaking, I hear too many platitudes, and I get no sense that she grasps the details of the issues. Yes, domestic energy is good, debased money is bad, a strong American military is good, Israel is good, etc. I’m glad she says these things, which Obama, with his supposed deep intellect, seems incapable of comprehending. But this isn’t enough for a president. She’s savvy, but I want more of that — sorry, I’m going to use the word — “gravitas”.

        It’s not necessary, or even desirable, that a president be a walking encyclopedia. A good president knows what he doesn’t know, and he (or she) delegates wisely. I’d have more confidence in a Palin administration if I saw a team forming that brought together the full set of skills. If Palin intends to work that way, she’ll begin to reveal details and clarify her orientation as her candidacy becomes real. But I haven’t seen any of that yet, and I’m skeptical. I know we’d like to see her as Ronald Reagan, but when I watch her I think too much of Dan Quayle. And it’s not like Dan Quayle is a bad guy. But he’s not Reagan.

        I feel awkward saying these things, because I know a lot of people think I’m seriously wrong. But I’ve got to call it as I see it, just as I hope everyone else will do, and history will be our referee.

        • Kimj7157 says:

          Thanks for the clarification, Maynard. (And don’t feel awkward. Your POV is a valued part of this blog whether the majority agrees or not.)

          “I’d have more confidence in a Palin administration if I saw a team forming that brought together the full set of skills. If Palin intends to work that way, she’ll begin to reveal details and clarify her orientation as her candidacy becomes real.”

          Fair enough. I have no doubt that this is exactly what will happen as the next two years unfold. Again, I have no reservations in putting my faith in a strong, smart, common sense-filled Mother, former (and successful…)mayor and governor who has bucked the establishment and conventional wisdom–unlike any other in recent memory–in a way that is genuine and true to herself and her conservative principles, and who has been extremely successful at it. And I believe the gravitas will be there when warranted.

    • Ripper says:

      Maynard – thaks for saying everything I feel. I like Sarah Palin but the Cult of Palin can be as bad as the Cult of Obama. I do not think she will play well with the essential Independents and I would like to know what states that McCain lost that she would win?

  4. Crueladev says:

    She has my vote, my feet, and my mind!…for whatever that is worth!
    I don’t just “do things” without purpose. Going to San Diego or Chicago for the C4P meet-ups were
    meaningful events! I am prepared for either…She runs..I am her feet on the ground in Colorado..
    She does not run…I am her voice for candidates that share her values and goals for this Nation!

    (she better run tho..or I will be one pissed Cruela…lol…I’m just sayin’ ;))

  5. morecowbell says:

    The real question would be ‘Why Not’? That is a legitimate concern for those of us who want to see her run, but would that be best for her and the country? She is an incredible rainmaker. Her influence and power is unquestionable. It may be better for us all to have her continue to snipe outside the beltway… I am not convinced President Palin would be more effective in changing Washington — which is the goal — than PuppetMaster Palin pulling the strings outside the beltway. Becoming president means she is going to have to conform… like having to campaign for McCain in the primaries this fall. I am kind of digging on the whole Rogue thing and I can’t see Mrs. Palin (or really don’t want to see) compromise on anything.. and compromise is one of the primary requirements for an effective President who is suppose to represent all the American people… not just their (our) ideology.

    The fact Mrs. Palin is not gung ho about running and is showing some prudence in that decision shows she understands the importance of the 2012 election.. that it is about more than just her being president, which of course, makes me want her to be President even more….. AHHHHHH.

  6. ShArKy666 says:

    i don’t see ANY way a rational human being wouldn’t prefer her over the mess we have now…i mean..does ANYone remember what our country is all about these days? for pete’s sake!!! it seems like so many people actually forgot what and who we are as a country that would allow a traitor like urkel to even get near the white house….hrm…the way she closed her eyes when she answered “i believe so” concerns me…that body language means she’s still a little bit protective and guarded about being taken seriously..she should have LEANED FORWARD, and held her eyes wide open, looked into walters face, and said…”heck yea!” or…”you betcha” lol …..PALIN is the answer for us all who HOPE we can turn our country around 180 degrees from that filth…just imagine a team such as PALIN/WEST in the white house from 2012-2020, and then maybe WEST/PALIN (in my dreams, she’d run for vice pres after already being from 2020-2028!!…wouldn’t that restore our country to incredible levels?

  7. franknitti says:

    Darn it all, I pretty much agree with Maynard. I like Sarah Palin and think she’s a great American. That said, I’m not convinced she would make a great President. I think there’s a good chance that she, like Obummer, would be overwhelmed by the job. Plus, I don’t know that she can dish it out. Whoever the GOP nominee is in 2012 had better be prepared to get plum mad dog mean on the campaign trail. If you think the Democraps fought dirty this past election, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Nice people that sit there and take it will get washed away in the rain. Ask Dubya.

    Like Maynard, I would definitely vote for Sarah against Obummer and I would support her in the primaries against the likes of Willard, Hucklebuck, T-Paw, and Mr. Poot. Unless someone better pops up out of nowhere.

  8. hsgripper says:

    The government over many years appears to have finessed the country into a bad situation and Governor Palin’s clarity, strength and natural leadership ability might be a good antidote.

  9. wilde1 says:

    There is no one else that will pop up. Look at the newly elected house members and governors. No one will be able to be ready to run by February 2011. You have to be able to raise money. Whether we like it or not, pop culture is influential and a media ready candidate has to be the one on top of the ticket. No offense to all the potential wonkish candidates, but no white haired (Newt Gingrich, Mike Pence, tried McCain 2008), skinny neck (Jindal), birdlike(Pawlenty),pock faced(Thune),Balding(Mitch Daniels),Rear hair recession+early inmate release program+social conservative liberal(Huckabee) is going to win. To beat a sitting president in 2012, the conservatives, liberal republicans, libertarians, right leaning independents and conservative democrats have to be on the same page. The winning ticket has to be a combo similar to Reagan/Bush to appease all sides. My opinion is that it has to be a Palin/Giuliani or Palin/Romney. An all out conservative ticket will not win. For all the Palin doubters, remember it is the electoral college. Palin should only be concerned about the polling in the red states that went blue in the last election. She flips them red, and she wins like Bush did. The national polls do not mean a thing. In 2012, the red states have gained additional electoral votes due to population growth. She will not need New Mexico. If she loses, the republicans can be the party to first nominate a woman.

    • ShArKy666 says:

      yeh but don’t forget…romney ISN’T a true conservative….and as much as i loved what giuliani did for the city after 2001, i fear he’s a bit of a progressive like bush was….if the conservative MESSAGE can be promoted, and explained across the country, with palin as the attractive sales person, moderates would turn more conservative once they understood the basic principles of conservatism…i think WEST or BACHMANN would make great conservative vp’s althought giuliani is a good guy…can u imagine palin with a conservative MILITARY dude next to her? it would scare the rest of the world shitless!!…and that’s EXACTLY what we’re gonna need for the next 20’s gotta be no more mr. nice guy for the usa…look where all this lame “love me daddy” approval craving low self esteem from the left has gotten us…we’re the weakest we’ve been for the last 150 years ….hey..i think my new avatar is workin!!…lol

  10. MaccabeeMaven says:

    Yes on Palin, no on Romney as a running mate. Any loser from 2008 should be automatically tossed out. (And that does not include Palin, because, as we all know, it was McCain’s liberal aides running/ruining the show during that campaign.)

    It should be Palin/Pence, or Palin/Bachmann (SNL would freak out with the new material, which they’ve been in dire need of since the early ’90s, btw). Palin/West–perhaps, if he’s ready.

    As for Tammy’s Cabinet position in this administration, I’d like to see her in charge of a few nuclear weapons. She could start off each press conference with, “Hey, Islamofascists–BOO!”

  11. Quietwolf says:

    I think a Palin/Bachmann ticket would do very well. While I agree that we need a “win” we also need someone who will reflect our views and concerns vs some old political hack with ‘dirty knees’ from owing and repaying ‘favors’ all his life, ie some career politician whose already bought and paid for, much like the relationship between Soros and Obama. I would also add that term limits should be one of the first things passed for both house and senate.

  12. rickh says:


    Palin/ Thune
    Thune / Palin

    Any combination of those would be a winner
    Fo Sho.

  13. thierry says:

    you know who was an excellent president, in the full measure of things , but is resoundingly always one of the lowest ranked ones- Republican Warren G.Harding. he was left the unsavory task on cleaning up after the mess of the unhinged woodrow wilson- and he did a pretty good job of it. and i believe part of why he was a good president is because he never wanted to be president. when pressed, he served- for the country, not for himself. it could be said the job killed him- as he died of a heart attack before his first term was out.

    he was a fiscal conservative. to aid in the recovery after ww1, and curb the recession and eventual depression that followed, he enacted immigration limiting laws that were humanely carried out. his tax cutting policies ended the depression of 1920-21. he cut unemployment in 1/2 after 2 years in office. warren officially ended our involvement in ww2, refused to be part of the league of nations. he pretty much created the Veterans Administration as we know it. he freed all the prisoners of conscience like eugene v. debs that ‘ progressive’ wilson left warehoused in prison for nothing more than their political beliefs. he enacted anti lynching laws at the point in our nation’s history when Klan enrollment was at its highest. he was talking of civil rights for african americans in 1921, but many of his initiatives in this direction were thwarted by congressional Dixie-crats.

    scandals carried out by his underlings, however, have over shadowed his many positive accomplishments. he was aware of these activities and taking steps to reform the situation when he passed.

    he was the first president to visit the state of alaska.

    to be judged a ‘ good president’ toward the end of the 20th c. and into the 21st requires not a record of being or at least wanting to be an effective president who contributes to the country positively but rather on one’s carefully tended cult of personality. i don’t think there’s any doubt that Walks Like a Duck was lured to the idea of being president as an artifact of his narcissism not because he could be of service to something greater(because of course what is greater and bigger than barack ‘ waddles’ obama? not some country full of racist whities ,that’s for certain.). look at clinton, even nixon- these are men with character faults that rendered them in large part incapable of standing outside themselves and being that great president whose true concern is for the Nation, not themselves and their legacy.

    we need someone who doesn’t want to be president- who doesn’t lust after the power and the very idea of being president. we need someone who would feel pressed to serve out of duty and concern for the country. not someone in servitude to their hairdo or their grand plans to get rid of the homos and unmarried woman who actually -gasp- have sex with other adults in the brave new theocracy. sarah palin is the only one right now who is walking the right walk and saying the right things and doesn’t want to be president so todd can have a solid gold dog sled and $10,000 murses. we really need to get over our current cultish/ celebrity version of what a president should be-because that got us Walks like a Duck. we need an executive that knows how to delegate authority and to whom and understands the constitutional role of president with an attendant vision that reflects our values.

    and that doesn’t sound like suckabee or mittenz. and it wasn’t juan mccain.

    if palin had a military man as running mate i think that would be ideal.

  14. ConservativePup says:

    I don’t know Governor Palin, wish I did, but from reading her book and listening to her speak, I think she will make her decision based on her family and what guidance she receives from God. I have told myself that if she does indeed run, I am taking that as a sign that she’s supposed to run, and I will support her in every way I can. I know all the ‘cons’ against her being the GOP nominee, but there’s no way in the world that I can’t vote for her in the primary IF she runs. What a wasted opportunity that would be.

  15. mariamcbean says:

    I agree with wilde1. If Palin runs, Giuliani would be a great vp choice! He would balance the ticket and give the Hard Nosed Gravitas theme to the campaign. I supported Rudy until he got trounced by campaigning too late in “08.

  16. Tinker says:

    We can’t have another squish on the ticket, in either slot. I’ll keep saying it. The contrast must be a stark one, and only Palin fits that bill. And I’ll keep saying this too… anyone that has doubts about Palin’s decision making or qualifications needs to go deep and read about her past elections and offices. She is tough as hell and makes decisions based on principle and consideration only of what is best for the people. In other words, she has integrity and I believe her to be immovable when it comes to that. That is leadership. Only Allen West is comparable.

  17. Artgal says:

    Well, I couldn’t help but notice a fair number of the guy TAMs are taking the attitude of ‘I like Palin & would support her over Obama, but I don’t think she’s presidential material.’ Others have wondered if she can ‘dish it out’ … that’s what she’s been doing all this time and it’s something she did in Alaska as well. We certainly saw how well Bush, McCain, Romney, etc. have ‘dished it out’ over the years, haven’t we? Besides, how many have been attacked by this administration and survived??? She’s been the ONLY one! Not only that, her star has risen 100-fold. By the time 2012 arrives when this nation could be very well poised for Third World status, Palin is going to be exactly who we want to see!

    So here’s a bit of tough love for ya:

    Palin can go Rogue in the WH just as she did as governor, but it’s going to take our help for her to do so! Quit whining about the damn media’s portrayal of her because it will never be favorable (just ask Reagan), get off your backsides and speak up – not just in the safety of the TAM zone, but in other social media, letters to the editor, becoming a PC (if you can stomach that), calling into radio shows, attending protests/rallies & being interviewed, being an activist, putting out info flyers to stick in publications, passing out literature to people (expect ppl to be confrontational) – and why not speak publicly about this matter as well? You can load up a home-made video on Youtube of why you support ppl for office or give bits of info to refute the latest ‘controversy’. You can also ask to speak at Legislative District meetings & make an argument for voter outreach for women & providing education on what first-wave feminists had in mind for this nation – we have to take OUR feminist message back just as we’re taking OUR nation back! Just get out there and be annoying as hell! It works – trust me on this – I know from experience! ; )

    My point is: don’t expect anything to change if you’re not willing to leave your comfort zone. I also encourage the guys who are not sure about Palin to consider this: Us chicks do things differently than you do! I don’t say that as a slam at all; it’s just a friendly acknowledgement of the obvious. There’s something about a smiling, sweet, loving woman that many really wonderful guys are uncomfortable with when it comes to the seat of power. We chicks exert our strength & power differently – and we’re usually much more unpredictable (maybe a bit brutal, too, but only when necessary!) because we can smile when we drive that dagger in the heart of an evil beast. And we won’t leave a mess behind either. Might not even break out into a sweat or chip a nail. That’s who I want leading us: a gal who radiates with love for this nation and people, and who can deliver the death blow on our behalf when it’s necessary without apologizing or being worried about ‘playing nice’. Those days are over!

    One more thing: when speculating the dream ticket for 2012, one thing that cannot be done is having Palin as a vp again. She has to be at the top of the ticket. And that’s final. It’s also not necessary to have a liberal running mate. Again, educating the public goes a long way – and it starts NOW – not in 2012! With the wins we just saw not even 3 weeks ago, we are poised to changing the GOP & the nation. No need for liberals on the party ticket. They have another party they can jump to!

  18. ConservativePup says:

    Here, here, Artgal! Well said.

  19. Rightmindedmom says:

    Artgal — YOU ROCK! If anyone is wondering — what she said.

  20. Kimj7157 says:

    “…a gal who radiates with love for this nation and people, and who can deliver the death blow on our behalf when it’s necessary without apologizing or being worried about ‘playing nice’. Those days are over!” Wow. Love that, Lisa!

    I have no doubt whatsoever about Sarah Palin’s ability to be a truly remarkable and transformative President, and believe she is EXACTLY what this country needs. Pretty much everything she’s done has defied conventional wisdom and logic and that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Get used to it. 🙂 I think she’s one of the few people Washington wouldn’t–dare say couldn’t–change.

  21. Ripper says:

    I do not want her as our nominee. The mainstream media will eviscerate her. Also I have a hard time with her quitting as Governor of Alaska.

  22. Artgal says:

    Ripper – with all due respect, the media has done that – and she is doing just fine! They are going to attack ANYONE who is actually good for this nation! Get used to it – it’s been going on for a long time and that’s why it is necessary for every person to get involved and quit worrying & whining.

    As for ‘quitting’ as governor: she HAD to do it! If we were living in normal times, we would have applauded her decision soundly as a nation. She left because she could not continue, in good conscience, being paid for a job she could not perform 100% for the people of her state with all the frivolous lawsuits she had to deal with. Every one of those lawsuits was dismissed eventually, but she had to quit in order to deal with it all and make it stop! It’s not that she couldn’t ‘take the heat’ – hell, she’s been taking it for a long time! She could not perform her job and deal with lawsuits that were, in effect, being delivered by the Obama administration – one after another – through their proxies set up in Alaska. I respect her decision – and yes, applaud it. They hoped she would go away – she never left!

    What about that last president we had? Sure, he served his two terms, but at some point, he lost the will to lead. I would have loved for him to step aside and let Cheney be the president! Palin didn’t quit being a leader – she was leading by recognizing her situation, also recognizing the FACT that her agenda had been fulfilled midway in her term, and instead of taking a paycheck to focus on her lawsuits instead of govern, she made an executive decision to lead in a different way. I call that being a responsible governor who actually had her constituents best interests at heart.

    Have we become so used to the corruption in government that the noble and decent thing is no longer familiar – even though we say that’s what we want?

  23. ConservativePup says:

    Ripper, I’ve never thought of her as “quitting” her job as governor. It always appeared to me that she, as the singled-out target, was drawing fire upon those around her, costing her state money, and she chose to remove herself, as the target, so that the state could proceed with the business that needed to be done.

    Have any more ethics violations been filed against the governor of Alaska since she left, taking the attacks with her? Is the state of Alaska still having to deal with that?

  24. Red Barr says:

    Sarah Palin has my vote.

    Palin/Romney in 2012

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