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  1. […] the link to listen to Sarah Palin’s Speech in Madison, Wisconsin. I will get video as soon as Breitbart […]

  2. HiramHawk says:

    Only Gov. Palin brings REAL opposition to Obama

  3. MainelyRight says:

    You heard her. She said it starts here (where she is) and it starts now (while she’s talking). Yep, she’s running. And she’s showing us she’s running…not telling us that she’s exploring the idea. This is a woman of action. I hope Mittens is taking notes fast and furiously…so he’ll know what to say next week.

  4. ShArKy666 says:

    THANKS RU!!….palin really knocked the ball outta the park today eh? just amazing…

  5. ShArKy666 says:

    this is where palin’s competitive nature will hopefully crush obastard

  6. Crueladev says:

    Thanks Tammy for Chat today and Thanks Sarah Palin…for re-igniting a spark!

  7. jruppel says:


    WE LOVE YOU…..

  8. HughM says:

    Wow! Great! Totally Fearless!! Right on on every point.

    Sarah had to make the little weewees of the GOP “frontrunners” shrivel even more.

  9. MainelyRight says:

    You have to watch the video to see Sarah’s Babe Ruth moment. She points to the outfield (or left field) where the opposition is standing and tells them where she’s going to hit her home run.

  10. aggedor says:

    GAME ON!

    Love it when I can share a slice of history with like-minded people. The TAMChat was jumpin’ and Governor Palin owned that stage with true, uncompromising Mama Grizzly style.

    For a bit there I thought she was going to officially announce. In true Palin style, though she’ll pick her own time.

    The leftists did what they could to silence her but The Gov was having NONE of it. They tried to drown her out with everything including bull horns–but they didn’t count on that big, beautiful paw from Alaska slapping ’em right across the chops.

    So much for Barack Obama and his electric harangueophone.

    Palin 2012!

  11. linda says:

    Game on, the game is over for the establishments, and obama. Thanks rubegonia for audio. Cant wait to here the weekend update. I feel a pep in my step how about you tams.

  12. jiaconis says:

    Much left to say, but not now. Just three simple words…”RUN SARAH RUN”…

  13. Brontefan says:

    She sounds PRESIDENTIAL to me…. Please GOD, bring Sarah to the WH to help us take back our country!

  14. kvanevra says:

    YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NO body in the beltway can possibly feel this way let alone walk this talk. Resign now cryBohner you big sell out. GAME ON Barry! Powder dry, have an eye…..

  15. Nativevoice says:

    My heart jumped and my eyes had tears. I have listened to the speech twice and watched the video for the second time, still thrilled. Can wait to hear what Tammy has to say. Gov. Palin made the challenge and it is so on. On that last line of her speech where she said Mr. President ‘game on’ I could just see that picture of the North wind with his mouth full of air than blowing it out with the force of Almighty God. The governor blasted that crowd with a burst of wind mixed with fire.

  16. sohali99 says:

    Sarah Palin got tired of hearing about Trump, Bachmann, T-Paw, etc the last few weeks and for her name to be dropped from the conversation.
    Plus all others cannot deliver this kind of speech in front of supporters and hecklers in the freezing cold and not miss a beat. Can anyone see Pawlenty or Romney or even Trump giving this speech?? They will never have the guts to go to Madison, WI and step into that intense situation before running a poll to see if its politically expedient.

    • aggedor says:

      Trump…at an event in the Wisconsin cold???

      That’d be like making a movie called, ‘Shaft in Nebraska.’ Ain’t happennin’.

      Captain Combover doesn’t have the grit to do what Gov. Palin did.

  17. dennisl59 says:

    The Historic Madison Rally:

    A.B.’s intro of Palin had that barely detectable pause, right after he said,
    “Ladies and Gentlemen…” where my brain inserted:
    “The next President of the United States…”

    To my untrained ear this sounded like her Textbook Rally/Campaign Speech: Why?

    1) Immediately went to her Union family bonafides, to put the knuckleheads in the
    peanut gallery on the defensive and make them look (insert putdown here)
    2) Recognized the Wisconsin Badger Women’s Hockey Team National Championship(crowd
    cheers…Very savvy) “Fight like a Girl!” Crowd cheers, loudly.
    3) Compared Obama-1(The Candidate) vs Obama-2(The President)
    4) “Bullet Train to Bankruptcy”-POW.Right in the kisser of the DB.
    5) “GOP Estabishment”-POW. Right in the kisser of the status quo/beltway policy wonks.
    7) “We’re here, we’re clear, get used to it!!!” Takes the chant to a ‘new place’ doesn’t it?
    8) Cockamamie(just threw this in, it’s a funny word, IMHO)
    9) “Win the Future?…WTF is about right…” Crowd laughs.
    10) Shout out to Paul Ryan…Crowd cheers.
    11) Ignore: Used the word or combo Twelve(12) times. (I counted)
    12) Praises Madison and Wisconsin for defending the 2010 state election. Crowd cheers.
    13) “2012 Election begins here…” Gauntlet throw down hard at the feet of the DB.
    14) “Mr.President?…GAME ON!” Crowd goes crazy.

    Point: No Palin for President signs in the crowd?
    Point: Was A.B. holding the Tammy Limited Edition Signature Coffee Mug?


  18. ffigtree says:

    The American spirit is alive and well in Madison Wisconsin. All the speakers were excellent. And, of course, Sarah was the best! She is the real deal. What an inspiration!

  19. marsed says:

    Wow. How does she deliver such a great speech in those circumstances looking absolutely calm? I saw Todd looking strong and determined escorting her to the stage. I think she can save the country.

  20. ancientwrrior says:

    WOW, what an amazing woman. Intelligent, beautiful, and made of steel. She’s like a fine blade forged and tempered in the fire of the media, and all else pouring flame and hot coals upon her. They cannot break that magnificent steel she’s made of. And like a superb blade, she will run through the fields of straw men of both parties and lay waste upon the threshing floor of Washington’s politics in 2012. Three cheers for the steel lady!

  21. naga5 says:

    thanks, ru!

  22. aggedor says:

    I’ll bet you’re right. That’s a thing about historical events. They can be overlooked when they happen.

  23. sandyl says:

    Wow!! Loved every second of it, but got goose bumps when she said “GAME ON.” I bet many in D.C. & the White House had to change their pants after that speech, cuz she’s running baby, she’s running. There is no other like this woman. Godspeed into the White House Sarah!

  24. […] would’ve been a more apt musical choice than Van Halen’s “Right Now” to accompany Palin as she entered the stage outside the state capital building to address thousands of Tea Party members, along with a good […]

  25. Ritz says:

    Ya know, IFFFF the GOP candidates who actually decide to run can marshal the guts to follow in the vapor trail of Palin and Trump, who are now pushing the envelop so far out into the rarified atmosphere of brashly campaigning against O’bama, there may be hope that the beast will be defeated (and turned back into the mutt that he is). Neither are afraid of what the LSM can say about them, so they just speak the truth, the truth that resonates with the sprit of FREEDOM within each of us.
    Reports boasting (essentially) that O’bama will amass a BILLION bucks for the upcoming election, I think, are meant to frighten his opponents. However, I’m predicting that that money will go down the same ‘rat hole’ where all the bailout and stimmulus money ended up. With the same result…NONE.

  26. […] Pethokoukis: But all it took was one powerful, pugnacious and presidential speech — just 15 minutes long — for Palin to again make herself completely relevant to the current […]

  27. mariamcbean says:

    Many thanks, Ru!!! Palin is running, the game is on.

  28. […] been a more apt musical choice than Van Halen’s “Right Now” to accompany Palin as she entered the stage outside the state capital building to address thousands of Tea Party members, along with a good […]

  29. jeaneeinabottle says:

    WOW WOW WOW I knew she was going to be good but WOW!!! It’s even better the second time!!! She kind of reminds me of someone……TB!

  30. Shifra says:

    Yikes! OMG! Palin kicked Urkel’s tuchus (Yiddish – look it up! 🙂 ) so hard, I bet he can’t sit down for a week! Go Sarah!!!!

  31. […] would’ve been a more apt musical choice than Van Halen’s “Right Now” to accompany Palin as she entered the stage outside the state capital building to address thousands of Tea Party members, along with a good […]

  32. chipster1999 says:

    So I have listened to this many times and it is AWESOME every time. thanks for posting this Ru.

  33. KiwiLee says:

    Actually listening and seeing Sarah speak, is inspirational!

    Let us hope that God blesses America with Sarah as President.

  34. […] all it took was one powerful, pugnacious and presidential speech — just 15 minutes long — for Palin to again make herself completely relevant to the current […]

  35. radargeek says:

    WE need CR’s (Conservative Republicans) or CI’s (Conservative Independents)!

    LR’s (Liberal Repubs), LI’s, D’s, nor “Blue-Dog” D’s (NO such thing as a blue-dog D = BS!) need not apply!!!

  36. rosebud2186 says:

    This inspirational speech converted my daughter to the Palin 2012 crowd!

    However, make no mistake – “Madison” did not support Gov. Walker. “Madison” did not accomplish anything other than costing our state millions in tax-payer dollars to accommodate their month of protesting.

    “Madison” will always remain the Liberal. It’s why we call it “The Mad-City”

  37. JuanitaDugas says:

    Sarah said what all the boys are afraid to say. She keeps tweeking her detractors and inspiring freedom loving patriots….love that baracuda! She moved me to create and order customized bumper stickers: Fight Like A Girl and WIN! /// G A M E O N

  38. ancientwrrior says:

    Way to go Juanita. 🙂

  39. TammyChicago says:

    Oh please. I don’t believe, for one minute, those lefties wipe with the
    American flag. Their kind don’t wipe at all 😉

  40. lawmom90 says:

    shall I just go ahead and book my room in D.C. for January 2013?

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