Here’s a new Open Thread Lounge for everyone. The usual “no links” rule is lifted for this post in the name of lounging and sharing 🙂 While I’ll start and list some headlines, please feel free, obviously, to post about what’s stuck in your craw or even making you smile 🙂


Politico: Two women accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior

AP: Cain denies report of sexual harassment

L.A. Times: World population hits 7 billion on Oct. 31, or thereabouts

NY Post: Fiend attacks ‘Occupy’ protester in her tent

Heh. CBS NY: Snowstorm, Cold Makes Life In Zuccotti Park Difficult For OWS Protesters

Political Ticker: Perry will debate but still doesn’t like it Lake City Domino’s managers charged with torching Papa John’s

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  1. Nemesister says:

    That story about Herman Cain reeks of what Anita Hill tried to do to Clarence Thomas. Here we go again.

  2. Ken-P says:

    Thanks, Tammy.

    The gay and lesbian members of the audience may be interested in this news item from California’s San Diego County:

    High School Students Crowned America’s First Lesbian Homecoming Couple

  3. dennisl59 says:

    Stuck in my Craw? Thanks for asking…

    The despicable wife and the fey son of the destroyer of lives, wealth and charities, Bernie Madoff, trying to make more blood money and the Main Stream Media(60 Minutes, The Today Show, et al) giving them the time of day. They are both amoral, unapologetic, vacant, and contemptable scum of the Earth, in my opinion.

    posted 10/30 955pm Texan for [Fake Wax Teeth] Time

  4. Kat says:

    In the spirit of Caption this…..”Giddyup Michelle”!

  5. Trish S says:

    Urkel-free Fridays makes me smile 🙂

  6. sohali99 says:

    With this Cain story tonight, I am sure Democrats are so relieved they never have to worry about any women in Obama’s past coming out of woodwork to claim any sexual predatory harassment…hmm, I wonder why that is. Have you ever heard of any women in Obama’s past besides Michelle. Never. Very interesting, indeed.

    • ecu22331963 says:

      Hmmmm indeed Sohali99, I smell a story.

      Remember, Obama has a History now….finally, of shunning his female staff out of “high level” meetings. He doesn’t regard woman very much.

      The media has done a “great job” of not covering Obama’s Past, but WE cannot avoid his glaring Present, and boy does it sucks!

      I believe he Hates his Mother and her entire Family for that matter.
      You have Never seen his Mother side at the White House.

      Michelle and Barry are in a ‘Clinton Like Partnership Marriage’, although the Obama’s both had their Law Licenses revoked/suspended and they tend to play Fast & Lose with Ethical Laws regarding Money, to enrich themselves much like the Clintons.

      Ok Bed time………..

  7. gkin31 says:

    I see urkel got ahold of Tammys unicorns, should have put up the electric fence 🙂

  8. otlset says:

    I finally saw the early black and white “Bewitched” Halloween episode the other day I remember ROTFLA when I saw it as a kid. And surprise — in it Endora turned herself into a little girl trick or treater played by…Maureen McCormick, four years before she became Marsha Brady!

  9. Maynard says:

    Herman Cain’s being accused of something vaguely inappropriate. This from the people that defended Bill Clinton’s not-so-vague transgressions on the grounds that they were private and trivial.

    We’re broke and the Al Qaeda flag flies in Libya thanks to us; it’s understandable why they want us to be talking about how Cain served pizza.

  10. _CarrieP says:

    We had a kid (10-11 yrs old?) show up with an Erkel mask on last night. As he was about to reach into the candy bucket, I said to the devil child “Whoa, there! May I see your candy bag please?” The kid said “Um sure, but why?” I said “I’m surprised you’re asking Mr. President. Why, I want to redistribute the wealth of YOUR candy to these other kids, of course”. The grown-ups around me burst out laughing…the devil child (aka Erkel), not so much 🙂

  11. pastymale says:

    Sarah Palin was guilty of sexual harassment by making a “physical gesture that was not overtly sexual” when she winked during a speech.

  12. Maynard says:

    Life is so unfair. We drag our tired carcasses to Tea Party events, and are rewarded by being branded as fascists and racists and murderers and terrorists by our political elite. The OWS compare themselves to us, but they’re blessed by the leading politicians, and they cap off the event by trooping over to the local free clinic to be tested for STDs.

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