I love this because it does what McCain never did–expose Obama for what he was, and is, using the 2008 campaign. I would also call to your attention how different Hillary looks in this ad from just 4 short years ago. She appears 20 years younger and, well, not drunk. For Hillary fans this is a nice reminder about what the Dumb Bastard did to her.

(HT RightNewz)

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  1. Squirrel says:

    Thanks to the D.B., Romney has the opportunity to be one our greatest presidents. He was not one of my first three choices. I would vote for an orange juice can (a little Mark Levin here) over the D.B. Romney is now beginning to stir my optimism and enthusiasm by exposing the D.B.’s record. It looks like he won’t be a re-run of McCain. Nothing works better than using your opponent’s words against him.
    The D.B. has provided Romney with plenty of material. Let’s hope he uses it.

  2. Maynard says:

    Tammy, you gotta grab that “Shame on you, Barack Obama!” audio clip and keep it on your desktop to punctuate reports and editorials!

  3. greenlantern2011 says:

    This is my theory. It is only slightly delusional: In her primary run for POTUS,”The Fighting Hillary” became a work of pure perfection that the Left could not tolerate and even she cannot destroy. So, TFH lives on forever to condemn the wicked (including the Hillary of today) and to encourage the good. Suck on it, liberals. She belongs with us now.

  4. persecutor says:

    I’m glad that someone in the Romney camp has a pair and that the candidate isn’t afraid of letting that person exhibit that confidence with ads like these. Juan McRINO was too sold on the collegiality of the Senate being the behavioral norm of a candidate, and Sarah was stabbed in the back when she showed she had a bigger pair than Juan.

    Still not sold on Romney, though I did make a contribution yesterday-as Tammy suggested.

    If Romney’s willing to shove the DB’s words up his rectum, then maybe he’ll win this friggin thing.

  5. plaisir says:

    To Persecutor:

    Is your avatar also a bumper sticker? I’d love to get one and drive around Massachusetts with that one on, even at the expense of damage to my car!

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