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Another good night for Romney. His agenda is bigger than shaming Obama, it’s to communicate that he’s presidential material and someone America can turn to to set things right. He did that tonight. Here’s a bit of a roundup of the reaction. And remember the pundit/polls about who “won” the 2nd debate. Most said Obama did, but Romney Mittmentum continued apace. That will be the case here as well.

Steve Forbes tweeted the general reaction:

Breitbart: Romney Wins, By a Bayonet

Fox: Romney accuses president of ‘weakness’ abroad, as Obama calls rival ‘all over the map’

More pics: Ann/Mitt photo stream over at Zimbio featuring tonight’s debate, back stage and after debate.

Even if you think Obama won tonight’s battle, Romney is winning the war. Confirmation? Tingles unhinged response tonight after the debate: Matthews: “Racial Hatred” For Obama Makes Right Want To Get Rid Of Obama

Krauthammer’s commentary was quite on the mark: Krauthammer: Romney Won Unequivocally; Obama’s Responses Were Petty

The Romneys looked pretty darn happy at the end. Josh Romney tweeted this pic of the happy couple backstage 🙂

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  1. blogchick says:

    The ‘adult’ won. The bratty, petulant man-child debated himself…and lost. At first, I could not understand the strategy of Mitt– yet I was confident that the calm, non-combative Mitt was purposeful. Now I understand. His team believes that they have won. So tonight, we saw confidence and restraint. We saw one man acting, looking and sounding presidential; meanwhile, one man was looking small, petty, arrogant and desperate.

    Two weeks, TAMS. The nightmare ends soon.

  2. Maynard says:

    Romney voiced concern about the shrinking Navy, which Obama suggested was as relevant as worrying about the diminished number of horses and bayonets in our arsenal.

    So if the Army no longer needs horses, then it follows that the Navy no longer needs ships. Ohhhhh-kay.

  3. Maynard says:

    This YouTube comment by Pat Condell hits it right on the head. “Why You Can Not Vote Barack Hussein Obama For President”.

    Also, not to be missed is this short video from RightChange.com (they do good stuff): “The Truth About Libya – Failed Foreign Policy”.

  4. Maynard says:

    I just saw Tim Burton’s Halloween film, Frankenweenie. Excellent stuff. Heartfelt, touching, inspiring, and some nostalgia. Good for both the old and (I think) the young. Some of Burton’s work leaves me cold; the characters are too flat. But this one is rich.

    I also thought The Master was brilliant. But clearly not for everyone. If you’re curious, check out the extended trailer, which is a work of art in itself. If that intrigues you, then consider seeing the film.

  5. Maynard says:

    I’m glancing at the WSJ editorial by Bret Stephens, “A Perfectly Plausible President”. His take is that Romney didn’t go into this debate with the intention of knocking Obama out; his main goal, and perhaps sole goal, was to come across as presidential; more so than Obama. People know we need a change; Obama’s best shot at hanging on to his office is by convincing voters that Romney should not be considered a viable alternative. By being presidential, Romney may have figured, he’d bring more of the electorate on board than by doing battle. That’s why he didn’t challenge Obama on points points such as the tragedy in Benghazi. That’s what Stephens thinks was going on, anyway. I’d have liked to see Obama directly challenged again. But I can see the logic in what Stephens is saying. In any case, these are Romney’s decisions to make. And I do think he knows what he’s doing.

  6. Southrider says:

    Romney was very careful last night. A worthy Commander in Chief. He could have said Obama left the bridge when the ship of state was under attack. Dereliction of duty (he had a fundraiser to go to the next day). He could have said Obama and Holder knowingly put guns in criminals hands with no plan to intercept them on the Mexican side of the border (as with ALL other trace schemes). Manslaughter at best. But we know all that. Romney choose to talk about where we need to go, and where the world needs us to be. A better choice. We can, and must, prosecute Holder after the inauguration if, in the light of day, adequate evidence surfaces.

  7. rickh says:

    Even though we all wanted to see Rom take him apart, this was probably a smart move. He’s ALREADY got all of us. He’s going for the last 3-5%. Obama was a little, petulant Bully. Romney played slow hand. Polls after showed them both TIED on foreign policy. The libs on MSLSD were NOT happy after. That’s good enough for me.

  8. lawmom90 says:

    Someone tweeted that Chris Matthews said something negative about Obama and something good about Romney. I will have to see the video to believe it 🙂 I didn’t watch the debate, for my own mental health. I have reached saturation point and want to go vote. Have a great Tuesday TAMS. 14 little days left.

    • norm1111 says:

      The only thing I saw this AM from the “not so tingely” Tingles was he pretty much called all of us who vote against his two bit messiah …racists. Big suprise….sarc/

      Chrissy cries out …”racist!!” “racist!!”…”Sqwack!!!”..”racist!!”. It is getting so MSLSD hosts are sounding like parrots (apologies to parrots and parrot owners).

  9. plaisir says:

    He began his presidency with the words “derisive, divisive and dictate,” in describing the United States of America. Those three words will now describe his administration and why he lost the election. Short, sweet and well delivered by Romney.

  10. strider says:

    Romney was clear and brought up relevant issues and concerns, Obama sounded raspy and irritating – for which he’ll probably get another trophy.

  11. GiMiller says:

    Someone posted this on facebook and i did not catch it last night. At the same time it is par for the course with Barry. http://shar.es/c5KHr

  12. Shifra says:

    So Obama bragged that he went to Israel when he was a candidate in ’08? So pathetic. First of all, his visit to Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum was a phony photo op. Then he went to the town of Sderot:

    I don’t want to sound like a “smarty-pants,” but since O is soooo big on his pronunciations (PAH-keestahn, TAH-leebahn) I thought it was funny how he mispronounced the town’s name. (Just for the record, it’s “s’day-ROTE” Anyway, here is how his trip to Sderot was reported in the Israeli press:

    A woman in Sderot, whose home is on the border with Gaza, was asked if they could bring “an American official” to visit her home. She agreed. After the visit, she was curious who was her visitor. When she was told that Obama was running for president, she was shocked. “What?” she said. “Are you serious? That young man wants to be President of the United States? His questions were so naive! He doesn’t know anything!”

    Ah, but now he is the Preezy of the Steezy! (Well, for two more weeks, anyway)

    • plaisir says:

      Both candidates visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Of course both visits were political in nature in courting the Jewish vote. Here, though, is a distinction between the two by way of a small act. Obama put a note in the wall. He and his campaign then gave permission for his note to be photographed and published. Ann and Mitt Romney each put a note in the wall. We still don’t know what their entreaties were.

    • Maynard says:

      With respect to pronunciation, maybe we should compile a list. There’s that “corpsman” gaffe (my quotable quote: “He can’t pronounce ‘corpsman’ because he’s a ‘MarxMan'”, haw haw). Also, he doesn’t even know the name of his local Chicago ball park, the one he claims to be a big fan of. See this YouTube clip where the big dope calls the place Kaminsky Field, in fact it’s Comiskey Park.

    • TX Soldier254 says:

      Shifra you seem to be too close to this woman named Tammy Bruce……Rock On with your Bad Self!!

  13. Squirrel says:

    Thirty minutes in, it looked like (soon to be) President Romney was getting under
    Obama’s skin. For the next two weeks, I hope the Romney’s live rent free inside the Obama’s heads. For the Obama’s, it is all about them. Nice job last night Mr. Romney.

  14. TX Soldier254 says:

    Mitt Romney is not Sarah Palin, remember she didnt want the job, so how ever Mitts ‘performace’ was scored,
    I don’t care.

    Romney’s first Debate, in my humble opinion, was The Debate.

    While Obama ‘performed’ in ACT1 ACT2 ACT3 all different sides of Obama with one central theme;
    ‘Make the USA Shovel Ready’.

    Good Day!

    • Teri says:

      Right-o TX. The first debate was the one. This last one was not relevant to any voter who has not decided yet *can’t wrap my head around that thought*. Barring fraud beyond reason, I am feeling pretty good about a landslide.

  15. linmari says:

    Speaking of Halloween, did you see Mooch’s dress? What was that? LOL

  16. KCBob4Tam says:

    Interesting caller on Hannity today. He served in Baghdad early on in the war. He and some of his unit were trapped and pinned down by enemy fire. They were backed up against a fence. A couple of people from his unit used their BAYONETS to cut a hole in the fence thus allowing them all to escape to safety. Just thought I would share that with all of you.

  17. NeverSurrender says:

    Went to the Romney/Ryan rally at Red Rocks (try saying that fast 5 times) in Colorado tonight. Unbelievable! There were 10,000+ there and they turned away thousands more. For those not familiar with Red Rocks, it’s an outdoor amphitheater built out of the mountain rocks west of Denver. Beautiful place. Great speeches by Romney, Ryan and NM Gov Susan Martinez. The enthusiasm was electric! Romney and Ryan looked blown away by the crowd. I think Colorado will turn red again!

  18. Alain41 says:

    VDH ends his recent column with a great quote:

    “…Somehow in just four years Obama has almost done to the United States what it took Brussels apparatchiks three decades to do to the European Union: alienated the people both from their technocracy and from themselves. The results could be medieval.”

  19. LJZumpano says:

    I get it that Mitt is trying to get the undecideds. He knows he has “us” and we have no where else to go at this point. But, I would like to know how many “undecideds” actually bother to watch POTUS debates. It seems to me that the viewership must be heavily partisan, and politically aware.
    On that 3rd debate, I would guess most of NBC’s viewers were pro-BHO and most FOX viewers were pro-Mitt, and I don’t think many of them were unsure of how they were voting. They watched expecting to see a knock-down, dragged out blood letting fight, and it didn’t happened. Even BHO’s death stare fizzled out.

  20. Alain41 says:

    Love Krauthammer’s opening in his recent column:

    ” “L’état, c’est moi.”
    — Louis XIV

    “This nation. Me.”
    — Barack Obama, third presidential debate

    Okay, Okay. I’ll give you the context. Obama was talking about how “when Tunisians began to protest, this nation, me, my administration, stood with them.” Still. How many democratic leaders (de Gaulle excluded) would place the word “me” in such regal proximity to the word “nation”? …”

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