Hey, boys and girls, you remember what GDP is, don’t you? Gross Domestic Product. That’s “a monetary measure of the market value of all final goods and services produced in a period”.

So, according to this economic measure, which state in America produces the most on a per capita basis? The answer will surprise you!

I’ll give you a hint: The answer will also disgust you.

Here’s a per capita chart taken from the Wikipedia article on the List of U.S. States by GDP:

Yes, my deplorable friends, the winner is the District of Columbia, which “produces” a value of over $175,000 per person; far more than twice as “valuable” as the nearest runner-ups.

What is it that DC produces again? Manufacturing, is it? Mines? High tech? Education and research? Finance? Insurance? I’m drawing a blank here. Can someone refresh my memory?

When you look at this chart, you get an idea of why the swamp doesn’t want to be drained, and the resources it has at its disposal (and I do mean “disposal”) to protect itself.

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  1. Shifra says:

    “Productive” DC? I’m thinking of the difference between a “dry cough” and a “productive” one.

  2. Vintageport says:

    Seems to me that this reinforces the belief that greed, graft and corruption have value…to those who participate in it. Otherwise, how would middle class politicians leave Congress as multi-millionaires?

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