Life on GLAAD’s Blacklist

Please read this article. Unbelievable what they do to stop voices of dissent.

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  1. midget says:

    There was a time when these haters of freedom, were ostracized,mocked, assailed by members of their own family and their spirits crushed under the weight of depression. How is it then that they have no compassion? The members of GLAAD have forgotten what it was like to be discriminated against and have become the bigots themselves.

    • Isaac T says:

      GLAAD is following the blueprints for the destruction of America’s (once healthy) dominant culture laid out by the Frankfurt School: Divide the country up into warring tribes and set them all against the middle while shielding yourself from any criticism by silencing dissent.

      • midget says:

        So true Isaac.Their desire to create a political pathway with the culture enabled them to influence colleges, the media & Hollywood.They have successfully ruined journalism to shut up conservatives, whites & blacks creating eunuchs.Without truth tellers such as Breitbart & Bruce, I’m not sure where we would end up.Certainly not in the America we grew up in.Tammy keeps telling young people that this is not normal while they foolishly believe that it is and accept it willingly.

  2. Alain41 says:

    A ‘Commentator Accountability’ list. Wow. Most groups just have, ‘true answers’ to combat ‘conservative lies’. GLAAD’s blacklist affirms that they just want to shut down speech contrary to theirs. ‘Commentator Accountability’ is difficult to shut down radio talk show hosts, especially if independent. To me another indication that the liberals are looking to the FCC to shut down talk radio and independent cable (FNC), most likely by ‘community ratings groups’.

    GLAAD likely attacked the author even harder than most, because he is gay, Hispanic, and was raised by a lesbian.

  3. strider says:

    Seems like a useless organization in 2013. Like old newspapers still trying to sell paper with ink on it. Of course they will yell real loud while swirling around the toilet bowl.

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