Our thoughts, prayers and vibes to everyone in the storm’s path. There are lots of TAMs and Tammy Radio and Blog listeners and readers in all the states affected. Please use this post to keep us up to date on what’s happening in your area, plus no matter where you are feel free to add your usual insightful political commentary. In addition to dealing with Frankenstorm this, as you know, is our last week to save our country.

I trust this storm means, for most, a day or two at home and then lots of cleanup afterward. Let’s send our prayers to make sure that’s the case and everyone gets through this safely.

Here are some updates.

ABC: Hurricane Sandy Live Updates

WaPo: Hurricane Sandy causes evacuations, closings throughout East Coast

Fox News: Millions across East Coast brace for ‘Superstorm’ Sandy, while transit systems close and supplies fly off shelves

LA Times: As Hurricane Sandy nears, 450,000 on East Coast told to evacuate

Hurricane forces NYSE to shutter on Monday

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  1. casino67 says:

    I am sitting here in northern Wilminton, DE. Sort of quiet at the moment. Little rain but not severe yet.

    • Sailing_J says:

      What’s your game? I love the craps! Not a big fan of AC but I always do well in Vegas.

      • casino67 says:

        I worked at a casino, did not really participate in the gambling. Saw too many people try to ruin their lives with the addiction. I can’t even remember the last time I was in one.

        If I was gambling, craps would be my game though.

  2. stixx44 says:

    Reporting from South Shore of Long Island at 5 am. Freeport already experiencing street flooding. No rain, little wind.

  3. jimbo says:

    Prayers and good wishes for you from St. Louis.

  4. Sailing_J says:

    I got out of Virginia Beach on Friday and my neighbors say there is some over-flooding of ponds. I’m within a mile of the beach, haven’t heard any reports of coastal flooding where I live (near General Booth Blvd), but the area has lots of low lying areas and floods with big storms. Plenty of factors that are making this storm historic and one of the major ones is that it’s slow so everybody is going to get more rain and wind than a ‘normal’ storm.

    Stay safe!

  5. Shifra says:

    Reporting from NYC: First of all, the DB is STILL an a$$.

    It’s raining, stronger than usual wind. Waiting for “the other shoe to drop” — they are now saying this is going to be the biggest storm in 75 years. Heard a meterologist on the news yesterday, said many a Ph.D. dissertation will be written on this storm.

    Saw a pic of Obama in the FEMA Situation Room, monitoring the storm. So, how ’bout a pic of him in the WH Situation Room, monitoring Benghazi?

    Didn’t O tell us that when he was elected, we would look back at that time as one in which the oceans stopped their rise? Um, OK, so why are they now reporting that lower Manhattan is being flooded by a surge?

    Stay safe, East Coast TAMS 🙂

  6. midget says:

    Watching the track of Sandy marching right up through the Finger Lakes here but knowing that being inland is far safer than what Shifra and others are facing.I pray that El Shaddai moves it out to sea before any tragedies happen.

  7. GiMiller says:

    Sending my prayers! Stay safe my fellow TAMS!!

  8. Shifra says:

    10:45 am: Governor Coumo announced moments ago that the Holland Tunnel and the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel will be shut down at 2 pm today. Bridges leading in and out of the city may be shut down as well if wind gusts increase to dangerous levels.

  9. CZ455 says:

    (Headline from AP)… “Obama cancels campaigning to monitor ‘Sandy’”.

    Thank God. Thank you, Mr. President for looking after the American People so closely. You are so…, what’s the word for it? Transparent… Sorry, I mean Presidential.

    In related news…. “Obama Cancels Trip to Nevada to Monitor and direct Back-up to those fighting in Benghazi”…

    Oh, wait. He what? …oh, he canceled the Special OPS back-up to Benghazi and he went to Nevada to campaign.

    Oops. Never mind. ….Gee, I wonder. Is this Sandy” that Mr. Obama is “monitoring” is that Sandra Fluke?
    Oh, it’s ‘Sandy’ the Hurricane. Okay. Wait…..are you sure?

    PS: Stay stafe TAMS. Only rain here in DC so far…and a lot of hot air.

  10. PopArt says:

    So far, we’re OK here in Northwest Jersey. On and off rain squalls. The wind, as predicted is picking up some. Here the average speed is predicted to be 30 – 37 mph, with the critical time frame still to come in the late afternoon and early evening. Friends have been posting dire pictures from the Shore communities with water already just below the boardwalks and winds of 45 mph predicted. Since power is on, I’ve been following everyone’s accounts, hanging with the cats and praying for everyone… oh and posting relevant political stories including the moron preacher who is blaming Sandy on, get ready for it, Deh GAAAAYYYYSSSS and our good buddy Barack. Should we hold our breath for some American based iman to blame the storm on The JOOOOOOOOOs?

  11. ShArKy666 says:

    hey everyone things here in westchester are getting bad but we’re hanging in there. HUGE wind gusts with lots of rain so far. the power flickered once but who knows how long that’ll be on.

  12. Ayeboots says:

    Obama needs to get his priorities straight. I guess he thought Nevada
    was more important than Benghazi – I guess he thought that there were
    no votes to be had in Benghazi. Sad. Sad. Sad. He has not been
    helping the military when it comes to votes anyway when half the military
    bases don’t have their absentee ballots available. He doesn’t love
    the military and they don’t like him.

  13. TX Soldier254 says:

    Just a thought;

    Second time in 4yrs A-Hole-In-Chief and “it’s” Liberal Friends have declared Massive Death & Destruction over a storm. Still trying to 1-Up Bush I guess.

    I wonder if this will be AHIC wet dream for the Elections to be Canceled.

    Just a thought.

  14. Squirrel says:

    South central Pennsylvania, 10/29/2012 13:00. Light steady rain and winds. Should be a tropical storm when Sandy reaches area sometime this evening and through the night. Eye to pass 30 to 40 miles to the north. Hoping for the best for all.

  15. Tammy, Islip is prounounced I slip!

    Water coming in under windowsills. Glad I’m on the 19th floor, am only a block away from Long Island sound, Bayside, NY

  16. Canonbal says:

    Sitting here in Milford, CT with gusting winds and intermittent rain. WOW.. the Boner finally after 3± years he’s acting presidential.. what an interesting discovery for him…….. LOL

  17. KCBob4Tam says:

    So far so good. I’m dry and it’s sunny here. I don’t usually worry until the storm gets to St. Louis. Thinking of going to play some blackjack and helping the local economy.

  18. Dave says:

    Carmel, NY 4:18pm…. sideways rain, and steady wind with violent gusts, maybe 50+ mph….
    my worry here are huge trees , both maple and pines, surrounding house, snapping off as in last years storm…
    they would come right thru the roof…. wind is blowing the OPPOSITE way as it normally does, coming from NORTH.
    Lakes here are white caps, and the storm is not even close yet, this is gonna be an interesting night as this is supposed to double or triple in strength…. CT people probaby same as me….still have power, but it wont last.
    have food , water and Tammy podcasts, so….hopin’ for the best.
    ,if anything bad happens, It was great being a TAM….. LOL, not funny.

  19. Mr.Gates says:

    This just in: In light of this epic storm, our Commander In Chief has ordered all emergency first responders and FEMA operatives to “Stand Down”.

  20. Squirrel says:

    South central Pennsylvania, 10/29/2012 17:15 Wind increasing, not too bad yet,
    steady rain. Could be a long night. Not a good sleeper when wind is howling.
    Brought in outside kitteh, not happy either. I keep telling kitteh the DB will save us. He’s not buying it. Keeps crying. Kitteh smarter than a Liberal.

  21. casino67 says:

    Keeping my fingers x’d. It is just after 6PM Monday and still have power. Would say it is wet and ‘breezy’ at the moment.

  22. Squirrel says:

    South central Pennsylvania, 10/29/2012 18:45. Latest forcast says winds up to 47 mph through 22:00. Then will begin to diminish through the night. Looks like damage here will be minimal. Hope everyone else is just as fortunate.

  23. deaves1 says:

    I’m suspicious of the media coverage on this storm. Come on wind gusts to 40 knots? I’ve sailed through storms at sea with wind speeds >140 and seas at 60′. This is all a convenient way to make this president look presidential. Sure the storm surge will be high, but come on, gusts to 40 knots.

    • Shifra says:

      I don’t know how to measure wind velocity, but I don’t think they were exaggerating:

      It got dark much earlier than sunset, around 4 pm, and the wind picked up speed. Really howling winds, and it felt like the house was shaking. Was afraid the windows would shatter, or maybe we would get hit by falling trees. (A 30 year old man in Queens lost his life when a tree crashed into his apartment.) We were also very worried about flooding, and when the lights kept dimming, I thought we would lose power. Thank G-d we are all OK. But many parts of NYC are a horrible mess.

      Thanks to all the TAMS for your emails/tweets and prayers 🙂 Hope all East Coast TAMS are safe!

  24. PopArt says:

    No power since 8pm. Seems like next to no power for 18 of 21 New Jersey counties. And guess who became a genuine leader in this crisis. Our guv Chris Christie. Who’d a thunk? Oh at Atlantic City mayor might have loss of life on his hands when he urged residents to stay and ignore Christie’s evacuation order and decline offer of free buses out.

    • Shifra says:

      But why would Gov. Christie praise Obama????

      From Yahoo News:

      “He worked on that last night with me…offered any other assets that we needed to help,” Christie said. “I want to thank the president personally for his personal attention to this.”

      Appearing on Fox News, Christie said the storm is bigger than the election.

      “I have a job in New Jersey that is much bigger than presidential politics,” Gov. Chris Christie said on the show Fox & Friends. “I couldn’t care less about that.”


      So Christie is “touched” that the DB called him last night, with an offer to help.

      I have a feeling that Ty Woods would have also really appreciated some help from the DB on 9/11/12.

      • Patricia says:

        Here Here Shifra. Gov. Krispey needs the DB right now and making an enemy of him is dangerous when you NEED assistance from the Federal Gov’t. It is obviously not beyond the DB to deny help to anyone including our heros. In 3-2-1 he will blame this disaster for the economy and God knows what else.

        Take care and stay safe my friend.

  25. Squirrel says:

    Hey Sandy and Obama, good riddance. Now we begin to repair the damage you both have done.

  26. sandyl says:

    I am praying for the safety of everyone in the storm’s path. On a lighter note tho, I saw a headline on the blaze that said “Will Sandy Cost Obama the Election? And I had to take a screen shot and make it my desktop picture. :). Stay safe east coast TAMs!

  27. Alain41 says:

    MSNBC provided its usual ‘neutral’ bias news, criticizing a Mitt relief donation event.


  28. Shifra says:

    Just heard from LJZumpano’s daughter, via twitter: Some outdoor damage, no power, but otherwise fine 🙂 Whew!

  29. Dave says:

    Still alive here……but no power as of now…Thursday…I grabbed my girlfriends iPad and found some 4G. It works! just got to hear both halloween shows….hope Shifra and anyone else in the path of that brutal storm is safe. Also hoping the USA gets all voting machines working so there’s no excuses……do not know when we will get our power back…we live in a very secluded wooded neighborhood….we are usually the last ones they fix….DAVE.

  30. otlset says:

    Damn this global warming! The UN should step in and cap-and-tax the western nations hard, and give it to small undeveloped nations across the globe, so this kind of thing will never happen again.

  31. lecederst says:

    Just listened to 11/1/2012 podcast. Loved the Schifra interview! Thrilled to “hear” the voice that prior to today we could only “read”. Thanks for the update on Sandy. I have a sister in Jersey who sends updates when we can “connect”. Blessings Schifra et al.

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