As most of you know, I’m in Maui with Johnny Phillips as both of us pledged to not allow the Obama inauguration ruin our lives. Here now is my interview with Johnny where we discuss everything ranging from who might be the GOP 2016 ticket, to Hillary and Benghazi, to his new gig at PJTV’s Next Generation.

Oh, we also discuss whale watching, birds in the lobby of the hotel, World War II compared to Afghanistan, Liza Minnelli and, eventually, handicapped hotel rooms. You know, pretty much what you’d expect from us 😉 Word of warning: Some salty words are used! Enjoy!

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  1. GiMiller says:

    I loved it!! You two are so much fun to listen to!!! 🙂

  2. _CarrieP says:

    Will this also show up as a separate podcast via iTunes? My fancy-dancy computer skills really suck, so I don’t know how to download this and put it into my iTunes account which is why I’m asking. I know I can listen to it here on my computer, but I prefer to use my iPod. The experience of hearing Tammy’s head explosions via earbuds has spoiled me to any other kind of Tammy-related listening 🙂

    To be perfectly honest, I’m hoping I even asked that question properly…all this computer talk sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher to me :

    Clueless in Maryland

  3. tamcat says:

    Great commentary Tammy and Johnny. I felt like I was in Maui while listening to the show.:)
    Fun podcast & great stuff.

  4. KCBob4Tam says:

    Here I was trying to listen as I went to sleep and you two had me crying!! Great stuff!! EFF Hitler!

  5. Alain41 says:

    I haven’t listened to all the Maui podcasts yet. Has Tammy or Johnny spoken about Beyonce lip-synching The Star Spangled Banner at the inauguration? I just think that’s the perfect encapsulation of this administration and Hollywood.

  6. Maynard says:

    Lemmesee, who did we offend here? Germans, Japanese, short people, people with STDs, people with gout, Hawaiians, Afghans, cave men, parrots, flying monkeys, the Republican Party, and, needless to say, Democrats.

    However, I applaud Johnny’s uncanny ability to project an unwavering aura of upbeat enlightenment as he eviscerates his targets.

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