EU gun registration required in one year

The EU is requiring gun registration whether a country wants it or not. Example that liberals want to use for U.S. to submit to UN rules on guns.

“…an EU requirement, which specifies that all member states must implement a digital and up-to-date register of weapons by 2014….”

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Another message board alerted me to this NY Post article from Jan. 2012 on the origins of NY’s gun laws. Parallels to today.

    “…The father of New York gun control was Democratic city pol “Big Tim “Sullivan — a state senator and Tammany Hall crook, a criminal overseer of the gangs of New York…In 1903, the Battle of Rivington Street pitted a Jewish gang, the Eastmans, against the Italian Five Pointers. When the cops showed up, the two underworld armies joined forces and blasted away, resulting in three deaths and scores of injuries. The public was clamoring for action against the gangs. Problem was the gangs worked for Tammany. The Democratic machine used them as shtarkers (sluggers), enforcing discipline at the polls and intimidating the opposition…Sullivan knew the gangs would flout the law, but appearances were more important than results…Ordinary citizens, on the other hand, were disarmed, which solved another problem: Gangsters had been bitterly complaining to Tammany that their victims sometimes shot back at them. So gang violence didn’t drop under the Sullivan Act…Big Tim was already suffering from tertiary syphilis when he wrote his law. He went mad soon thereafter and was sent to a sanitarium in 1912. He eventually escaped. His severed body was found on railroad tracks in The Bronx in August 1913. The dedicated lifelong “public servant” left behind an estate valued at more than $2 million.”

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