My Post-Election Facebook Post

After a very difficult two weeks, much rumination and no one to talk to, this was my heartfelt reaction to the three storms of Election Week 2012. I received some very positive responses (Mr.L incorporated my post in a recent video) but also some cynical and mean-spirited ones. Guess which ones were from Lithuanian “friends” whose parents and grandparents fled Soviet communism or were murdered in the process… Fascinating phenomenon similar to that of Jewish liberals for whom the Democratic party and liberalism are more important than heritage, religion, or critical thinking (Shifra!). I invite all TAMs to comment on my Facebook page as I am certain your input would be more intellectual and thoughtful than the facile, mocking, accusatory “sour grapes” comment. Would also appreciate some great new Facebook friends.

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  1. PaigeMJ says:

    Awesome work, Vita! Remarkable how you even ASK what more Obama would have to do to lose their loyalty, and they answer with smugness and avoid your honest question.

    I have been avoiding facebook for weeks. It my be a part of being a university prof, but I’m discovering how little my colleagues want others to THINK and how they rather if students THINK AS THEY DO. I’m happy to be friends with people who are not like-minded, but not when they have no tolerance to accept my beliefs. I’ve learned many are my friends when I shut up as they blather on. No more. 🙂

    Bravo bravo for bravery!

    • Shifra says:

      Thanks for this post, VitadMD. Much appreciated.

    • vitadMD says:

      Over the years I’ve come to the realization that while it’s comforting to commiserate with like-minded individuals and useful to organize with one another, it certainly isn’t enough if the goal is to influence. Establishment media has failed us to the point that discussions often end up in argument about what the facts are, what reality actually is. It’s so frustrating that conversations rarely enter debate mode as people are uninformed or misinformed and so quick to mockery, offense, and reflexive talking points. It used to be personally emotionally draining and anxiety-provoking, especially when relationships with close friends or family would become strained. I’ve tried different approaches and have been working on moderating my own emotions rather than the message, the point I’m trying to make (it’s hard). I’ve come to the conclusion or belief that while one can’t know when some statement will impress or linger in someone’s conscious or subconscious mind, perhaps a seed or crystal of a thought can take hold and perhaps in some small way may influence perspective. I say this because I’ve experienced this myself.

      Thank you for reading and for your comment. Are you on Facebook?

      • LJZumpano says:

        thanks for writing Vita. I left a comment on your facebook page. While I am on facebook, I use it mostly to keep in touch with my kids and grandkids.
        I think most of us understand where you are coming from, and share the pain. For me I try to follow the example I saw in Joe Torre when he managed the NY Yankees. I would watch him at each game. You could not tell how the team was doing, winning or losing. He managed to present an appearance of calm. Never over reacting in victory or defeat. I admire that kind of balance, though rarely find I can achieve it for myself.
        Sometimes we can witness the results of what we say or do, but mostly we throw pebbles in the pond. The ripples go out and we never learn whether anything has been changed by our actions. I think that is why sites like this are so important. We can bare our souls and know others are there, listening and considering what we have to say. We nurture each other, comfort and educate each other. We can share a laugh and shed some tears. But most of all, we know we are not alone. We are a community and in my mind, that is a marvel.

        • vitadMD says:

          So grateful for your kind, thoughtful words and longstanding support. If you notice the interactions on Facebook one big difference seems to be this inability or lack of desire to temper the condescension. Perhaps it’s also a lack of self-awareness (or no care in taking the time to proofread before posting?)

          Thanks again for reading and responding.

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