Texas Deputy Police Chief Wants DWI Permanent Checkpoints

It is my belief that your local police are on the front lines when it comes to destroying the Constitution and your rights, all in the name of “protecting you”, or the war on drugs. Why don't we make an extra house key, and give it to the police, so they can come in whenever they want, to make sure you are safe. Look, no one wants drunk drivers on the roads, but taking away your rights, is not the answer. Hey, maybe they should make alcohol …. wait, they tried that and it didn't work.

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  1. aardvark says:

    Google “town wants house keys for police” and you will see this has already happened in multiple locations. If I recall correctly, the efforts have been beaten back in the courts so far. When it comes to other elements of the surveillance society, the authorities begin with sad/worst cases — the missing child, the family killed by a drunk driver — to justify intrusions into our lives and rob us of constitutional freedoms. EVERY attempt must be fought.

    Cash-strapped local law enforcement is being reeled into federal control by offers of “free” equipment, pay subsidies, etc. To whom will they be loyal when asked to violate the rights of citizens — their neighbors and fellow townsmen or the feds?

  2. Alain41 says:

    Fully agree. My one caveat is that just like judge shopping, liberals can also policeman shop, to find the ones that think like they do. So this latest issue of the police want text messages kept, I think is liberal policeman shopping. The ones who don’t think that way, don’t speak up, because speaking up when you’re not asked is shouted down as making a political statement and that’s not enforcements place (the fact that some asked for change, well that’s just more effective enforcement).

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