Woman Arrested for Not Paying Small Court Fee from 23 Years Ago

Really? You have got to be kidding. Anyone who has not done something stupid as a teenager, please raise your hand. This woman shoplifted a pack of smokes when she was 18. Got caught, for some reason didn't pay an $85 court cost, and now is in jail. Are you telling me that someone couldn't have sent this woman a notice in the mail? No, they want to destroy your life and keep the sheeple under control. Want kind of cop sees this as OK? All of them. Could you do this to your fellow American? No is the answer, normal people wouldn't. The parrasite of government will. Another thing, does this mean that everytime you go on a cruise, you are subject to a criminal background check? How is that legal?

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  1. TX Soldier254 says:

    On May 26, 2011, President Barack Obama used an Autopen to sign a four-year extension of three key provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act while he was in France: roving wiretaps, searches of business records (the “library records provision”), and conducting surveillance of “lone wolves” — individuals suspected of terrorist-related activities not linked to terrorist groups.

    Opponents of the law have criticized its authorization of indefinite detentions of immigrants; searches through which law enforcement officers search a home or business without the owner’s or the occupant’s permission or knowledge; the expanded use of National Security Letters, which allows the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to search telephone, e-mail, and financial records without a court order, and the expanded access of law enforcement agencies to business records, including library and financial records. Since its passage, several legal challenges have been brought against the act, and Federal courts have ruled that a number of provisions are unconstitutional.

    But with Obama as President, “what difference does it make”.

  2. Alain41 says:

    And to highlight the up is down Obama justice system – The American who supported planning the Mumbai massacre was given a 35 year jail sentence, eligible for parole after 85% served. The Justice Dept. asked for this sentence. Some credit to the judge who questioned the sentence but approved anyway.


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