YouTube video: Tel Aviv under rocket attack

This video was linked by Drudge a few days ago. It's worth watching because it conveys a “you are there” sense of what it's like to be in a city under attack. It's been pointed out by outsiders that the actual damage isn't much, and the death and injury count is relatively small. The implication is the rocket attacks should be regarded by a “reasonable” country as inconsequential, just as we don't focus overmuch on traffic accidents. This isn't a thing to go to war over. It's best for all that you just ignore it. The logic is seductive to outsiders, especially outsiders that are unsympathetic to the Jewish state. See the video and you come away with an organic understanding of why ongoing rocket attacks has an impact upon everyone's life that traffic accidents don't.

At the same time, it's worth keeping the practical detail in mind: The existential threat to Israel is Iran, not Gaza. Skirmishing with Gaza is a distraction from Iran on the global stage, and will make it politically easier for Iran to pursue its evil plan. So at a strategic level, perhaps “restraint” on Israel's part is regrettably advised.

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