(From the lovely Sondrak 🙂

Includes Bristol Palin interview at about 2nd hour :45 mark. Hope you enjoy it! Here’s the link to Bristol’s official Facebook page 🙂

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  1. MACVEL says:

    Tammy, there’s talk of inflicting the 25th amendment on Obama. ALL we need is a Congress with guts, and it should be easy, right?

  2. ShArKy666 says:

    thanks tammy ..can’t wait to hear the third hour today 🙂 have a safe trip..are you gonna fly or drive?

  3. Mrs. Malcontent says:

    Is this like “Elmo Says?” The possiblilities are endless.
    Obama says, “Eat your vegetables!”
    Obama says, “Keep your thermostat at 68 degrees.”
    Obama says, Turn in your yucky, evil guns!”
    I could go on.

  4. thierry says:

    people should care about Akkadian and ancient Babylonian- the origins of many of the Psalms,Moses( Egyptian name meaning ‘ unfathered son of a princess’. virgin born baby deposited in reeds/rushes, threatened with destruction, exiled in wilderness, temptation, elevation to king/leader saving his people is an Akkadian myth as well), the creation( ie Genesis), Job, Esther, the tower of Babel- the entire old Testament before the Exodus and a platform for much that followed into the New Testament. western religion is based in the fertile crescent-spiritually we’re the children of Babylon ,whose god was Ishtar, filtered through the pens of Greeks and Hellenized Jews.

    hear ancient Babylonian:

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