**UPDATE Monday evening: Do I dare say it? It seems the iTunes feed is up and running πŸ™‚ So far many reports of All Good. Last thing, some of your renewals in the last 5 days or so were not recognized by the new system, but the Humans saw them and whipped the new service into gear. If you renewed in the last week you will see that recognition kick in tonight.**


Hey everyone, just got back to the Power Shack just in time for “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” πŸ™‚

After I watch the show I’ll be doing the “Weekend Update” podcast. I also have received an update from Rachael who worked all weekend long. We knew the subscriber service migration was going to be a big deal, which is why I put it off for so long. There are some lingering issues and I want to thank Rachael for being so thoughtful and diligent this weekend addressing them.

I know some of you are frustrated. Believe me I understand, but I’m hoping that your TAM loyalty will overcome this week or two of irritations. We all got used to things being a certain way, and that predictability will return, but what I’ve done here is change the heart of our process. While the core of it was done very well, we knew certain elemental problems would reveal themselves in the application of the new service. Things like the iTunes process I know is a pain, but the glitches will be solved. I know there are another couple of issues for existing subscribers, but those to will be solved.

At the same time, if you want to cancel your TAM membership, it would break my heart but I would understand. Just email Rachael and she’ll handle it for you. I’m making these changes in the name of ultimately making the blog and Tammy Radio bigger and stronger. We’ve got a lot of work to do, and I hope you will stand with me through this process.

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  1. aliencats says:

    No chance I will cancel. Your show is my time of sanity. (scary isn’t it?).

  2. kbartram says:

    I’m with ‘ya, Tammy! πŸ˜‰

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  4. ShArKy666 says:

    omg….CANCEL? never!!!…i’ll always be a tam…until i drop dead o’course..lol
    glad ur back safe tammy..i’m so jealous u cud see palin’s alaska…

    • GoofusKAC says:

      SHARKY!!! we all heard about what happened! ARE YOU OK???????

      I gave you my number…why would you not let me know what’s going on??? Do you need anything???

      Please talk to us! Hope you’re OK!

  5. Gordon says:

    Patience TAMs…problems and glitches are normal in any ERP change and should always be expected by those mature enough to recognize the need for an upgrade when it is necessary, as is apparently the case with Tammy’s website. Just relax, enjoy your cafe-latte, and chill. Oh, wait…where’s the Palin and Weekend update…Grrrr (LOL) πŸ™‚

  6. TimLindell says:

    Looking forward to your take on the meet-up. Even the staff at the restaurant loved your speech (well, except for maybe one or two of them!)

  7. MaccabeeMaven says:

    Tammy, I’d just as soon vote for B. Hussein Obama than cancel my membership. Yeah. Neither’s gonna happen in my lifetime, so long as you’ll have me!

    Please give my thanks to Rachael for all her hard work on our behalf. πŸ™‚

  8. Artgal says:

    Not a chance I’m leaving this site – no way! : )

    Just watched Palin’s show and I’m thinking we should do a TammyCon in Alaska. I’d LOVE to scale that glacier! It would be scary, but so is going to the border so – all the more reason to do it. I’ve had some practice rock-climbing in AZ – why not climb rocks with ice & snow on them?

    • GoofusKAC says:

      Artgal, you rock!

      Much like Tammy, you’re humble and quiet about a lot that you do, but what you DO do is amazing.


      (and yes…I technically DID say “do-do”. my bad) πŸ™‚

  9. PalinPromotions says:

    Palin Promotions is here to stay! No canceling for us. We’re punching evil in the face…for crying out loud! lol.


  10. GoofusKAC says:

    iTunes was fixed earlier but is now not working again…why would anyone cancel because of that? From my chatting with fellow TAMs in the chat room and e-mail, it seems the majority of TAMs get the shows from the website rather than iTunes anyway…it’s not a big deal. Growing pains…

    Speaking on behalf of my fellow TAMs, we’re very proud of you Tammy for NEEDING to expand and grow. It means you matter, people love and respect you, and quite frankly WE NEED YOU!

    Do what you need to do, take as long as *whatever*, and know that all of us are here for and with you, as usual.

    …and don’t make me say that again! You should know better by now! You went “commando” (MY term by the way, thank you very much), what, two years ago with your weekend show? Look how far you’ve come in such a short time!

    You go girl! LOL!!! And PLEASE remind me never to use that phrase again!

    Goofus πŸ™‚

    • larrygeary says:

      When the iTunes feed came back the second time, it wouldn’t accept my URL. The solution was to cancel the iTunes feed and resubscribe to it. Works fine now.

  11. paboki says:

    TAM is my home away from home, no way in the world I’d cancel. We’re in this foxhole together Tammy we’ve got your back, because we know you have ours!

  12. thierry says:

    if snoopy doesn’t get more airtime i am totally canceling and taking my bag of chaos, calicos and hamsters with me…

  13. ffigtree says:

    Standing shoulder to shoulder with you and the TAMS. In this for the long haul! πŸ˜‰

  14. blogchick says:

    Hey Tammy,

    Thanks for all that you do to take care of the peeps. It’s appreciated. (and good grief…NO way I would cancel…can’t wait to get my daily Tammy fix)

  15. TheGreenHornet says:

    I’ve been locked out of the site since mid last week. But, I’m certainly not going anywhere. I can post, but can’t get the podcast, or go in the members area. I’m ” Jonesin’ ” for some Tammy talk, and all I get is that padlock.

  16. naga5 says:

    my wife used to do that IT stuff back in the day. she used to have to sleep at work nursing data restores, fixin glitches and interfacing with sales to keep them updated on the progress.
    patience, TAMs, patience.
    and three cheers for rachael! i’ve been there and she is my designated unsung hero.
    tammy, you can be my designated sung hero.
    urkel, you are still a dumb bastard.

  17. Palin2012 says:

    It has not been that bad Tammy and Rachael has been great responding to everyone’s issues. I’m not going anywhere; you make sense of all the insanity around us…WHAT?? From a TAM before there were TAMs πŸ˜‰

  18. Kelly says:

    From my perspective, considering the immense task of the server migration, the process has gone incredibly smoothly. Rachael and everyone involved in this have done an amazing job. Glitches are to be expected. Nothing is catastrophic and if the ultimate goal is a bigger and better Tammy Media Empire, it’s all good, right? πŸ˜‰

  19. houstongracie says:

    Tammy, you can’t get rid of me THAT easily!!! I’m in it for the long haul. Love what your show and all that you do. BTW Rachael rocks and is doing a fabulous job!

  20. BastiatFan says:

    CANCEL my tammy membership? 3 words:


    Note to Joe Biden: it was actually only 3 words. Take a hint.

  21. morecowbell says:

    My expectation was the server migration to be a disaster.. most are. They usually end up in tears and screaming fits late into the night. Rachael has done a good job.

    Just saying… did anyone expect a server named Ripley to go down without a fight ?

  22. Carol says:

    This demonstrates the wisdom of having redundancy in critical systems. I have two TAM accounts. The primary account has had all the issues, while the redundant account went through the migration without a single failure. Tammy podcasts are mission critical for me. I’m confident all the issues will be resolved, and do not plan to cancel, no way.

  23. RuBegonia says:

    TAMs (in the spirit of loyal TAM companions) have peed on this spot ~ which guarantees our return.

  24. mariamcbean says:

    Not going anywhere Tammy…I need a chat room to get nekked in once in a while.

  25. Max59 says:

    Rachael rocks!

  26. Joseph says:

    My podcast feed is now working, as of 4:25 PM Central Time on Monday. Thanks, Tammy and Rachael and all!

  27. Americanvln1 says:

    On board and stayin.

  28. Mariachi says:

    Mine now seems to be working. These things happen…would not cancel over a few growing pains!! πŸ™‚

  29. Bash1955 says:

    even if i never got another podcast i would never leave. Tammys work is to important……but I would miss getting naked in the chat room!

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