Heads up everyone, I was booked just this morning for today’ “O’Reilly Factor.” As many of you know, they tape the show early at a time which directly conflicts with Tammy Radio. So, today’s live show will be a Best Of, but when I return I will have a Two-Hour Special Report (which will technically include today’s 3rd Hour) and the “Palin Report” will also post today.


UPDATE: The segment was about this article by Ted Koppel: Olbermann, O’Reilly and the death of real news

I was disappointed in BOR’s reaction to my reference of a Katie Couric comment last month referring to the midwest and her people as the “great unwashed.” O’Reilly seemed to believe that what I was saying was false. Really, why would I? Anyway, here’s a piece from The Atlantic covering the controversy. I did email his producers asking them to pass this along, as it’s important to me that Bill finds out that I don’t, er, make stuff up 🙂

)Special thanks to RuBegonia for the video))

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  1. ShArKy666 says:

    can’t wait to hear what happens!…bye

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  3. Porky says:

    Thank you for your viewpoint and have a good time waking america up as you always do.

  4. Rightmindedmom says:

    I can’t get into chat. Is chat related to the iTunes problem? It’s OK. I have other things to do, but just wanted to alert y’all (especially Rachael) that the chat is down.

  5. jap81 says:

    Don’t forget about Operation Bristol tonight! 🙂

  6. franknitti says:

    Put your stomping boots on, Tammy.

  7. jimmer says:

    Nice! I aleady watch Bill O on Mondays because of Mary Katharine Hamm. Now there is another reason. Go Tammy! : )

  8. OMG…I’m going through Tammy withdrawal! Gone all weekend…best of on Friday and today! I’m getting the shakes and the chills! LOL! 🙂

  9. MainelyRight says:

    Even my kitties are in withdrawal…they’re climbing the walls.

  10. RuBegonia says:

    Video clip of Tammy’s appearance on the O’Reilly Factor tonight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy4MOcVAhwI

  11. morecowbell says:

    Why did they use a nighttime background from LA on BOR ??

  12. SmallgGay says:

    You’re on every show but your own woman! LOL

  13. The Ugly American says:

    O’Reilly …Refudiated!

  14. HughM says:

    Wow! Tammy, you handled Bill’s contrary comments about Couric’s “unwashed” statement extremely well. Classy. And True.

  15. fast1 says:

    looking forward to the Tammy podcast, anytime would be fine, thanks Tammy

  16. ShArKy666 says:

    hrm….i don’t like how bill doesn’t give tammy equal time …as much as the pelican….

  17. Chuck says:

    Is it me, or was today’s segment awfully short? Anyway, Tammy rocked.

  18. Maynard says:

    It makes me crazy, the way people repeat like parrots how unbalanced FoxNews is. Do they believe what they say, or is it just posturing? I guess some of these people live in their little bubbles of constant reinforcement, and anyone that doesn’t conform is far outside of their universe. An advantage of having a conservative opinion is we can’t help but be exposed to, and often immersed in, opposing viewpoints. We hear the stupid liberals and the intelligent ones. We get it all. This doesn’t make us right, but it does mean our opinions have had to survive serious challenges. We’ve had to put thought into our positions. Too many liberals, even intelligent ones, seem to not face that exercise. They dismiss challenges without thought. Their bubble lets them do this, and in fact demands it. That’s why we hear these nonsense charges against Fox.

  19. ShArKy666 says:

    tammy…let me tell you something…i just thought about what you said about oreilly when you were on the air, and i’ve realized that HE ALSO is part of the elite now…for example, not believing you and as far as i’m concerned, even dismissing you about what couric said, but also, how he initially treated glenn beck when he came onto the network..he’d always put him down, or take these little jabs, i think because he deep down knew that beck would one day surpass him…i’ve always felt that glenn GOT IT much faster than oreilly did…just look how long it took oreilly to understand urkel was a sick freak who hates us & his country…maybe that explains why i focus more on what the guests say than what he says..the fact that oreilly keeps saying he avoids the internet is obviously keeping him out of the provberbial loop because that couric thing was all over twitter, as you also told us about your response to her. these elites don’t understand that WE’RE taking media back, for one simple reason…WE DON’T TRUST THEM anymore…just like that sespool in DC..

    • JuanitaDugas says:

      I agree with your remarks sharky666, and you beat me to it. O’Reilly infuriates me with his “know it all” attitude, and I agree that he was so dismissive of Tammy’s informed comment about Couric, while showing he was the one out of the loop. Doesn’t he realize that he took the exact same posture he was critiziing Ted Koppell of taking? Because Katie Couric’s comments appeared in an online newspage, he dismissed it as fast as Koppel would have. He does suck up to the left to “prove” his unbiased stance and to lure liberal guests, while insulting more conservative guests like Tammy…..it makes me SCREAM!!! Mabye that proves I’m one of the unwashed barbarians…proudly so!! ;JD

  20. ffigtree says:

    Tammy, you are never on long enough! Bill talks too much!

  21. lawmom90 says:

    Show of hands–who among us waits for the youtube post so we can fast forward through Ellis and Bill and get straight to Tammy, our beacon of truth and leader of the ordinary barbarians? LOL Tammy, thanks for rocking the Factor.

  22. naga5 says:

    not that it matters, but i emailed oreilly the unwashed masses link. it made me feel better.
    oreilly is getting near jumping the shark territory. i am weary of the “know it all i’m with the folks” schtick . but at least he puts tammy on the show.
    hennican makes me feel like i need a shower after he speaks. he never lets facts get in the way of a specious argument.
    tammy, you rock the black jacket!

  23. KatieSilverSpring says:

    You go, Tammy; make sure O’Reilly retracts his offensive comment. I like the Jim Treacher response to Couric’s Tweet on the reaction to her remark, when he wrote: “I’m not being disparaging when I call her a vapid, witless Tolkien creature.” Poor Couric doesn’t have a real (that is, hardback) dictionary to use.

  24. franknitti says:

    O’Reilly once again proved himself fence post dumb. I thought Tammy and Ellis Henican both did good jobs if only BOR hadn’t been there to ruin things with his stupidity.

  25. aliencats says:

    I have though for a while that Bill is a Liberal trying to pass off for a conservative. His remarks that the government had the right to confincate weapons from law abiding citizens during Katrina showed his true colors. He is an elitist. I will watch when Tammy is on, but other than than, I would rather count the sand in my flower pot.

  26. rickh says:

    If there is a bigger putz than O’reilly…. Great job Tammy. Don’t know how you do it with him.
    “She said that? I don’t believe it.”

    If it isn’t all about little billy, he doesn’t know or care.

  27. JuanitaDugas says:

    Palin Report still unreported!

  28. Teri says:

    Right on the money Tammy. Straight to the point 🙂 Dinosaurs such as Howdy Doody Koppel cannot stand the fact that the MSM has any competition and their word is no longer ‘gospel’ for the American people. We know what they are all about, spin & propaganda.

    Koppel really should take up knitting or something.

  29. Ripper says:

    O’Reilly is so annoying with his “above it all” attitude.

  30. oifmack says:

    O’Reilly- a media “Richie Rich” who is oblivious to both fact and common sense agenda. I define myself as a Republican, not a conservative and I don’t shift according to popular and new wave thought. I bounce in and out of the FOX news consortium based on event and need to know and when I catch O’Reilly, it never fails, he is on one of his rants about his “Power Ratings” and/or his “worthiness”. Somehow able to blend a political segment into his ratings rant and vice versa. When I see “guests” or “experts” on his show I see and hear almost the same thing as a constant. He touches on multiple subjects throughout his one hour but NEVER details his intent or offers any logical input with respect to “what can be done” to fix or address a particular issue. Those who are on his show as “armchair experts” are more often than not, able to either contradict his comments or solidify what he has failed to establish with respect to the particular issue that segment is about. Tammy, I am in the process of figuring you out. Well, trying to anyway. But, and this is a long but, you have proven to me that you have character, personality, and a class about your person. I am not one of polls and statistics so I couldn’t test the market if you and O’Reilly were to be on a sort of competitive level, but I can certainly use both common sense and logic when it comes to points being made and you have won. Simply based on your ability to comprehend and forge deep into issues and resort to details and content. That alone, by-passes patheticism and the O’Reilly version of media and public relations. So as you take your position on the O’Reilly “float”, remember this, it is never wise to be politically correct no matter who you are faced with, as it only leads to the downfall of intellectual proficiency and an upgrade of both ignorance and patheticism.. Folks are watching, some of which who are gullible and their two plus two’s may only add up to three point seven… Good job Tammy…..

  31. Tinker says:

    O’R does that all the time… that mumbling “aww I don’t believe that thing.” I think he does it to try and seem “fair” and above the mere triflings of the web. He needs to join us in this damn century; he’s the equivalent of a flat-earther when it comes to news on the web.

  32. Kimj7157 says:

    He owes you an apology. I’m hoping you’ll get one on his show tonight.

  33. CurliQ says:

    Tammy, you were great. Bill is a blowhard who has a hard time letting anyone else say anything. And yes, he does owe you an apology! He didn’t know our dear Miss Perky said “the unwashed masses”? Well now. Just where is Bill getting his news?

  34. Cernunnos81 says:

    damn that man… he isn’t Irish, he’s too dumb. As Stephen once said, “an Irishman is forced to talk to God in order to find an equal”, but that man merely needs a fencepost. I was groovin’ along enjoying Tammy and even enjoying the lib saying that Koppel is a git and then “O’Rlly??” has to pipe up and snipe at Tammy, I almost punched my poor laptop. I pray he has the gumption and cajones to actually apologise to our beloved Tammy, but I expect he’ll be an amadan and blow it off. Tammy, I apologise for O’Reilly being a jackass. May the road rise to meet him, in the face.

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