Just got back from taping a segment for this evening’s program. Eric Bolling is guest hosting. Topics cover a variety of political issues. I think it should air around the halfway point. Hope you can tune in 🙂

Courtesy of RuBegonia, here’s the segment 🙂

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  2. Shifra says:

    Tammy’s “on fire” today — BOR segment was great, especially with no BOR. And, added bonus, no Leslie Marshall to interrupt Tammy! 🙂

    • naga5 says:

      lol! yup, no bill or leslie interuptions is a good thing.
      but i do have one criticism-not content but presentation.
      content was as usual, spot-on tammy. i gotta say that tammy has the sweetest smile when she skewers the present regime’s hypocrisy. tammy, you see through them like no one else.
      but it is essential that either i or another TAM kill the lighting peeps at LA Fox. everyone knows that you are scots-irish, but you got a bit of the italian in your talking with your hands. there was this weird shadow when you were gesturing while you talked. i don’t have a lot of patients to treat this week so i can arrange for a tragic brake failure for the schmuck who didn’t double check the lighting. really, a shadow up toward the speaker’s face? arghhh.
      loved your appearance on BOR anyway-tammy, you were great.

      • Tammy says:

        Funny you should mention lighting during that segment–I brought it up before we went on and they adjusted some things. That may have been *my* fault–I wanted more light, they had things a little dark. Plus that Italian hand waving thing does get in the way sometimes 🙂

    • JuanitaDugas says:

      Excellent clip of Tammy….thanks RuBegonia! Missed O’Reilly at 8 pm, wanted to watch the re-broadcast at 11 pm EST, but I was torn between watching my Saints win in the finals mins. of the game in Atlanta against the Falcons, and flashing back and forth to chopped segments of Tammy on BOR. She was fabulous as always. Thnx again. It was a win/win for me. ;JD

  3. franknitti says:

    Not a bad segment. Doug Schoen was dull and plodding but he wasn’t too obnoxious and he mostly agreed with Tammy on every point the host brought up. Loved how Tammy mentioned her dog in the question about the General not being briefed about the terrorist arrests in London. Sydney Bruce for National Security Czar!

  4. jimmer says:

    nice segment tammy

  5. laney77777 says:

    Brilliant Tammy…:0)

  6. Maynard says:

    Doug Schoen came across like a substantially sane human being. I kept expecting him to shout “PUNKED!” and then start ranting about how transgender dogs ought to be allowed to marry lesbian cats, or something like that. What’s going on here?

    • thierry says:

      i have been informed my cats reject the notion of a LTR with a transgender dog but would consider polyamorous open relationships with the right LGBTQ or intersexed bunny rabbits.

      • Maynard says:

        Don’t get me started on rabbits.

        The only good rabbit is, umm, this one.

        • thierry says:

          normally i’d agree but after seeing these, i’m starting to think i might consider dating a LGBTQ or intersexed bunny rabbit. Bunhilde is kind of hot.


          wile e. coyote and bugs- i never even suspected. somehow i don’t recall seeing that episode sitting in front of that b+w tv when i was 5.

          • Maynard says:

            My gosh, I think that footage could re-orient anyone, regardless of their starting point. These brief clips encompass the essence of the Ludovico technique.

            You may recall that I have, in an earlier blog note that was enthusiastically ignored by all, commented in passing upon Bugs’s “issues”. Goodman Goes Playboy.

          • thierry says:

            how did i miss that? because i most certainly would have responded.

            bugs bunny is a near text book rendering of an archetype that spans cultures- the trickster. often a rabbit( compair lapin, bre’r rabbit.). Coyote in native american culture- though many tribes have a trickster bunny too. in alsace, reynard the fox.

            bugs appears like a child because he has no boundaries ,being somewhat amoral- and early bugs is hopped up, frantic like a kid on a sugar rush. the trickster is a sacred clown meant to mock convention, meant to point us all up- like Mad magazine and the cartoonist who had to make everything funny, even a serious portrait.

            it’s easy to forget amid all the craziness that bugs is actually trying to escape being killed. and the idea that the fairy tales and children’s songs still used in modern times- the stuff of cartoons and media for tots- are transmutations of an oral tradition meant for adults. i am unsure if Bugs was entirely meant for children at inception.

            cross dressing, shape shifting and outright gender changes are always present. his androgyny isn’t a denial of gender but an embracing of both. the trickster is ambiguous, even whether he is ‘ good’ or ‘ evil’ can be clouded by this ambiguity. (for the record bugs is the hero in all but one lone cartoon where he is the villain.) tricksters purposely foster a disordering of the senses . their inversion of the events and sundry deceptions allow them to break the laws, mores and authority of gods and men, surviving, emerging the victor using wits alone.

            ok ok, emerge the victor using a wig and some falsies alone…

  7. Kimj7157 says:

    Longer segment was nice. And it was a relief NOT having O’Reilly there. The guests were allowed to actually finish a thought. How refreshing. Tammy–you always rock.

  8. Americanvln1 says:

    Didn’t have much time but, you were able to get the message across. Good for you Tammy.

  9. padrooga says:

    I think the fact that even has a gay person you recognize that there are more important issues facing our nation than those that directly call our name, so to speak. DADT and Gay Marriage, are insignificant in comparison with national security. They are and would be, moot, without a stable nation.

  10. Porky says:

    Great interview Tammy and thanks for covering those issue’s that you did.

  11. makeshifty says:

    Re. the Admin.’s response to Lt. Gen. Clapper’s comments

    I wonder if this represents a telling moment about how the Obama Admin. has delegated responsibilities. If everyone’s telling the truth, and the operative term is “if,” then what we might be seeing is a theater focus, a kind of offense-defense delegation of responsibilities. In this scenario DNI would probably be focusing on our offensive against the terrorists in the Middle and Far East, as part of our counter-terrorism strategy, and, as was recently disclosed, on threat assessments of Iran and North Korea. In other words, DNI might’ve been tasked with more of a foreign policy focus. Homeland Security would focus on defense–threats to the homeland. This might explain the gap in knowledge on Clapper’s part, and why Napolitano said, “Those who needed to know, knew.” And perhaps the reason this arose was that the Obama Admin. made the decision to create “offensive and defensive teams” without telling anyone else, leaving the news outlets to assume that Clapper would’ve known all about the arrests in the UK.

    I’m not trying to excuse anything. If this is true, I don’t know that I particularly like this arrangement. I don’t have a lot of confidence in the Dept. of Homeland Security. We’ve seen how they’ve handled the Mexican border situation, which is to say they haven’t handled it at all, except to keep Americans out of a part of the U.S. where drug traffickers frequent. Great job! Thumbs up(!)–not. The way they (FEMA being part of Homeland Security) handled Hurricane Katrina was downright embarrassing. Tammy was saying that Clapper is likely on the way out, because he was apparently kept in the dark about this. I’m just saying there might be another reason for it: The Obama Admin. was “acting stupidly,” not telling anybody about “the change in plans,” and then it blew up in their face. We’ll see. If Clapper ends up leaving, then Tammy can take all the credit for being a good prognosticator. 🙂

  12. ashleymatt says:

    “This is a guy who is a Vice President for Barack Obama; he has no credibility.”
    Yes, that was a beautiful line.

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