Hi everyone, welcome to the last week of 2010! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas weekend. As most of you know I’m filling in for Laura Ingraham Monday and Tuesday, so welcome Laura listeners! Please look around and stay a while 🙂 As you’ll see, my program is exclusively New Media and subscriber-supported, and airs M-F 2-4pm ET on the stream and then is available as an on-demand podcast. It’s been a while since I filled in for Laura and many of my subscribers, also known as Tammy Army Members (TAMs), found me when I filled in for Laura in the past. It’s an honor and a pleasure to be guest hosting for her again today. I truly appreciate you letting me hang out with you.

If you would like to know more about supporting my show, click here for more information and to become a Tammy Army Member. I do appreciate the support 🙂

TAMs, since I’m filling in for Laura, the live Tammy Show will be a “Best Of” Monday and Tuesday. I also did the O’Reilly Factor on Monday making a one-hour “Special Report” podcast impossible, but barring any other unforeseen situations Tuesday, there will be a podcast for TAMs then. I’ll post here as usual to alert you when it’s available. To find a Laura Ingraham station near you, here’s her Station Finder page. And the call-in number for the show is 800-876-4123.

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  2. hatter83 says:

    sounding good Tammy 🙂

  3. varmint says:

    Listening to Tammy on the Laura Ingraham show site at talkstreamlive.com KDOX AM.

  4. RuBegonia says:

    If you found your way to this comment and haven’t joined yet ==>CLICK here and find out how to subscribe! And WELCOME ABOARD.

  5. ecu22331963 says:

    Here is Tammy via Laura Ingraham on Radio Time……enjoy Peeps:


    Oh, and for those in CA check out KFWB News Talk 980

  6. jimmer says:

    Was fun to hear. Had to get used to the commercial breaks. When Tammy gets rolling…just sayin’. Hope some Laura fans wander over here to see what’s up. Looking forward to BOR tonight (if only Tammy could host that show!) ; )

  7. byusair says:

    Hey Tammy Bruce- Enjoying you on Laura today! Also good to hear the voice who goes by the name of DON again! I never realized how spoiled we are to hear you commercial free… That alone is worth the price of admission or as we like to say- one non fat latte a month : ) YOU ROCK!

  8. jimmer says:

    Another slam dunk today. (Missed the first 35-40 minutes today though) Let’s see over two days ‘refudiating’ point blank Juan Williams, Dana Perino, and Charles Krauthammer. (only missed Rove…I think). And I know Doug Schoen is more of a classic liberal but he had nothing last night on BOR. Score one for team TAM.

  9. crids74 says:

    Hey Tammy!! I’m listening to you for the first time tonight (in Texas) filling in for Laura. Your really good!! Strong, Smart, Funny… KEEP IT UP! You rock! BTW I am making this comment short so I can go back and listen to you. You really made sense when you were talking about Nigeria and Muslims not just going after Jewish people and I LOVED how you simplified that Israel was as significant as Connecticut!! WOW! Keep going your good.

  10. crids74 says:

    Wow you are still on a roll!! How do we get you here every day in Texas?? Sorry if this is late but you are syndicated. You are really cool – we are having our Conservative Holiday Party tonight and we love you!!

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