Kitty snacks? What kitty snacks? I don’t see any kitty snacks.

As many of you know Sydney was sick Wednesday, upchucking all night. She’s allergic to all grains and common proteins, so she’s on a special diet without those things. I had no idea what had happened but on Thursday I was told by the daycare place she goes to that a newbie had given Syd a snackie which I thought was the cause. But one milk bone biscuit? I thought that would cause maybe one problem, but all night long?

Well, she was better Thursday and much better today until…late afternoon and it started again! From the title of this post you have a clue about what has really been going on. I keep Snoopy’s snackies in a cabinet which I rarely open (because Snoopy is not really a snack cat) but lo and behold, the cabinet door was slightly ajar. I look inside and Syd has been eating Kitty Snacks! Smart enough to know to not bring them out in the open, she bites into the package and has somehow been pulling out all the little snack pieces. There were two empty bags in there. I’m guessing bag #2 caused today’s horrible results.

They say when you’re allergic to something you crave it sometimes. Syd is on free feeding so she’s not hungry, but the kitty snacks I’m sure smell fabulous being chock full of every single thing she should not have. So, she went for it.

Syd being very ill changed today’s schedule a bit, including getting to the Palin Report. Funny, I had started with the list of topics, and was tweeting about it, and viola, I hear dog heaves in the living room.

Syd’s already better (I can attest to the fact that her tummy is empty of everything including kitty snacks!) and I will do the Palin Report tomorrow. Whew! Thanks everyone.

UPDATE: Courtesy of RuBegonia, let this be a lesson to all you dogs who indulge in forbidden snack attacks:

Sydney. Busted.

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  1. Maynard says:

    Somebody tell Sydney that this stuff doesn’t taste as good coming up as it did going down.

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  3. MainelyRight says:

    Naughty, Sydney.

  4. jimmer says:

    First off, glad Syd is doing better! Ok, I’d like to know what Snoopy Bruce is doing when poor Sydney is going through this drama. Just how did that cabinet get open? I’m usually not into conspiracy theories but…Snoopy = enabler? Does Snoopy rest easier while Syd is how should I say…preoccupied?

    • thierry says:

      because calicos ‘ let no crisis go to waste’ i bet snoopy is adept at the sort of PR machinations that allow her partake of the naughty while effectively deflecting any and all blame. black, orange and white= effective triangulation strategy.

  5. Glad she’s better! The pets are like kids sometimes…into everything they shouldn’t be! LOL!

  6. thierry says:

    if any of my cats was a foot taller there’s nothing they wouldn’t be able to get into. one can turn the knob on a closed door. they go through the cabinets like democrats going through the commerce clause seeing what other non- commerce activity they can apply it to.

    the cat nip lives under lock and key in the the highest cabinet with the cat treats (‘friskies party mix’.). you go near the sacred treats safe and they swarm like killer bees…

    if the girls had a dog they’d just use the poor thing as their bumbling minion and patsy in pursuit of Things The Cat is Wrongfully Denied.

  7. ShArKy666 says:

    AH HA!~..i was wondering what was up last that’s terrible tammy..i hope after all that she drank lots of water to clean out her system..hope things are ok now for both of you, and can’t wait to hear what you’ll say about everything….palin, and otherwise, sydney…:)

  8. wastubbs says:

    Is Sydney an dog, Kitty food?

    • tabbywabby says:

      My dogs LOVE cat food. I think there is something about it being more expensive that attracts them to it…or they enjoy torturing the cats…or it tastes better. It’s one of those things.

  9. LJZumpano says:

    I have to laugh. I am glad you solved the mystery and Syd is going to be ok, but it brought to mind an incident a year ago when my son showed me his 5 year old’s room shortly after Halloween. Under the bed were dozens of empty candy wrappers. My son was amazed that my grandson thought that by hiding them under the bed he wouldn’t be caught out. Kids and dogs always go for the good stuff in life, and don’t waste time worrying about the consequences.

  10. eMVeeH says:

    Hmmm…guess one does hear a viola playin’ when a beloved pet is ill ;-}

    It’s good to see you got to the bottom of things, Tammy. ‘Glad to hear Sydney is well.

  11. Pat_S says:

    Aww, Sydney. I can never get away with anything either.

  12. MaccabeeMaven says:

    Oh, Sydney… Glad she’s feeling better!

  13. Mariachi says:

    Glad Sydney’s feeling better. Poor pup. It’s hard doing the right thing sometimes, especially when faced with cravings. I can attest to this.

  14. CurliQ says:

    Yep, not so different from human children, eh? She’s too smart for her own good. Glad you found out what she was doing and she is getting better.

    • Tammy says:

      You know, I think the milk bone at daycare set her off, because the sickness wasn’t until later that night. Then she went on her own snackiepalooza.

      • thierry says:

        milkbones are the gateway snack, you know, to full on cat snack addiction.

        • Tammy says:

          ROFL! A rather short commentary from you Thierry, but as enlightening 😉

        • CurliQ says:

          Tammy, you have a point. She had what she craved and bless her little nose, she sniffed it out. But how smart was she!? Like a toddler hiding his chocolate wrappers behind his bed…..until his mom went to change his bed one day and suddenly realized why he had been so hyper that month….not so different from human kids at all.

  15. Shifra says:

    So glad that Sydney is OK. I was going to suggest getting a lawyer and suing the doggie daycare for negligence. But now, I’m worried that Sydney may sue Tammy! Hope Sydney has not been paying much attention to Cass Sunstein, Hahvahd Law School Prof. and member of O’s regime:
    “Animals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives, to prevent violations of current law … Any animals that are entitled to bring suit would be represented by counsel, who would owe guardian like obligations and make decisions, subject to those obligations, on their clients’ behalf.” (In Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions, 2004)

  16. cheryl says:

    Poor, sweet Sydney. Glad she’s feeing better. . .

  17. morecowbell says:

    Go buy a child proof cabinet lock for the cabinet where you keep your pet food. Now that she knows there is food in those cabinets, she will start exploring for more. Dogs are always hungry, they will always eat what they can get their paws on, even if it makes them sick or are full: they will come back for more. Take all chemicals out of the lower cabinets and put them in a cabinet over the counter tops in a separate childproof cabinet. Never put food and chemicals in the same cabinet.

    Also, keep the smokes away from the cat, they refuse to use ashtrays and will put their butts out on the carpet.

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