**UPDATE Friday night 1130pm PT: Not. Kidding. After everything we’ve been through GoDaddy has confirmed they are having trouble tonight, so if the site comes and goes for you with various error messages, it’s not us! I’m doing the “Palin Report” Saturday morning. I will also send a copy to RuBegonia for her to cross-post in the event GoDaddy issues continue. All I can say is I’m sorry, but unlike the other issue there’s nothing I can do about this one. There is something we can do to keep this from happening in the future, and we are taking those steps. If you’re seeing this post, let’s hope the issue is resolved. **


As you can now see, you can access the site without the Google ‘attack site’ warning. For those of you who have adjusted your browser security settings to access the site, you can return them to the highest settings. Google acted quickly once Kenton asked for a ‘re-crawl’ knowing they would the site clear and safe.

My thanks to all of you for your patience, and your inspiring support. I expected TAMs to cancel, when, to my surprise, many of you increased your membership commitment and donations came pouring in. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also want to thank TAM RuBegonia for allowing today’s podcast to be n her site today and PatC for making an alternate chat room happen today as well.

This last week was comprised of a bizarre series of unrelated events, ranging from a plug-in that was slowing us down, to database issues, to the GoDaddy downtime to the Google attack warning. The only thing left was for a volcano to erupt in the Power Shack! The silver lining of the Google Police shut down was finding remnants of an old, but sophisticated hacking back in January as I’ve noted in my previous post. Kenton discovered that invasion, quickly put it out of its misery, and then dealt with the Google issue. I will be eternally grateful to that young man. Thank you Kenton.

As you know, Rachael has been putting the final touches on the new site design. After all these problem we decided to ramp up that event and get her launched. I was hoping for Sunday, but we knew we had to be clear of the Google warning. In all honesty, I want the site to settle back into her normal self for a few days before we launch the new design, so we’ll move with that middle of the week instead of Sunday. This will also give us more hosting resources than we would find on a Sunday as well. I’m excited about the new design. I think you’ll like it very much.

We don;t know exactly what happened in January, but we do know that the site has been vulnerable in simple way, such as allowing links in Comments. One of the immediate changes we’re making is to that aspect so no longer will Tammy Blog accept links in Comments. We’re sorry about that but it adds a bit more security to the site. That sort of action, along with much more behind the scenes security is being implemented with this version of the site and with the new one as well.

Now, I turn to “The Palin Report” for this evening which will post as usual for my subscribers, you Tammy Army Members. Thank you again for making everything possible.

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  1. dennisl59 says:

    Good evening Tammy and fellow TAMs,

    As for me, if I had a choice between easy access or security, it’s always Security, hands down.
    “Armoring Up” the website against the predictable attacks from “the usual suspects” is necessary, prudent and smart. But I will miss not being able to ‘drop in’ my favorite music videos, but I’ll get over it! LOL, :-).

    The upside is your timely recommendation to all of us to change/modify passwords across the sites we access on the Interwebtubes; I change mine every daylight savings time, just like my smoke detector batteries.
    Geek Alert-I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of them. It works for me; other folks use a legal pad.

    Finally, I look forward to the new site presentation, ’cause I gotta have one of those Tammy Coffee Mugs!

    Take Care and Drive Safely everyone!

  2. mrcannon says:

    Tammy, I wouldn’t dream of canceling over a few website hiccups. Being a TAM is becoming a zen thing …

  3. 1ntbtn says:

    Tammy, If they think that messing with your site is going to get us down, they are foolishly mistaken. I would say it makes us even stronger. More reason to stick together and fight this battle to get our country back. Hang in there Tammy, we are with you.

  4. TammyChicago says:

    Glad to hear things are looking up. Running a website can be a very frustrating thing.
    No serious conservative would ever cancel due to a period of frustrating events.
    Just ask Palin 😉

  5. dogbite says:

    I am SO excited about the new Site! Can’t wait, Tammy!! Love you always!
    Hope Syd is feeling better.My RX= kisses and cartoons

  6. redqueen81 says:

    Perhaps Media Matters sabotage.

  7. LoriG says:

    Have a feeling we’ll all be saying “We knew Kenton when…” very shortly. The kid’s a rock star! It’s been a crazy week for Tammy and The Tams. A blip though in the grand scheme of things, especially with the new site just around the corner. Looking forward to seeing Rachael’s hard work!

    Hat tip: Very impressed by how quickly Tammy kept everyone informed and key TAMS like RuBegonia and PatC kept it all rolling with a backup plan for chat and podcast delivery. We should consider this a trial run in case something big happens and we need to get organized quickly.

  8. makeshifty says:

    Glad the issues have been resolved. I know something about the technical attacks for political reasons. I’m thinking this was about 1-1/2 years ago now, but my wireless router was hacked by somebody “within range,” and it was specifically hacked to block this site! What was even more devious was that the hack left me with the impression that Tammy was blocking me from her site, because she was somehow disturbed by my behavior. It brought up a page with a rather derogatory message on my browser every time I tried to come here! Scary!

    It’s too bad that links in comments had to go. I enjoyed going to them, and putting them in. I think they help the discussion, but, if it’s for security, I can see why you made that decision. Actually, after seeing you post this, I was wondering if perhaps your technical team knew there was an issue with this earlier. I tried posting some comments a while back that didn’t make it past your moderators. There wasn’t anything offensive in them that I could see (but I could be wrong in that judgment), but I think they contained some links. I did use the “preview” feature on them several times while I was writing them. Maybe there’s a bug with that. Anyway…

    Re. the wireless hack, I live in a progressive town, so this sort of sabotage is not unexpected, though I thought I was safe from it, because I used WPA2 encryption. It turns out that can be hacked, too… I don’t even have political bumper stickers on my car for this reason, though I see liberal bumper stickers plastered all over other people’s cars all the time. I realize the double-standard, but I don’t have time to deal with that kind of cost from other people’s hate.

  9. Mutnodjmet says:

    Tammy: Please consider doing a Mystery Science Theater 3000 podcast of Obama’s comments Monday, regarding Libya. Personally, its the only way I am going to listen. Thanks.

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