As most of you know, I’m flying this morning to New York and will be in the air through show time, so, there will be no show today but TAM Chat (for subscribers) will be up and running early, from now for a few hours.

I will be in New York with my friend Johnny Phillips and I will be a guest on Johnny’s KABC show tonight live from New York! So that will be fun and the two of us will update you on the trip and a few other things 🙂 Johnny’s show airs M-F 6pm-10pm PT and you can tune in via the stream at or in Southern California at 790 on the AM dial.

Tammy Radio will be live Thursday and Friday and I will have the usual “Palin Report” and the “Weekend Update” for you as well.

And don’t forget, for the first time I will be on Fox’s “Red Eye” Friday Night/Saturday morning! Johnny will be on “Red Eye” Thursday night 🙂

Here are a few Must Reads for the morning. As soon as we land in New York I’ll check in with you. Please do add links and stories for interesting or breaking news while I’m in the air. Thanks.

Federal judge ORDERS Obama gang to act on 2 more drilling permits

American Thinker: George Soros Handicapping American Energy

Apparently, the Attorney General’s “people” are not all the citizens of the United States. Eric Holder: Black Panther case focus demeans ‘my people’

On Urkel and Hillary: Untested & unready

Did China or Jihadists try to bankrupt America?
Pentagon report reveals financial terrorists may have triggered economic crash

Why Koch Industries Is Speaking Out
Crony capitalism and bloated government prevent entrepreneurs from producing the products and services that make people’s lives better.

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  1. morecowbell says:


  2. Chuck says:

    Have a safe trip Tammy.

  3. noflyzone says:

    intesting happenings today. rick santorum (sp?) and newt gingrich had their contracts with fox temporarily suspended today for ovious reasons. not so mike huckabee and sarah palin. hmmmmm…the first debate is in late april. what does this mean?

  4. fast1 says:

    A Foxy Lady will be on Red Eye, missed you today but will catch you and John tonight

  5. makeshifty says:

    Something about the Daily Mail article doesn’t sit right with me. Either they’re mischaracterizing the Pentagon report, or I’m not getting it. It says that the third phase of the economic attack is the run up of the national debt. Well…if that’s the case, then the enemy the Pentagon’s talking about would be the Democrats in congress, because the congress is the only one that can authorize new public debt, and that’s what the Democrats did when they had the majority! What financial terrorist could do this outside our own government? I really doubt that’s what the Pentagon is trying to say, or else somebody over there is going to have their head on a chopping block real quick!

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