Well, I was writing and got into the zone. I looked up and there it was–1am. I hadn’t done the “3rd Hour” and was out of the writing zone, but a complete zombie, useless and stuck with insomnia to boot. The “3rd Hour,” unfortunately, is a casualty of me not setting a “stop” alarm with my writing (all for the cause however), but here is my last hurrah for the evening (morning). A list of 5 things that are fun and matter along varying degrees. I suppose it depends on mood and what’s important to you 🙂

Popeater: 10 Things You Should Know About Pippa Middleton

Hot Word: Man discovers priceless book in his attic. Why is it called a “chronicle?”

USA Today: NASA celebrates astronaut Shepard’s historic first flight

Cio: The History of Atari Computers

Fast Company: Mystery Man Gives Mind-Reading Tech More Early Cash Than Facebook, Google Combined

And finally…Bunnies

Osama’s family gave me two rabbits as a present, says 12-year-old neighbour

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  1. dennisl59 says:

    File under… “Just being neighborly”

    It’s been reported that whenever a soccer ball was accidentally kicked over the wall, it was never given back, ok? Instead cash was given to the youngsters to ‘go away’…OK, picture this, the badass, kickass, rock and roll, tattoo’d, bad-mama jama, Seal Team are kicking down doors, one by one, yelling ‘clear’, and the final door pops open and…

    wait for it…

    50 soccer balls come tumbling and bouncing out and they all unload, full auto, tasers, lasers, grenade launchers, shotguns with multiple clips into all the balls. Sarge is yelling…’Cease Fire, Cease Fire’ Dammit! Private Hudson! Come over here!

    “What do you have to say about all of this? Make it quick ’cause we gotta haul ass outta this sh**hole dump!!!

    Private Hudson replies:…

    TAM Punchline Contest!!!


  2. dogbite says:


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