This is not a new report (it was hitting the news last September), but it juxtaposes in a disturbing way against Mr. Obama and his sneering dismissal of “This is not who we are” in response to sensible concerns about imported Islamic terrorism.

The weird irony, as our older citizens know, is that America has effected half a century of institutional and governmental Christian-bashing, with the Western religious framework being loudly blamed for every evil known to Man. So Piss Christ and The Holy Virgin Mary go on display in our great museums (your tax dollars at work!), while nativity scenes in the public square are torn down, and Christians are told to go home and shut up. And after these years of aggressive persecution, now that we’re encountering a religion that actively perpetrates the crimes that Christianity and Judaism have been slandered for all these years, the Christian-haters suddenly find something to respect and defend.

The cognitive dissonance is not lost on all liberals. Here’s a Daily Beast article, “Marines Trained That Rape in Afghanistan Is a ‘Cultural’ Issue”.

…A 45-minute scripted presentation given to Marines as part of their pre-deployment process doesn’t say that they shouldn’t report sexual assaults in the countries where they’re serving. But it explains that laws and norms about sexual relations vary from country to country, and that in Afghanistan in particular, sexual assault is a “cultural” issue, and not a purely legal one…

CNN issued a similar report, “U.S. military accused of telling soldiers to overlook Afghan abuse of boys”.

The two U.S. soldiers say they used physical force to drive home their message to the Afghan police commander who had been sexually abusing a boy.

“I picked him up, threw him to the ground multiple times and Charles did the same thing,” Dan Quinn, who was a U.S. Army captain at the time, told CNN. “We basically had to make sure that he fully understood that if he ever went near that boy or his mother again, there was going to be hell to pay.”

The actions of Quinn and the other soldier, Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland, against the American-backed police commander displeased their superiors in the U.S. military.

Quinn says he and Martland were relieved of their duties shortly afterward. Quinn has since left the military and Martland is now being involuntarily separated from the Army.

As a practical matter, America cannot right all the world’s wrongs. Sometimes we compromise with a lesser evil in order to address a greater evil, such as when America and Britain allied themselves with Stalin’s Russia to destroy the Nazis. But in so compromising, we must not lose sight of our American ideals, or of the fundamental difference between right and wrong. If we turn a blind eye to child rape, let us openly acknowledge what we’ve done and why. None of this mealy-mouthed multicultural equivocating. Just come out and say that the Afghan Islamist culture has an evil streak, but we’ve got bigger fish to fry for the time being.

But today’s Western leaders will not speak plainly, because an honest statement would necessarily assert the moral superiority of Western civilization and its underlying Judeo-Christian values, and/or the inherent moral degeneracy of some of the world’s hellholes. Thus our elite allow political correctness to blur their moral vision, and the nation’s policies stray ever-further from expressing a clear concept of fundamental right and wrong.

Condoning child rape is not who the American people are; is it too much to expect our president to project the same moral outrage? Apparently it is.

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  1. Alain41 says:

    The phrase, This is not who we are, is grating on several levels, but in addition, it allows Obama to hide who he is. Like Hope and Change, it doesn’t identify who we are, what the change is. Really all of Obama’s life is sealed to prevent identification of who he is. That cloak I believe leads to not taking any moral stand lest the cloak be lifted. Banality is best. And keep the focus on you not him. Nowhere Man has No Identity has No Morals.

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