Update 11p ET: SCOTUS did not stop the execution, and the world is rid of this scumbag. Thank you Texas!

They’re finally going to kill this SOB after a murder in 1998. But I don’t want them to do the lethal injection tonight. Let me fly in and I’ll do it myself with Snuffy. My firing squad will take a little time. It might also involve a very hungry wild boar.

This scumbag had 18 extra years of living. This obscene nonsense has to stop. And check out the last line of this clip. Someone involved in the cover-up was deported. Yeah.

Via CBS News.

The U.S. Supreme Court has been asked to block the scheduled execution of a South Texas man for the 1998 slaying of a 12-year-old boy, whose blood the convicted killer said he drank.

Pablo Lucio Vasquez, 38, told police he was drunk and high when voices convinced him 18 years ago to kill David Cardenas by beating the seventh-grader with a pipe and then cutting his throat. He also told detectives in a videotaped statement that he lifted the boy’s body, allowing the blood to drip on his face, and drank it.

Vasquez’s lethal injection on Wednesday evening would be the 11th execution this year nationally and the sixth in Texas…

Court records show Vasquez, his 15-year-old cousin, Andres Rafael Chapa, and Cardenas, Chapa’s friend, all attended a party in Donna, a Texas border town where Vasquez and Chapa lived. Cardenas was from nearby Alamo, also in the Rio Grande Valley, and was spending the weekend with Chapa.

The killing occurred April 18, 1998, after the three left the party. Vasquez told authorities as they reached a wooden shed, he started hearing voices telling him to kill Cardenas.

“Something just told me to drink,” Vasquez said in the statement to police.

“You drink what?” a detective asked.

“His blood,” Vasquez replied.

Police received an anonymous tip about the slaying that led them to Chapa and eventually to Vasquez, who was arrested in Conroe, a Houston suburb more than 325 miles north of Donna. Authorities found the body – missing some limbs and nearly decapitated – five days later under some scraps of aluminum in a vacant field.

“It was really horrendous,” Joseph Orendain, the lead trial prosecutor, recalled last week.

Vasquez told detectives he took a ring and gold necklace from Cardenas and that Chapa, using a shovel, also participated in trying to decapitate the boy. “The devil was telling me to take (the head) away from him,” Vasquez said, adding that “it couldn’t come off.”

Chapa pleaded guilty to a murder charge is serving a 35-year prison term. Three other relatives of Chapa and Vasquez received probation and a small fine for helping cover up the slaying. One of them was deported to Guatemala.


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  1. TX Soldier254 says:

    At least he will be(fingers crossed) ‘Put Down’ after 18 years, many County & State DA’s would have opted for Life In Prison no matter how many people were killed, look at Colorado mass killings.

    Correctional Institutions are a business, as soon as the inmate is ‘Put Down’, all Tax Payer money cease being Paid out to the Courts, the Jails, and of course the Prisons.

    It’s just Dollars & Cents.

    Look at CA; a Prison (Death Row 500+ inmates) within a Prison (3,000+), Death Row capably prisons that is.

  2. Forget the injection, just need a long rope tied at one end to a 500 lb block of concrete and the other around his neck, then toss him out of a 4 story window. Gravity will do the rest.

  3. dennisl59 says:

    The line is moving down here in Texas:

    posted 4/6 1148pm Texas[Cruz Country]Time

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