I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. I discuss it at length during the evening podcast for TAMs.

What he’s referring to is a levee wall. It’s what we already have and is regularly breached. This is not the wall the president promised and has discussed. It certainly is not part of any plan submitted by so many with proposals for the wall design.

They’re doing this in reaction to the very negative reaction to omnibus spending bill, and obviously feel they need to say there’s wall funding. There isn’t, but there is border security money which could be used on a fence/levee thing that we already have. Hence, they say there’s wall funding. That’s more than just a tad disingenuous.

I’m bringing this up not to depress you, but to get you important information that we will likely have to respond to. The president must know that building more of what we already have is unacceptable and not at all what was promised. President Trump is surrounded by swamp and we want him to succeed, but to do so will require, more often than not, our chiming in.

At this point, we should wait to see if they clarify Director Mulvaney’s comments. Here’s the video and more background.

Below is Spicer’s tweet making a similar argument. “These.” Note he doesn’t call them a wall. Because they’re not. Also take a look at the thread attached to the tweet. Hilarious and frustrating at the same time.

Breitbart: Under Fire: White House Staff Claims See-Through Fence, Levee Flood Protection System Is a ‘Border Wall’

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  1. Alain41 says:

    Awful. Swamp gas talking. GOPe talking point of, we don’t need a wall, we need border security. And recently, there was talk of, Do we even need a wall now that illegal immigration is way down. Yes, because while there will be ‘border security’ under Trump, under the next Pres., there won’t be, although everyone will say there is. While letting the flood begin again. And then, it will be time for amnesty, because we’ve had ‘border security’ for so long, time to get the legality correct. Saying down is up, is signal to the entire establishment that they can completely roll Trump and he’ll cover them, not go to the people to fight.

    On the podcast, Tammy said that she liked Mulvaney. Based on watching 6 min. of the 26 mi. video, I don’t. And Spicer walked out without taking questions. Horrible communicators. Wikip. says that Mulvaney was first elected to Congress as a Young Gun with funding from a Romney PAC. Also, that he pitched a real estate deal to a county council, got $30mil. in public funding, then sold his part earning a profit of $7mil., and project went belly up. Assuming everything was legal, that’s still not what I’m looking for in a Director of Management and Budget, someone who cashes out and leaves the public with a bankruptcy.

  2. Chris says:

    THIS is why the Swamp creatures in the Trump administration chose Spicer and the Rove stooge, rather than someone like Laura Ingraham! She would Never deliver this type of BS(Bovine Skata) sniveling message.
    President Trump: Build.That.Wall.

  3. Chris says:

    Ok so I can’t shut up either lol.
    No one is going to be throwing ANYTHING over the wall within 2-3 months of us Building it IF we kick their butts everytime they come within 100 Yards of it!!
    WTF is happening to our resolve?!?
    Build the wall 200 feet INSIDE our border- I Know – what a concept!
    Any Brains anyone in the Federal Govt?

  4. Americanvln1 says:

    The wall is as complex as the Obamacare repeal. I believe President Trump when he says he has had tougher gigs. Watching and waiting to see him organize and, slay the dragon!!!

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