The Democratic Women’s Working Group apparently thinks the Golden Globes “wearing all black” stunt was such a smashing success.

But, as Tammy points out in the Washington Times column: Golden Globes: Another round of ‘Hollywood fakery’

So, here’s a suggestion for a more meaningful gesture from Dem lawmakers:

How about releasing the names of all the sexual abusers in Congress who were protected with taxpayer dollars to silence their victims ?

Via BizPac Review.

Democratic lawmakers are hopping on the Hollywood bandwagon in yet another attempt to virtue-signal and pay lip service to championing women’s rights.

This time, liberal congresswomen and senators plan to hijack Trump’s upcoming State of the Union address by wearing black….

The Democratic Women’s Working Group is urging all lawmakers — both male and female, Republican and Democrat — to wear black to protest sexual harassment. Predictably, the mainstream media are trying to spin the move as a silent protest against President Trump….

The new “wear black” campaign by Democrats is eerily similar to the stunt they pulled in March 2017, when Dem Congresswomen wore white to troll Trump during his first joint address. That stunt backfired bigly.

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  1. Vintageport says:

    Typical of liberals… Symbolism over Substance…every time. It’s the nature of feel-goodism.

  2. Alain41 says:

    Republicans, led by Trump, should counter the Dems symbolism by wearing a scarf, tie, pin, whatever, of their or Steve Scalise’s baseball team. In celebration of life, survival of the attempted baseball field massacre.

  3. Maynard says:

    I would be mildly impressed if the idiot symbolism of these bozos ever made the slightest intersection with something helpful to the real world. For example, how about making a point of showing up wearing garments made in America? I don’t suppose we could set up a checkpoint at the door to determine the origin of the attendees’ attire and demand that foreign clothing be removed. That could add some spice to the mix…

    (By the way, Trump’s “MAGA” hats were indeed American-made, and I appreciated that, although I wouldn’t dare wear one around here.)

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